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  1. Last 2 games have been against tough teams at night, at home, coming off a bye week. This coupled with the fact that our offense has regressed greatly made this possible.
  2. Horrible way to lose. Know where you you are on the field son.
  3. Momentum. She's a shifty #####.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something. Weekend obligations prevented me from entering any contests until Sunday morning. I could not find any Sun-Mon contests. I am now looking at week 2, I still see none. Is there a window when these are open? Did they get rid of them?
  6. As long as the pass is behind the LOS, it doesn't matter.
  7. Let's not kid, I get excited about Buckeye teams almost every year. But something about this group of kids has me really excited. Hooker's freakish athleticism was jaw dropping. Webber looks like a serious potential star. Just really excited.
  8. He has the right to do it for whatever reason he wants. I have the the right to believe that he's a piece of crap for doing it.
  9. ####. Just ####.
  10. You know, we have season passes to King's island here in Ohio every year. They have a huge water park full of slides and rides. All my kids ever want to do is go into the wave pool. I always bugged them about not going on anything else. Never again.