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  1. ####. Just ####.
  2. You know, we have season passes to King's island here in Ohio every year. They have a huge water park full of slides and rides. All my kids ever want to do is go into the wave pool. I always bugged them about not going on anything else. Never again.
  3. Wife is leaving her current job to be a substitute teachers aide. No benefits/retirement until hired full time. So we need to move her ~$8k 401k. Does the Roth IRA contribution limit apply to transfers?
  4. Any Mets fans with insight into Nimmo?
  5. :allthelikes:
  6. We've been on a family plan with my FIL forever. So I've never had to shop for service, just paid my portion of the bill and moved on. My work is now offering a $45 phone stipend that I want to take advantage of. Project Fi sounds good. I can get voice/text and 2 gb of data for $40/mo. The Nexus phones look decent. I do have an iPhone 4s but it's an ATT model. Are there good cheap options where I can use that phone? TIA
  7. But reaching for it, while still not a capital offense, certainly changes the formula a great deal.
  8. So was that supposed to be darkseid in the Genesis chamber when they arrest Luthor?
  9. i mean, it was inevitable right?
  10. I'm in the process of resetting to defaults to install titanium clean. It's giving me a message that it detects insufficient usb power. It's working but I'll probably plug it back in after its done.
  11. Oh I didn't know that. Can I just plug it from the fire stick to the sub port on the tv? That would help.
  12. Sometimes it's the small things that get overlooked. How the hell did I not realize that the fire stick needed a power cord?
  13. Alright so noob issue. I install Kodi on my Fire Stick. Load Titanium, but after it extracts and it says it needs to force close, it freezes. Nothing. I can exit out to my fire home menu, and restart Kodi, but titanium is not loaded. Halp....