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  1. :allthelikes:
  2. We've been on a family plan with my FIL forever. So I've never had to shop for service, just paid my portion of the bill and moved on. My work is now offering a $45 phone stipend that I want to take advantage of. Project Fi sounds good. I can get voice/text and 2 gb of data for $40/mo. The Nexus phones look decent. I do have an iPhone 4s but it's an ATT model. Are there good cheap options where I can use that phone? TIA
  3. But reaching for it, while still not a capital offense, certainly changes the formula a great deal.
  4. So was that supposed to be darkseid in the Genesis chamber when they arrest Luthor?
  5. i mean, it was inevitable right?
  6. I'm in the process of resetting to defaults to install titanium clean. It's giving me a message that it detects insufficient usb power. It's working but I'll probably plug it back in after its done.
  7. Oh I didn't know that. Can I just plug it from the fire stick to the sub port on the tv? That would help.
  8. Sometimes it's the small things that get overlooked. How the hell did I not realize that the fire stick needed a power cord?
  9. Alright so noob issue. I install Kodi on my Fire Stick. Load Titanium, but after it extracts and it says it needs to force close, it freezes. Nothing. I can exit out to my fire home menu, and restart Kodi, but titanium is not loaded. Halp....
  10. Pretty sure they're all yours.
  11. Spray the inside of your wsm with Pam. Get it up to about 400-450° and burn it for about 2 hours.
  12. Came down to 3 and 4, but the titty continental drift on 3 tipped the scales to 4.
  13. Um, nope. I didn't imply the frequency of attacks at all. Move on.
  14. But using this analogy, a pit bull is a sawed off shotgun while most other breeds are single shot .22's. They are simply more capable of catastrophic damage. Sure they can be great dogs, but when they do attack, the frequency of fatalities is much higher than average.
  15. Unpossible