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  1. how's the bed and breakfast?

  2. This is a great read on 1080p prejector ratings-
  3. Okay guys, I am currently using Greg Brady's computer. I haven't bought a new one in a LONG time. Would love some suggestions. My wife and I had our first child 15 months ago, so right now we're all about high res photos and have lots of video we took with our Canon HDV camcorder. So we would like to get a PC that can do photo and video editing. Any suggestions? Through work, I can get Dell computers at a discount with the employee purchase program. For example this month they show an inspiron 530 for $519, according to the site, that's normally $748. (I'm sure that price is without all the whistles and bells though). And we like laptops, but I'm assuming for video editing, the desktop is the better way to go? Any ideas/thoughts greatly appreciated.
  4. HUGE loss for the Redskins. I think he would have won defensive player of the year on a regular basis at the rate he was going. I still miss him.
  5. F&L did you watch any of the Redskins game this weekend? Kelly finally saw the field, and he had 3 targets. I thought he looked pretty good in limited duty. What are your thoughts on him and D.Thomas next year?
  6. regarding Marshall conversation, today I did a trade, moving Edwards, A.Bryant, and a late 1st next year for Marshall and Hardy. I think Marshall's talent is worth the "bonehead" risk. Plus, hasn't he been pretty good off the field so far this year?
  7. someone asked about what Hightower is worth. I traded Hightower and a very late 1st for Westy and an early 2nd. As long as Westy can give me 2 more good years, I'm happy.
  8. I just heard that CJ3's cat's breath smells like cat food!
  9. who is this Chris Johnson guy? never heard of him
  10. I am ALL on the CJ3 train, BUT, i can't bring myself to start him over Reggie Bush.
  11. last month in a PPR dynasty I traded Gore, Felix Jones, Colts D for MJD, CJ3, Vikings D, plus a 2nd rounder in 2009. I'm pleased.
  12. Man, you're not too bright.Then I guess the other owner is as ret@rded as you, because he rejected that offer.
  13. Man, you're not too bright.And you base that on what exactly? Seeing how you don't know my roster, I'd love to hear your logic...
  14. just offered RB Charles, Nelson Jordan, and 1st rounder in 2009 for CJ3 in my PPR dynasty league. Mancrush in full effect.