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  1. Dixon, Campbell and Dre’Mont coming back. Dre’Mont makes the bigger impact but love seeing these guys back.
  2. ####ty pants in the cieling, FTW...
  3. Looking for suggestions or advice. My dad has been in the hospital for a month now. His liver is failing and he’s being transferred up to the Cleveland Clinic. I know there are hotels close by but I was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience. TIA
  4. Anybody have a recommendation on a good durable PS4 controller without breaking the bank? I wear the crap out of my analog sticks and I seem to go through a controller every 6 months. Is there one where they analog sticks can be replaced?
  5. Then they double down with a pitiful targeting call. This crew is something special.
  6. iPhone 6 - daughter dropped it in the snow - phone would not turn on - repair shop did a ‘dry-out’ for $50 - phone worked at first - home button stopped working - soon, phone shut down and said it needed to be connected to itunes - iTunes recovery tried to update the phone. Failed. - iTunes recovery tried to restore the phone. Failed. - looked for 3rd party programs, they can all connect to the phone just fine, but of course want you to pay before fixing it. So, if the iTunes recovery can’t fix it, is there any hope that any of the 3rd party apps can? HALP.....☹️☹️☹️
  7. Running away from pressure has to be a quality that coaches don’t want to see. It hurts, but if his hearts not here, he doesn’t need to be. Woodbey is is absolutely the one that shocked me. Between OSU and USC(where his dad went), he had over two years of relationships built. Tweets that an FSU offer would be his dream offer, gets it, visits for one day, then flips. And his commitment was one of the most painful things I’ve ever watched. Just baffling.
  8. Has ESPN ever conducted an on-field interview before? That was horrible. ?
  9. ####ing Javoris Allen.....??????
  10. ### #######....????? Hit it the McCown, Anderson, Kearse superstack. Paired with Julio and D. Lewis. ?????
  11. I’m going to laugh my d!ck off when Fulmer recommends........Schiano. ??