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  1. So, haven’t kept up to date and haven’t really needed it for awhile, but what’s the best replacement for terrarium tv? Really only interested in movies.
  2. Boss had surgery. I have my doubts we’ll ever see in in scarlet and gray again...????
  3. BigJohn

    Keto II

    Alright. Bought some Keto urine strips. I realize that blood is more accurate, but I was curious. I’m reading 4.0+ by the strips. I’m reading that .5-1.5 is optimal. Is there any concern with being that high?
  4. BigJohn

    Keto II
  5. BigJohn

    Keto II

    Ok. Jumped in last Sunday. Started at 386.6. This morning, I’m 366. Now I realize it’s all water weight. But it does feel good. Now, I’m the typical beginner Keto-er, where I’m not shy when it comes to meat. Cheese, salads with full fat dressings. I’ve been very meticulously tracking on MFP, and most days I’m WAY under my calorie target. I also need to start working on some fat bomb recipes to hit the 75% fat target. I feel like I’m actually in the beginning stages of the Keto flu. Since yesterday, just feeling crummy. I’m already having the desire to cut back on my meat intake(something I thought I’d NEVER say). I’m a normal, every day guy with #### to do, places to be. I need some simple easy to prepare meals to eat. I know it’s going to be a long road, and I really don’t want to burn myself out.
  6. Probably 20 of the 75.
  7. BigJohn

    Disney Vacation

    Alright. Wife is finally insisting we plan a Disney trip in the next year or two. Family of 5. Kids are 7, 9 and 12. Where do I start?
  8. Planning my 40th party. I'm doing pulled pork, pulled beef and leg quarters. See if these amounts make sense. 75 guests 25 lbs. - pork 15 lbs - beef 40 - quarters
  9. BigJohn

    We've cut the cable

    Fire TV vs. Fire TV stick I have a gen 1fire stick and I hate it. Slow and clunky. Will a newer stick be any better or do I just need to go with TV?
  10. Holy crap. I rarely watch golf but this honorary start has me a little dusty...
  11. Who invited Roy Mcavoy?
  12. Oooooffffffff No audio sync. Alphabetically? This is garbage.
  13. BigJohn

    Shooting at high school in Florida

    What you’re misunderstanding is I agree with you. I believe an assault rifle ban is necessary. There truly is no reason other than sport that these things should exist. Allow them to be owned by highly regulated gun ranges so anybody that wants to get their rocks off can do so in a safe, controlled environment. But the blame that the left places on guns, the process, the President, basically every single thing, except the shooter. This bothers me. A lot.
  14. BigJohn

    Shooting at high school in Florida

    Based on what? This kid literally spent years, YEARS, talking about and planning this shooting. I’m sorry, but this is where the gun-control argument completely loses me. This is all the kid thought about and the legality of the gun purchase is what made it happen? No way. He would have done the damage he wanted to do. Maybe it would have been an illegally purchased gun, maybe some kind of explosive. But a legal purchase did not cause this to happen.
  15. BigJohn

    Shooting at high school in Florida

    Number of abortions in 2014(latest year cdc has numbers for): 652,539 Number if fatalities from school shootings from 2013-2015(Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund): 59