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  1. I missed it and the replay because I was flipping channels
  2. Funchess down. Walked off under his own power. Came down hard on his head.
  3. Gordon limped off the field. Ankle they say
  4. Still no Ingram. They havent said one word about him.
  5. Problem is we KNOW C Coleman will return. Decker? Who knows?
  6. Is there maybe another player you could drop instead? Say a backup qb?
  7. Should I drop Decker for C Coleman? Sounds like Decker may be hampered by his injury all year even if he returns.
  8. I'm in the market for a hot tub. Looking to get the best bang for the buck. No pun intended. I'm leery of the ones that only have a one year warranty. The ones with a 5 year warranty cost twice as much or more. What's the best deal on something that will last, but not break the bank?