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  1. Momentum. She's a shifty #####.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something. Weekend obligations prevented me from entering any contests until Sunday morning. I could not find any Sun-Mon contests. I am now looking at week 2, I still see none. Is there a window when these are open? Did they get rid of them?
  4. As long as the pass is behind the LOS, it doesn't matter.
  5. Let's not kid, I get excited about Buckeye teams almost every year. But something about this group of kids has me really excited. Hooker's freakish athleticism was jaw dropping. Webber looks like a serious potential star. Just really excited.
  6. He has the right to do it for whatever reason he wants. I have the the right to believe that he's a piece of crap for doing it.
  7. ####. Just ####.
  8. You know, we have season passes to King's island here in Ohio every year. They have a huge water park full of slides and rides. All my kids ever want to do is go into the wave pool. I always bugged them about not going on anything else. Never again.
  9. Wife is leaving her current job to be a substitute teachers aide. No benefits/retirement until hired full time. So we need to move her ~$8k 401k. Does the Roth IRA contribution limit apply to transfers?
  10. Any Mets fans with insight into Nimmo?
  11. :allthelikes: