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  1. This Giants triple-stack GPP sure makes me queasy. That's the goal, right? Manning -- Bell/ D.Washington (OAK) -- Brown/Beckham/Shepard -- CJF -- Boswell -- Steelers Punted at RB2 to jam in stud WRs. I switched out Wilson/Boldin for Manning/Shepard at the last minute, because I felt I was underweight Shepard and overweight on Boldin in my other LUs.
  2. Ha Ha. When the podcasts, articles, and IVC kept coming up Russell this week, I immediately thought of you Bobcat10, my fellow member of the "Never Again, Wilson" (NAW) club. Can I really go back there again? I would fade Wilson in a heartbeat if I had any faith that the Lions pass rush could exploit his shaky o-line. I don't. OTOH, I'm warming up to paying down at QB with Moore, but why take that chance, when Wilson is only $800 more than Moore?
  3. Word for word, this matches my Week 17 experience. I should have just stayed away. I managed to advance two survivor entries, so I will be forced to keep riding this train for at least one more week.
  4. Week 17 Hindsight Dear Lord, why do I keep investing in Russell Wilson? I'm a Bengals homer, yet only had Burkhead in 27% of my lineups. Should have known better. Steve Smith narrative failed 100% exposure to DJ, but injuries happen 92% Kelce -- where did he go? My best LU of week might well be the Vikings triple-stack flier I took on Bradford-Thielen-Rudolph All will be forgiven if Packers / Lions shoots out tonight...
  5. Extremely frustrating week. I had solid picks at QB, RB, and WR, but only cashed on the 1/3 of my LUs that used K Gostk and Pats D. On several others I pivoted to Seattle D and/or Janikowski. Painful to lose $$ at the hands of random positions like K and D. Also, I had Rodgers / Nelson stacked in multiple cash games, but somehow failed to throw it into even one 5x or GPP?!?? D'oh! Rooting for Antonio Brown tonight. Merry Christmas, all!
  6. Any thoughts on Ware this weekend, at home against Denver? He keeps popping up on the IVC, but I'm reluctant to click his name. I'm more tempted by Bilal Powell at the same price point ($6500), even in a potentially apocalyptic game script at Foxboro.
  7. Spending down at QB killed me in Week 15. So much Cousins / Flacco / Tyrod Had some Montgomery, but not nearly enough. Eked out a small win overall, but it would have been huge if Cousins could have managed even one TD pass! Grumble.
  8. I can't believe how much bankroll I have pissed away on Wilson shares over the last three weeks.
  9. We spent a chilly day at DLP during Spring Break 2013. Paris is a beautiful city, with lots for a family to do and see. DLP is definitely worth one day of your time. Two would be stretching it, especially for WDW Vets. This Touring Plans blog is an excellent review, and I agree with almost everything it says. Highlights: Pirates, Phantom Manor, and Big Thunder RR are superior in most, if not all ways to their WDW counterparts. It's a hoot to hear the Phantom Manor scenes in French, and there are several different show elements. It's an easy train trip from Paris. No car or parking hassles. Lowlights: Disney Studios in Paris pretty much sucked in 2013, except for the unique spinning roller coaster themed after Crush the turtle. That was an awesome ride that needs to be built in one of the domestic parks ASAP. Maybe the park is better now with the Ratatouille ride? Food was poor overall. Think regional theme park fare, rather than what I expect from Disney. In short, go for it. As a WDW vet, you will appreciate the differences.
  10. Nice! I also embraced the injury risk and locked up Luck / Hilton on the THU-MON slate at low ownership. 3.2% and 5.1% respectively, in $2 Quintuple Up 2.2% and 2.3% in $1 mini-squib
  11. Russell Wilson tilt in full effect! He is in 90% of my lineups. Hope he can right the ship in the fourth quarter!
  12. I fear I have over-diversified. Had plenty of time to question my best ideas, and lose focus. Seven different cash LUs seems like "diworsification". Good luck, all!
  13. You're not concerned about Petersen shadowing Julio? That prospect has me off Julio, and onto secondary targets like Sanu, Hooper, and Gabriel.
  14. I'm a Bengals homer, and love Eifert under normal circumstances. His ability to play the ball high in the air, especially down the seams and in the red zone, bails out Dalton on most weeks. I am totally fading Eifert this week, however. I think the loss of AJ will hurt Eifert, rather than help, especially against the Ravens. Better to wait and see how Eifert fares in the "Post AJ Green" offense, in my opinion. For what it's worth, I'm guessing LaFell will be the biggest benefactor today, as far as redistributed targets. Now, whether LaFell will be able to make much out of the increased targets is an open question.
  15. What do you know? I managed one winning Petty roster in cash. Even with him only scoring 9.52, going rock bottom at QB allowed me to roster the MNF studs at WR. 134.82 Petty -- Johnson/Bell -- Beckham/ AJ Green / Conley () -- Eifert -- Catanzaro -- Rams Good call, sooted72!