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  1. Oof! Epic flop by Denver. I still feel like my "process" was good. Don't know how I would've predicted they would come out so flat at home in prime time. Reminded me of some Bruce Coslet coached teams, but I digress... I'll still be here in the thread, because my $$ pool picks all season, no elimination. Looking ahead to week 7, will someone please talk me out of picking Miami hosting the Jets? The Dolphins are widely considered to be terrible, yet they beat the Falcons, and are running the ball well. Other teams I am considering are Bills vs Bucs, Vikings vs Ravens, or Chiefs at Raiders .
  2. I did the same FWIW. With Forte back, no need to go there.
  3. Washington and Atlanta are very tempting, but I think the consensus here is correct... Don't overthink it! I'm going to take advantage of the Giants' misfortune, and go with the rested Broncos in primetime.
  4. With my pick due in two hours ( early lock, I know ), I'm trying to decide between PIT / PHI / NYG. Leaning PHI because of shaky Cardinals pass protection. Looking at the Giants schedule, this might be their last good chance for a win for several weeks. Chargers games always seem to be close, though..
  5. Like many posting here, I'm having trouble keeping Bengals out of my LUs. I'm a Bengals homer who's watched all three of their games and should know better! Can't trust Dalton, but A.J. Green is still too cheap, and Mixon is ready for a breakout game. I'm going to fire a few THU-MON entries, just to get some Rodgers / Nelson stacks in play Punt TE: Rogers - Gurley/Mixon -- AJ Green/Nelson/Fitz - Griffen - Gostkowski - Bengals Pay up TE Rogers - Cohen/Mixon - AJ Green/Nelson/Rishard Matthews - Kelce - Walsh - Bengals KP, I like your theme of taking last week's duds.
  6. I understand the concept of overlay and I seek it out when selecting games, but I don't follow that last sentence. Would you mind unpacking it for a newb?
  7. My first stab at THU-MON GPP Derek Carr Jay Ajayi Carlos Hyde Amari Cooper A.J. Green J.J. Nelson Zach Ertz Matt Prater Eagles I don't get all the love for Cousins I'm hearing on the podcasts / boards this week? I guess the price is nice, but Stafford is only $300 more. Need to hurry if I want access to Hyde. And I do.
  8. This LU went for 158.68, cashing in two freeplay tournaments for $9.33 total. Big win for my tiny bankroll. I'm very pleased, because it's so rare for me to come up with a 1%- owned flier that hits big like Javorius Allen on my own. I obviously could've done even better if I had been more nimble on Sunday morning. I wanted to pivot off Diggs once Bradford was inactive, but I panicked a bit in the clutch, couldn't juggle my lineups effectively. I did manage to swap out Diggs/Gronk/Gostkski for Antonio Brown/Fleener/Bryant in one GPP. Scored slighty less at 155.48 but it was my biggest GPP winner, coming in 46/10,588. Even with an hour's notice, I felt like I was fighting the FanDuel website interface. Any advice on how to organize yourself on game day, especially with regard to swapping players on short notice? I typically do my lineups in Excel, and then transcribe manually into FanDuel. I found the late swap slow to use. Maybe I should research this .csv option? Anyone use other tools? I think other sites advertise lineup builders? Not sure how that would work. Obvious tip would be to play few lineups, right? I think I entered five in Week 2, tried to keep in manageable. Again, thanks to all here for your feedback and sharing tips. I find it very educational.
  9. I'm going to have a LOT of Ty Montgomery this week. Seems like a screaming value against Falcons. Paying down at RB2 with Buck Allen allows for this Julio / Diggs / Patriots superstack: QB Tom Brady 9200 RB Ty Montgomery 6500 RB Javorius Allen 4900 WR Julio Jones 8800 WR Stefon Diggs 6500 WR Chris Hogan 6200 TE Rob Gronkowski 8100 K Stephen Gostkowski 5100 D Baltimore Ravens 4700 Total: 60000 My biggest concern is that Gronk will not return value at a whopping $8100. Serious question: Does this look like a GPP or Cash lineup? I'm thinking GPP, because the Pats superstack will either hit big, or go meh and fail to deliver cash value. High variance, right? I'm still a student of the game.
  10. I will definitely look into the mini games. I tired one as a freeroll this week. Didn't cash, but finished in top 2%. Had 2 out of 5 players in common with the eventual winner. Is there a mini-game strategy article posted? I didn't notice it. I never saw the Stafford explosion coming.
  11. Sour grapes, sure... but that's one of my beefs with FanDuel... Spend hours poring over offensive skill position players, but the difference between cashing and not is often which kicker or defense you land on. Houston whiffs while the Rams and Jags romp.
  12. Ugh. You talked me into firing a second lineup into it. OK, it was actually the 5% overlay.
  13. Excellent point, thanks! I hadn't thought of it from that angle, which is weird, since I routinely play THU-MON slates, and fade all THU players. As you imply, this approach gives the competition plenty of rope to hang themselves with "bad" picks. I was thinking of the situation as "several people are going to choose the correct SEA/GB players and rack up points, but I don't think it will be me", so let's take the game out of the equation. Perhaps that is completely faulty logic. I'm starting my second season in DFS, and I have very limited experience attacking smaller slates. Love this thread.
  14. Anyone seeing good cheap ( $1-$2 ) contests off the main slate? I like to roam outside the main slate as a way of taking games I think will be high-scoring, but I don't have a handle on ( like SEA / GB ) off the table. I'm not seeing the large-field cash / multipliers that I gravitate toward.
  15. Is Daily Fantasy illegal in Texas? Disappointing.