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  1. Why do the R's not want the FBI to investigate this. You would think if there was nothing to hide, you would want this. Also, why would someone lying ask to be investigated by the FBI?
  2. In my best James Remar voice.....
  3. I will pay 100 dollars to 10 different bets at 7 to 1. So my side is 1000 total. If Kav gets replaced, the replacement will happen under Trump. I win 7k if all bets are taken. Who is game?
  4. Why? Besides that what they did.
  5. Everyone here would love you to break this down again. TlA.
  6. I will pay 10k if you can get the Pope to lie. I am sure covering up stuff costs less.
  7. Well this is the true version.
  8. For the first paragraph. My dog never left my side, so for her to separate was huge.
  9. I had it easy a few years ago. My lab just separated herself from us. When I let her out, she didn't want to come back in. When in the house, she went as far away from us as she could. I knew it was time but didn't want to do it. So I loaded her up in the back of my car and took her to the vet. Got there and took her out and she was wagging and walking like a pup. I was,wtf. Long story short. Did the right thing.
  10. Possible. But she had one heck of a set of choppers.
  11. Well, you are a free thinking person. You will never have a side.
  12. Prove to me that Eve, of Adam and Eve in the Bible ate an apple.
  13. I presented 3 situations that you couldn't respond too. Quit being closed minded and mean.