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  1. Brand New & Exciting Startup Dynasty League Looking For Great Owners ‪This is a truly fantastic league with some great and innovative rules & settings. We want to add someone who has the sickness for fantasy as much as we do.‬ The available teams are any that are as yet un-named. Come get ‘em! Some of the main features of this league are: -$40 Entry Fee -32 teams, 2 copies of every player -Full 53 man rosters -2 copies of each player -Full IDP -Starting lineups are 11 on Offense and 11 on Defense -Scoring system that has elite scoring players at all positions so you can build a team many ways whether you want to give your team an offensive or defensive slant. -Efficiency based scoring for QBs. It makes a 1 QB league very much value efficient QBs. -Unique settings also make 3-4 OLB’s VERY relevant in this league whereas in most leagues this position is nearly always unimportant. -Unrestricted Free Agency (via Auction) -Startup Draft will be a randomised 53 round reverse snake draft with trading of draft picks -Annual Rookie Draft (7 rounds) but in year 1 rookies will be included in main startup draft -Injured Reserve and 10 man Taxi Squads -Division structure that fully replicates the real NFL. -Playoffs that mirror the real NFL playoffs as well as a Consolation Playoff structure that involves all 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. The Consolation Bowl Winner is awarded an additional 1st Round Pick at 1.33 and also receives a payout. -All funds 100% protected via Leaguesafe and 100% payouts after expenses (MFL Fees) -WhatsApp free messaging app used for League Chat and as a way for the Commish to get messages out to the league and also is a great tool for trade discussions/negotiations. Here is a link to the league home page: Please also read our league rules & settings carefully: If interested or if you want any more info about the league please email me at: ‪‬ Thanks Oz League Commish (posted this for a friend so if there are any problems contacting him please send me a PM)
  2. I typically am not one to yammer about yay/nay on various rules but there are a few things I favor and don't favor mainly because one of the things I like are the varying rule sets of different dynasty leagues I compete in.. that said, my biggest concern/dislike if you will, when it comes to TS rules are rules that leave options open for owners to move players back and forth onto the TS during the season more or less to protect them and basically using the TS list as extra roster space.. IE: activating a rookie for 3 weeks then putting him back on the TS because say the starter that he was playing behind came back from injury and the owner just wants to keep his rookie backup etc.. yes it's a fine line in some cases as some leagues do multi year TS eligibility for players.. yet IMO it really promotes the stashing of players rather than forcing an owners hand when it comes to add/drop adjustments etc.. I'm a firm believer that once the season begins eligible TS players must be put there.. then once the time comes and an owner makes the choice to activate a player from the TS that he should no longer be eligible to be put back on the TS list.. If you want to allow owners to randomly move them back and forth a league may as well simply expand roster size limits.. #RandomThoughtsOnTheMatter
  3. we've got to keep that in perspective.. every fan base has it's ignorance.. that's just how it works.. much of thier's IMO stemns from the success of a generation.. a historically bad franchise that for years historically won absolutely nothing then suddenly lots of success leading to the "we're the greatest and most intelligent fans that exist" - "my guys do no wrong" syndrome.. to some level though there is this a percentage of fan that handle themselves this way for most every team in sport. Either way the fact remains that anyone, in any way shape or form, that tries to defend Gronk's actions Sunday seriously bumped their head and doesn't understand what he could have done to that player doing what he did. As someone who's played and coached the game it was wrong at every level.
  4. Schuster's was a certainly a violent crackback.. his first time and can be said in part that it was a part of a football play.. so a game maybe if any at all... Gronk's penalty (1 game) however is a total NFL sham IMO.. it was against a totally defenseless player on the ground "after the play" and a play like that can't even be considered as any sort of game action.. that goes way beyond what team or who the player is and if for no other reason than that it should have been considerably more.. I say this as a neutral fan, but I have to believe however stated that it (the penalty) was related to the game vs Pitt coming in 2 weeks and the league wanting to do their best to not give one team or the other any advantage.. I really believe from a football perspective Gronk's move crossed a much worse line. let me add though Schuster's actions of standing over Burfict like he did could and probably should warrant additional discipline.