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  1. So, I just have to vent here. I am brand new to options. This was one option. $.80 call. $80 would be harmless to me. Good one to try this out on. It went to $4.60 on Friday, so I sat on it over the weekend. Then came the news that China was ####ing with the deal. Monday morning, it starts dropping, so I figured they killed it. Sold at $2.50. I mean, 212% profit. Awesome, right? This call, as of this post, is sitting at $10.90. I just missed out on a $1000 payday(AND STILL GROWING) because I got scared. I’m not looking for pity, or even advice. I just needed to type this out somewhere so I don’t go home and kick my cat into next week.
  2. So I’m sitting on an $.80 9/18 Walmart call that as of this post is at $3.40. How high will this TikTok news pump this up? This is literally my first big hit and I’m freaking the #### out.
  3. Great info here. My initial plan was asked in the first interview. I focused on building relationships with peers and the 34 direct reports I’ll have under me. So going more in depth here makes a lot of sense.
  4. The job is Assistant Superintendent of Public Works for a city. Same 2 people interviewing me as the first time. The Superintendent and head of HR.
  5. Got called for a second interview for an upper-level management position. I’ve never had to do a second interview before. I wore a blue suit, white shirt, silver tie to the first interview. Should I change it up? This is my only suit, so change the shirt and tie. Switch to khaki pants? Also, what types of questions should I prepare for? I kind of blew my wad about myself in the first one. Feeling kind of lost here. TIA.
  6. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  7. As I was catching up on the thread, my email notification popped up.
  8. The ghosts bothered me way less than the eagles. Then, not to be outdone, they did the same ####ing thing in the Hobbit..........
  9. Had Popeye's again yesterday. Didn't change my rankings. 1. Wendy's 2. CFA 3. Popeye's
  10. What has surprised me is who has been doing the crying. I have always found myself a slightly right-leaning centrist, so to see the shift in conservatives has been somewhat surprising to me.