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  1. So I happened catch a clip of the extraction scene on Facebook. Immediately watched the whole movie on Amazon. Absolutely one of the best movies I've seen in years. Wow. Just beginning to end, solid. I thought Brolin and Del Torro were absolutely brilliant. I thought Blunt was great but her character disappointed me in so many ways I'm sure it kept me from appreciating her more. What I get from this movie is I think Blunts character reprints a general pereption of both how the drug war is going and how it should go. Everything happening around her represents reality. I just really think that a majority of our population would not be capable of understanding what is and needs to be happening in this part of the world. Solid 5/5 for me.
  4. Don't like it. Not one bit.
  5. :pyrofail:
  6. Exodus has been randomly disappearing from Kodi. Anybody else have this problem?
  7. See, told you it was obvious.
  8. So I may have been missing an obvious reference. The Joker made a comment about never being defeated by Batman and the speaker thingy said 'what about the time with the two boats?' Why am I drawing a blank on that one?
  9. Samoa Joe sighting.....
  10. Better than Reigns, I guess.