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  1. See, told you it was obvious.
  2. So I may have been missing an obvious reference. The Joker made a comment about never being defeated by Batman and the speaker thingy said 'what about the time with the two boats?' Why am I drawing a blank on that one?
  3. Samoa Joe sighting.....
  4. Better than Reigns, I guess.
  5. Holy crap. Holy crap.
  6. Well, I was close.
  7. Will Cesaro eliminate Sheamus?
  8. 'Tadpole Splash'...
  9. The table that Reigns went through didn't budge. That had to hurt.
  10. Thanks for the info. I now have the hdd hooked up to the router and I'm able to access it directly with my laptop. Mission accomplished. Now, is it possible to access this drive directly with an iphone or android phone?