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  1. I never give up. I didn't see a timeline on the offer.
  2. Does it have to be made by virgins and touched by Queen Elizabeth too?
  3. https://www.chrono24.com/rolex/daytona--id7562160.htm Okay, I'll take 405.00, I PM'ed my paypal to you. TIA.
  4. https://www.swisswatchexpo.com/watches/rolex/mens-rolex/daytona/cosmograph-daytona-white-dial-chronograph-steel-116520-13466?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqoKstbPa2AIVWbnACh1vTw66EAQYAiABEgLLjPD_BwE 12,610 with the wire option. Do I get a free 2k?
  5. Poof......you go away now.
  6. You copy and pasted your post. Hth.
  7. You are asking me to go goodwill hunting on you?
  8. I mean, you related to me. We had like insights. You want to pretend to be lost.
  9. So, why does the devil torture bad people?
  10. I get judged by others than god. People didn't give my their money for crypto, other than my track record here. Plus, in the end telling a bad person they are going to hell is dumb on so many levels. Devils is the worst person, right? So when they send bad people to him, lol. Jesus, sent you here, I will torture you but I hate Jesus. Logic, just kills religion.
  11. Yeah, but is that why you are doing what you do here.