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  1. Republican hate supporting poor people but are against abortion. What do they think is going to happen to all these unwanted children. It's the biggest farce ever. More people poor people and less social programs. I am sure it would work out well.
  2. So you don't think outlawing guns would accomplish anything positive?
  3. Sometimes it's not the topic that makes it bad but a person posting in it.
  4. Barnett drug thing in ufc was bs, right. He was falsely suspended for a year. Per Rogan, fyi.
  5. She should take the out of her mouth before she types.
  6. I don't want either gone under....er, a new coach. But they seem to be pushing them out.
  7. Maybe Canes can get a goalie by 2020. But who knows, they failed at that for a decade.
  8. They don't send emails to losers. You have to signin to see you are a loser.