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  1. Just wait for my Trump not respecting the anthem thread.
  2. How much time do you spend here at the detriment to your clients?
  3. This was all great, now what does the Mayor stand for?
  4. Here is what I do. I vote against my best interests, I donate out my ###, I have taken care of mental challenges humans, I give a crap about the people that no one talks about, I know that racism still exists and big time in the work place and I know lack of healthcare takes lives. And I will fight you all's bs until the end of me.
  5. I will make it easy, how are you different than Trump.
  6. Because you support people that want that.
  7. Yes, the false minimum satisfaction to you.
  8. If you mean that 17 institutions control 40% of the cash, in the world, and they can't even find places to get returns but never seek to give. Average income globally is 10 dollars a month. And 100 people own more than 3 billion. Look in the mirror, u okay with that?
  9. What does Pete stand for pertaining to the poor.