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  1. I think Miller looked good last night, they just need to give him the ball a little more. Hopefully the Dolphins realize this soon and his touches go up. If he gets a few more touches I think he is a viable #2 RB.
  2. Man that would be nice. It took 4 months to go from 4% to 3.5% and 9 months to go from 3.5% to 3% so it should be somewhere in be tween that if things keep going the way they are.2.875 today
  3. I don't get the hype for Kolb. Sure, he's better than what they had, but DRC and a 2nd?
  4. SSOG, you updating your ranking anytime soon? Specifically looking at WR and some of the changes/trends that have occurred in the last month or two.
  5. Damnable deep WR squad kept this guy off my team. Shoulda listened to myself.Oh well. Yep, just traded for him a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. The guy is putting WR1 numbers every week.
  6. Is Steve Johnson moving up? He has been consistent, possibly breaking out in his 3rd year?
  7. James Davis going to start getting some touches this week?
  8. I was one of the Wayne supporters, and still am. Maybe his trade value is down a little, but I would still take him as the 4th WR. He and Manning are a better bet in my book than anyone in else in tier 2. I was not a supporter of putting V. Jackson at #4, and am still not.
  9. Are Moss and Owens are the others you are grouping with Cal Johnson?
  10. I think the top 3 are Brown, Lynch, and Forte in that order. After that maybe Jacobs (but he is taking a beating and will wear down soon IMO), then Slaton and Mcfadden.
  11. Hilliard and Sheets are getting some publicity, what are your thoughts on both of them?