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  1. My thought as well, especially given how eager I am to play CMc and DJ Moore. My cash placeholder: Kyle Allen - CMc - Brian Hill - DJ Moore - John Brown - Julio - Kyle Rudolph - Dalvin Cook - Dolphins hosting Josh Allen I'm not really hyped for Julio, but I found I could jam him in by punting at TE and D
  2. I'm not the best judge, since I'm more of a cash grinder anyway. The point I should have made is that they don't have the flashy, sponsored, life-changing money GPPs seen on the big two sites. Come to think of it, that might not be a bad thing. This week, for example, I've entered: $2 entry fee Single Entry $1,300 prize pool - 600 total entries - top prize $150, top 130 get at least $4 Wait a minute, how is that even viable? Players putting $1200 into a $1300 prize pool?
  3. Considering FantasyDraft? I recommend it, but only for the rake-free cash games. Not many tournaments offered in my low price range. However, please learn from my mistake. THERE IS NO LATE SWAP ON FANTASYDRAFT. To quote from their Help section: "Your lineup will be locked and no changes can be made to any player once you are within 1 minute of the start time of the first game within the contest slate." I had not noticed this in three weeks of playing at the site, and was burned last night. Pressed for time after work, I entered a few MON-THU contests with a dummy lineup of cheap Sunday scrubs and at least one player who is literally on IR. I planned to completely fade the Thursday game, then swap in my "real" players when I finally had free time this weekend. I've done this for years on Fanduel, but this time I just lit my money on fire. This is totally on me. FantasyDraft rules were clearly posted. Just want to give you guys a heads up. On the bright side, my H2H opponents will be offering me games next week. LOL.
  4. Sorry for the drive-by, but I just have to vent. I was completely wiped out this week because I played Brees at QB. Struggled with the QB position all week, but in the end settled on building around Brees - Thomas stack. Brees' dud was a shocker, but it all would have been redeemed if that last second garbage time throw to Michael Thomas had gone just 1/2 yard further, into the endzone. Tilting. My Cash LU (4 RBs allowed on FantDraft) Brees - Damien Williams / D. Montgomery - Michael Thomas / Golden Tate - Gesicki - Jaylen Samuels / CMc - Steelers D went for 153.98 Too bad the cash lines in the 100-entry 50/50s I entered were 154.22, 154.74, 154.08, 154.22, 154.22 -- excruciating
  5. After taking a couple weeks off of DFS ( work, family ) I entered four $1 THU - MON contests. Two cash, Two SE GPPs Locked in Pats D on all four, and Darius Slayton on three Ownership in my specific contests Pats D 49.7% , 48.6% GPP, 46.1%, 60.9% Cash Slayton 9% GPP, 5.1%, 8% Cash Using Lamar Jackson in all four lineups ( I'm a self-loathing Bengals fan ) and pairing him with Gus Edwards in GPP
  6. Another wipeout! $11 in, $1.80 out. I pared down to two cash LUs, and entered 10 $1 H2Hs, and one $1 ten-man 50/50. Only cashed in the 50/50 SEA / AZ game stack Wilson / Ekeler - Kerryon Johnson / Keenan Allen - L Fitz - C. Kirk / Dissly / Lockett / Panthers Naked Mahomes: Mahomes / Ekeler - Kerryon Johnson / Keenan Allen - L Fitz - P. Richardson / Dissly / Lockett / Panthers Both scored in the low-mid 130s, but fell short against a wall of CMc / Ekeler / Gallman teams. Painful drubbing, but I guess I can rationalize it. Week 4 hinged on your Gallman exposure. We all knew it going in. I intentionally faded Gallman, estimating he was bad chalk. Instead, I locked in on Keenan Allen and Lockett, who disappointed. Even so, even one TD from Mahomes would have helped! In hindsight, these are Cash games, and using Gallman on the cheap allowed you to get up to CMc. I probably need to go back to the fundamentals: RB in the FLEX Pay up for three pass-catching RBs Pay down as far as you dare at QB
  7. KarmaPolice, thanks for your posting in these forums. I suffered a similar disappointing fate in Week 1. $21 in in 9 "Beginner" contests, zero out. Oof! After three years at Fanduel, I switched to DK this season, chasing the FBG membership bonus. I was skeptical of DK, but I have to admit that I find it much more intuitive to use than FD, at least when it comes to managing multiple lineups and getting them entered in the correct contests. This is something I have struggled with for years. DK's clear separation of Lineups from Contests just makes sense to me, and the ability to reserve a spot in contests and then go back and import a lineup is great. Sure, I used to do this with dummy lineups all the time at Fanduel, but it's just more elegant now. Last week, I took a fresh approach to Sunday mornings, and actually implemented the process I hear so much about on the podcast circuit: Build a player pool Use a lineup builder to generate cash and gpp lineups around a core of players Import those lineups into DK contests that I had claimed spots in earlier. This is all to say, I had never felt more in control and confident this morning. I decided to put $20 this week into exclusively "Beginner" rated contests while I still qualified: My GPP lineup was built around a Bills stack Josh Allen / Beasley / John Brown $1 single-entry gpp $3 single-entry gpp My cash lineups were built around Wentz - Cook / Fournette / Chubb - ??? - Kelce - D $5 triple-up $1 triple-up $3 double-up 3 $1 double-ups $5 5-player Maybe the contest selection was bad, or overly aggressive. I usually stick to $1 or $2 contests, but my thinking was not to waste my beginner status on my usual slew of $1 cash games. I really made hay three years ago as a Fanduel Beginner, and it's been a grind ever since. In hindsight maybe a triple-up calls for a GPP approach, not a Cash lineup, especially when I was reaching above my normal bankroll to the $5 entry. Taking a total zero in week one was a gut punch, but I will have better weeks ahead.
  8. Oof! $28 in $9 out. LUs with Giants defense cashed, others not so much. I had some Jaylen Samuels, but tried to continue paying up for stud RBs. I ranked the big three: 1. Barkley - 2. Zeke - 3. McCaffrey, which meant I had very little McCaffrey once I started shifting money to other positions. Went way too heavy on Kamara, Sutton, and Godwin. Naturally, my best LU turned out to be my "initial stab" lineup ( manual build pre-podcasts, no optimizer tools ) which scored 150.24, thanks mostly to Amari Cooper and Ian Thomas, both of whom I proceeded to fade in all my subsequent builds. Not sure what lessons to take away from this week. It's so chalky out there.
  9. Really struggling to make a playable 5-man LU for MNF. I would be happy to go with both QBs , Hopkins, and Corey Davis, but they won't allow a 4-man entry.
  10. Uh, where the #%@& did this Gus Edwards guy come from? ( I know, Rutgers LOL ) Edwards got 17 carries to Collins' 7 and I got damned lucky to escape with that early Collins TD before Edwards really took over the running game. LU was otherwise solid cashing in GPPs at 144.12 with Kirk, and 134.42 with Riddick
  11. Here's my weekly "first stab" LU that I come up with on Tuesday or Wed, prior to listening to any podcasts. Brees - David Johnson / Alex Collins - Thomas / Tre'Qyuan Smith / OBJ / OJ Howard / C Kirk / Cardinals Saints and Cardinals super stacks I'm a Bengals homer who watches all of their (often terrible) games. I don't see how Collins can fail this week, no matter who plays QB for Ravens Love OJ Howards' talent and matchup. Did you see how badly Kittle roasted the Giants on Monday? Hoping for low ownership, as he burned us last week. Might see more red zone targets if Godwin scratches. Concerns: This LU goes against the tried and true "pay up for stud RB, pay down at QB and WR" formula Now that I have listened to pods, I have to admit that I will probably swap in Riddick for Kirk at flex for same price tag.
  12. l'm saving the Saints for another day, and rolling with Arizona. They appear to be playing with effort for new OC Byron Leftwich.
  13. $22 in, $22.80 out today I took last week off of DFS, since I was out of town, and it was nice! Realized that I have been skewing too heavily to GPPs, so put more bankroll in Cash this week. Sponsored freeroll GPPs failed as usual GPPs - 3 $1 small squibs SE / 1190 entries -- cashed 1 of 3 - score 153.22 - for $3 out H2H -- 15 $1 H2Hs won 11 x $1.80 = $19.80 out 3-Man contests - Two $2 winner take all - finished second in both, with scores of 140.22 and 122.22. ? = $0 out Conclusions: Man, it's tough out there. Disappointing to go 11-4 in H2Hs only to give it all back on a couple of 3-man contests. Everyone seems to be using the same player pool for cash. Probably all listening to the same podcasts. Contests seem to swing on picking the defense that goes off. TE is a wasteland as usual. Anyone tried FantasyDraft? I understand they offer rake free H2Hs.
  14. Agree with you that Wentz is the MVP Josh Adams at only $6000 is a great value play, and potential LU differentiator Not sure which Cowboys to use.. What about just using their kicker, Maher, and fading new trade arrivals Tate and Cooper: Wentz/Ertz/Jeffrey/Adams/Maher
  15. I have noticed that as well. THU - MON made for fun strategies a couple of seasons ago, until the arrival of Late Swap, and now the reduction in contests. Seems FD wants to strangle the longer slate to increase the velocity of betting. On the bright side, I have to begrudgingly admit I like the Single Game option for those times when you just have to have action on an island game, and love the SuperFlex option.