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  1. I went o-fer as well. Fell into the stereotypical short slate H2H trap. Opponent and I had seven out of nine roster slots identical, making it my Tyreek / Rishard Matthews vs his Michael Thomas/ Eric Decker. As soon as Decker caught a TD, I knew I was doomed! I think I am done for the season. Want to walk away with my measly $30 profit for the 2017 season. I was up $80 around Halloween, then gave most of it back. I found this to be a much harder year in cash, and never had a noteworthy GPP win, either. In hindsight, I think my 2016 debut was successful because I was able to hammer the FD Beginner contests so effectively. Once I was excluded from Beginner contests, things got tough in a hurry.
  2. Holy Chalk! In the two superflex contests I mentioned above, ownership is: Julio 84%, Freeman 82% Julio 73%, Freeman 87%
  3. Being a degenerate, and loving overlay, I threw in a couple $2 Superflex MON - SAT Double-Ups Flacco -- Freeman / Barber -- Wallace/Julio -- Doyle -- A. Collins - Keenum Flacco -- Freeman / Barber -- Wallace/Thielen -- OJ Howard -- Collins -- Keenum Small slates make me uncomfortable because you can generally afford anyone you want. Too much freedom gives me too much to second guess afterwards. Look, Ma! I'm Wacko for Flacco!
  4. I'm still struggling with TE. I keep landing on Greg Olsen. 1pm-only gpp Newton - Ingram/L. Murray - Thielen/Adams/Funchess - Olsen - Lutz - Saints
  5. SONOFA... Despite "liking" Bobcat10's post the other day, I just noticed that my SAT - MON superflex lineup just locked in placeholder Jordan Howard. No way I wanted to play him, was going to pivot to Freeman. smh I'm an idiot
  6. Seems like some value is really opening up at RB, beyond the obvious mega chalk Kenyon Drake. With Coleman ruled out for MNF, I think Freeman becomes a must start against the Buccaneers. With Mixon out, Gio Bernard delivered good value last week in a similarly negative game script. I'm likely to use him in GPPs at least, even with his salary increased to $5900. If Fournette scratches, who's the play? Ivory? Yeldon? Bortles and Westbrook?!?
  7. I'm trying to figure out the algorithm used to pump up the QB salaries for the Superflex contest. I assumed it was straight inflation of QBs. Brady $8000 in main game, $10,100 in Superflex Foles is stone min $6000 in the main game, but $7200 in Superflex, However, DeShone Kizer, remained at $6700 in both formats. After playing with the new IVC a bit ( Kudos to Maurile Tremblay!!! ) , my impression is some QBs who didn't make consideration in the traditional format are "bubbling up" in Superflex. examples: Kizer, Matt Ryan, Keenum Anyone got a handle on this aspect of the Superflex contests?
  8. I loaded up on Doyle, faded everyone else.
  9. What the?!? FanDuel is showing an entirely different type of contest! $60,000 salary cap Lineup: QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX SUPERFLEX Whoa! Odd time to be rolling out something so different. Is anyone else seeing this? Am I in a secret focus group? EDIT TO ADD: Wow, I've dreamed of dumping kickers and defense for weeks! Now's my chance, right?
  10. I'm $30 in $2.80 out at the moment! However, I have lots of Antonio Brown and Brandin Cooks remaining in primetime. I got clobbered at TE this week. Too much Kelce and Anderson, not enough Burton. What happened to Jimmy Graham, KP? I had him stacked with Russ, but he was blanked.
  11. That's awesome! If you don't mind, I'd love to hear more about this lineup, and how you arrived at it. I have a lot to learn about lineup construction based on my recent poor results.
  12. Tell me about it. I ran $20 in fifteen $1/$2 entries into the THU - MON slate, 100% Kamara. I'm a Kamara believer. Every podcast I have listened to recently has been sounding warning bells and calling for Kamara to regress based on his low snaps, but I believe in his talent, usage, and supporting cast. He was off to a great start Thursday before the concussion. I'm in a big hole, but maybe I'm not drawing dead. My 15 entries were 1 GPP, 14 cash+. Looking around my contests, Kamara was anywhere from 30% - 36% - 48% owned!
  13. $$$ pool is picking all 17 weeks. Only 1 entry of ~400 is still perfect. It's not me. Steelers seem to be stone cold lock hosting the Packers in prime time, yet I find myself wanting to save them, possibly for Week 14 hosting Baltimore. Instead, I'm favoring using Washington or Atlanta this week, even in divisional matchups. This week strikes me as the last time I would feel confident using the Falcons.
  14. Shepard scratching, and the wind gusts in KC/NYG have thrown my LUs into a Sunday morning scramble. Even in light of the weather and matchup, I'm having trouble paying up for Jaguars defense. I've been burned all season paying up for chalk Ds. That said, the Jaguars are heavy heavy favorites of all three IVC predictors, and they are way better at forecasting than my unscientific hunches. Was stacking Gordon + Chargers D, but considering a pivot to Hunt + Chiefs D, and paying down at WR3 with Ellington. The G-Men starting a UDFA at tackle...
  15. I still have NOLA available, so I'm rolling with the Saints this week. Steelers would have been my next favorite. Might use them next week when Brett Hundley comes to town.