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  1. I think Miller looked good last night, they just need to give him the ball a little more. Hopefully the Dolphins realize this soon and his touches go up. If he gets a few more touches I think he is a viable #2 RB.
  2. Man that would be nice. It took 4 months to go from 4% to 3.5% and 9 months to go from 3.5% to 3% so it should be somewhere in be tween that if things keep going the way they are.2.875 today
  3. I don't get the hype for Kolb. Sure, he's better than what they had, but DRC and a 2nd?
  4. SSOG, you updating your ranking anytime soon? Specifically looking at WR and some of the changes/trends that have occurred in the last month or two.
  5. Damnable deep WR squad kept this guy off my team. Shoulda listened to myself.Oh well. Yep, just traded for him a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. The guy is putting WR1 numbers every week.
  6. Is Steve Johnson moving up? He has been consistent, possibly breaking out in his 3rd year?
  7. James Davis going to start getting some touches this week?
  8. I was one of the Wayne supporters, and still am. Maybe his trade value is down a little, but I would still take him as the 4th WR. He and Manning are a better bet in my book than anyone in else in tier 2. I was not a supporter of putting V. Jackson at #4, and am still not.
  9. Are Moss and Owens are the others you are grouping with Cal Johnson?
  10. I think the top 3 are Brown, Lynch, and Forte in that order. After that maybe Jacobs (but he is taking a beating and will wear down soon IMO), then Slaton and Mcfadden.
  11. Hilliard and Sheets are getting some publicity, what are your thoughts on both of them?
  12. Just because you take some one's job doesn't mean you get his "production". Both are small but Westbrook has more bulk and a better balance which makes him a deceptively strong inside runner. McCoy is a weak runner and doesn't have the frame to add much bulk. As others stated or insinuated McCoy makes moves for the sake of making moves instead of just heading downfield.Also Westbrook in his prime was the only show in town (except for the TO years), so the offense ran through him. With Jackson and Maclin on the outside, the Eagles don't need to force fee McCoy the ball in the passing game like they did Westbrook.I agree mostly. So let's venture some guesses of what we can count on. Maybe 75% of Westbrook's peak production? If that happens McCoy still ranks as a RB1. Is 75% a safe guess?
  13. It would take a real piece of work to call Boldin "brittle." He's one of the toughest players in the game. That said, his physical style leads to injuries. He's dropped in my eyes because I don't think he's quite as explosive in the open field (tough to tell with the constant aches and pains) as he used to be, and because I can't trust him to play more than 12-14 games in any given year. Among WRs, he probably has the closest playing style to a running back, which conceivably could make his decline swifter.Hines Ward plays a similar style and he has held up pretty well.
  14. Sounds like both (F&L and SSOG) of you have moved Wayne to #5 WR and the end of the first round in a startup dynasty. Which RB's would you take over him? ADP, MJD, CJ are givens. What about Jackson? Gore? Rice? D Williams? Turner? Stewart? Forte? Thanks
  15. I know it's not my thread, but I would take Wayne over Jackson without a second thought. He elite, top 5 every year. Jackson might get there, but to me Wayne is too good and in too good of a situation to even compare the two right now. If he relied on his speed alone, then he would worry me more, but his routes are timing and knowledge based, and the combination of him and Manning for another 5 years is too good to give up for only a potential top 5 guy.
  16. Was wondering when we might see an update of the RB rankings? I am specifically interested in where you would move the rookie RB's now that we have seen a few games. Also, I'm assuming W. McGahee has moved up, how far up would you move him? Thanks.
  17. Larry Johnson, how many more years can we expect from him?
  18. Given the play of D. Williams this season, I think Stewart might be able to be had for a high to mid first round pick in your next draft. He probably went in the top 5 of your draft this year. Where would he go in next year's draft? Probably top 5 again, despite Williams, right? I guess that's the way I look at it. I wouldn't give a top 2, but maybe somewhere between 3 and 5 would be about right?Hard to say for sure though, depends on who comes out next year, who doesn't come out next year and what you have to offer and your league rules and set up.
  19. That's a valid point, but the impact of character issues is hard to quantify. Sometimes they end up being a lot of smoke and no fire, like with TO. You always hear about him being a troublemaker, but it has never really affected his FF production. Then there are guys like Charles Rogers and Maurice Clarett, whose character flaws completely wiped out any chance of them becoming productive pro players. Marshall has shown serious signs of knucklehead syndrome, but in terms of talent he's definitely a nucleus player. He might be the best WR under 25 in the NFL. His character issues aren't of the serious drug/crime variety, so I think the risk of him washing out is actually fairly low.I get your point but disagree with your TO example. I mean, you appear to be disregarding the fact that his behavior caused him to miss the second half of the 2005 season in Philly. He was also suspended for one game by the 49ers after the Dallas star incident years ago... not sure if he was suspended other times or not, but he certainly didn't help his fantasy numbers by screaming at the OC on the sidelines and throwing Jeff Garcia under the bus.Yes, and despite all of his blowups and drama, TO has probably been one of the top 3-4 FF WRs of the past decade. Right up there with Randy Moss, Torry Holt, and Marvin Harrison. I'll take a few missed games for ten seasons of dominance. With Brandon Marshall, who are you going to trade him for? Braylon "Dropsies" Edwards? Marques "Knee Operation" Colston? Andre "Underachiever" Johnson? Reggie "30 years old" Wayne? Every player has risk. Few players have elite talent. Marshall's character issues add some volatility to his value, but at the end of the day when you add up all of the variables, he's still one of the super elite WRs you can possibly own in dynasty.I'd rather have Wayne or AJ in a heartbeat over Marshall. I think Edwards and Colston are probably right there with Marshall, maybe a notch below him.
  20. No. Many WR's have proven they can go well beyond 30. CJ has a new QB throwing to him and Holt is suffering from a bad offensive line and new offensive schemes/coaches.
  21. They've both been updated. LenDale just stinks. If you play in a TD-heavy league, make the adjustment. I just don't think there's much Dynasty value there. I'm far from sold on Kevin Jones being a better option than LenDale, but it's not because LenDale has considerable Dynasty value.The thread is great, and your rankings are great, so I'm not taking a crack at you, but this is what you have listed for Kevin Jones. It does not sound updated to me.40. Kevin Jones, CHI | Age: 26.0 | Value Score: 13Won't be back by Week 1, will be less than 100% when he does play, will be injured quickly as soon as he does come back, and will likely be splitting carries wherever he winds up. What's the fantasy football equivalent of a "face for radio" or a "face only a mother could love"? A running back only an intractably twitterpated owner could love.