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  1. OSU won their matchup, PSU did not.
  2. @OSU-EMFP UPDATE 1/2 : Shelter in Place lifted. Scene is now secure. ALL classes are canceled on Columbus campus for the remainder of the day.
  3. ***Unconfirmed report*** of fire alarm being pulled, car running at students coming out of the doors, got out with a knife.
  4. Did Peppers body check Kerry Coombs after the game?
  5. One word. Turnover. This game is going to be decided by a big turnover at a big time in the game.
  6. Leave it to UM to #### it up for OSU without even playing......???
  7. While yes, it makes sense, Ohio St needs UM to be undefeated when they play. Unless Penn St loses to Rutgers next week or MSU the next week, if OSU beats UM, then all 3 would have one loss with each loss coming to one of the other 2. Big10 East champ would go to highest ranked school which would be OSU. If UM loses here it would only be OSU and Penn St and Penn St would go due to head 2 head. UM pissing it away as I type.
  8. I know it's a small sample size, but the location that I'm working at has had about 50 voters in almost 6 hours of voting. Very urban location. Another suburban location has had a constant 2 hour wait and over 1100 voters processed.
  9. I'm a VLM(voting location manager) here in Ohio. I've been doing this for 8 years. At no point have I been this nervous about an election as I am right now for a huge variety of reasons. T&P's appreciated...?
  10. Well. Good game PSU.
  11. Last 2 games have been against tough teams at night, at home, coming off a bye week. This coupled with the fact that our offense has regressed greatly made this possible.
  12. Horrible way to lose. Know where you you are on the field son.
  13. Momentum. She's a shifty #####.