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  1. I have a smaller house then my daughter. She is away and we went to let the dogs out. I checked out their garage. Their stripping was 1.5 to 2 inches. Mine is an inch or less. This is just by eyeballing it. Theirs were done right, mine wasn't. Thanks for your reply.
  2. The "fixed" that with weather strip but still get light there to.
  3. It's 100 here, there is hot air in there no matter what. It's a new home and I know the company handyman says it fine. The warranty company states there should be no light. I am only really worried about critters. As there was light coming through the door from the inside house to the garage. Big hole much light due to overcutting the bottom of the door for a security sensor.
  4. You all know there is a difference between air tight and light coming in?
  5. My builder says yes. I tend to think no but not in my field of expertise.
  6. Fitz and Jr make my ears bleed. Time to blow it up.
  7. Issue is simple, no one wants the log ins. When bitcoin was at 3k. I was going to try to sell alts and buy bitcoin. One problem. The trade fees were higher than the coins value. Etc etc.
  8. A capitalistic system will never take care of anyone they can't knowingly profit off of. Hence it should be a right. Pretty basic stuff.
  9. This, it is because we don't have capitalism we have monopolies.
  10. You should have standard pricing for certain things adjusted for location.