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  1. Hard to interact with a player when they are not around. Remember, he was taking a break....
  2. I'm not saying anyone's a bust, agree on 3 years for wrs. Off your list, I think claypool will pan out bud
  3. My stock in Butler is similar to the Dow Jones right now....lot of teams invested in him. I know he was a super late add for Iowa State in their recruiting class, and he was a late bloomer in HS. He sat behind Lazard at Iowa St, and one of his years they had a converted linebacker throwing him the ball Next year, I think Purdy, a Freshmen was throwing him the rock. Breaks a hand in training camp. Not exactly an easy road. May be an easy 4th round pick target in dynasty circles. the thing is, it's a tough year to be a fringe free agent wr. You have 15 to 20 legit wrs coming in this class.
  4. I don't disagree here, but Perriman hasn't exactly been a beacon of health either. I like him. He has been beat up also
  5. Had talks with a guy today, offered him Gurly and my 1.10 for his 1.3 and 2.3. Firm no.
  6. I just see so many holes on their team and a poor salary cap situation. OL, defense big needs there. Those guys I mentioned are their most valuable, and may not fit into their window. I emphasize may not. And I would emphasize most valuable....
  7. They should have not traded for Ramsey, even at the time they did, they were struggling and playoffs were remote. Rams need to reboot. Cooks, Woods, Kupp, Ramsey, and Donald all need to be traded off
  8. Eric Ebron will have now played with: Stafford Luck Roethlisberger Dude has no excuses for not having a better career when he hangs up his cleats.
  9. Totally see your angle here, I was shocked when they took Henderson, but I think their situation is worse this year. OL is bad, defense is getting gutted, and salary cap HE LL
  10. This team is decimated in free agency, and they have no first rounder. Surprised if they take a rb in 2nd or 3rd
  11. Bad year for Jameis to be a free agent. Shelves barely stocked as is, and you want to sign grocery thief? No city wants that right now.
  12. I can see guys wanting to play with Brady, especially now that he is away from BB. I recall a former player who was a FA telling a buddy of mine guys don't want to play for BB, and now way in H... they would choose NE in free agency.
  13. Shefter just tweeted numerous free agents reaching out to Bucs to play with Brady