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  1. I'll stay hopeful, but not going expect AJ playing. Seems like teams will strategically call it a GTD when it's worse. Calves can be tricky.
  2. Thanks. Is Evans expected back this season? If so, do we think he'd be the primary cuff again?
  3. For me, I was excited about the idea of what Dionte could do this season with the full attention of Big Ben. The first few weeks DJ was peppered with plenty of targets, but didn’t do much to capitalize. However, I felt his value was still there based on his high volume and market share, but what he did with them was pretty underwhelming. Injuries aside. Now Enter Chase Claypool. Even as far back as week 1 Chase has stood up and shown how talented he is on a per target basis, not only this last weekend, but since week 1. He’s been making incredible plays all year, just on very few targets. Unfortunately, I own a ton on Dionte Johnson and only a few shares of Claypool here and there. So what do we do now? I say this is no time to be stubborn. Instead, let’s go HARD after Chase Claypool if he’s still on the waiver wire. He is a legit special talent and there is no point in being left behind holding onto what we thought Dionte Johnson could have been in the preseason. I see Juju and Dionte being secondary pieces to Claypool from here on out. This new emergence doesn’t help Dionte. It only takes away more of what made him valuable, his target share. Target share he did very little with. I still think DJ is capable of big games in the offense, but it’ll be Claypool’s show from here on out. Everyone else is just a compliment. Stay objective and choose wisely. Good Luck!
  4. I’d have to say something like this: 1. Kareem Hunt, CLE 2. Latavius Murray, NO 3. Tony Pollard, DAL 4. Alexander Mattison, MIN 5. Mike Davis, CAR I like a number of RBs that aren’t starting, but i don’t feel they’ll hit as hard as these because they’ll either join a committee or won’t be given a workhorse like load in their given offense. Dobbins - Love Dobbins and feel he has incredible upside, but he will likely remain in a committee with either Edwards or Ingram if one gets hurt. If Baltimore hands over the reigns this season, I’d say he’s up there at #1 with Kareem Hunt. Booker - The Raiders offense is built to pound the rock. The RBs also catch a lot of passes I think Richard will continue his current role, but Booker will get the main carries, GL and still catch a number of passes. Edmonds - I still don’t feel like he can be a stand-alone RB in any offense. Will join Eno Benjamin in a committee. Williams - Can’t help but feel like Jamaal Williams could rip in year 2 if this offense if Aaron Jones went down. Wilkins - Great O-Line, lots of volume if he’s able to take the role for himself.
  5. I remember thinking I was late to the party when I bought into CYDY at $3, but I later sold at $4. Now I'm in the same boat. Too late to the party or still just getting started?
  6. Have any links for his status this week? I haven’t seen any updates.
  7. I hear ya. I’m nowhere near as confident starting Winston over Murray again.
  8. Where do these last 2 games put Winston in a fantasy playoff historical sense? I don’t remember a pair of better QB games to kick off FF playoffs.
  9. @Rapsheet #Texans WR Will Fuller (hamstring) is not expected to play today, source said. They’ll miss him today.