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  1. Frozen fish. Frozen feet. Frozen career. I hope he never thaws out
  2. Wow, an almost perfect segue to visit this site!!! You two....
  3. Dude is in terrible shape. Were those nachos he was eating?
  4. I watched 5minutes the other day. Mike Singletary came onto the field, and in a 3 play span, there were like 6 penalties. Singletary was literally 20 yards onto the field. The penalties were egregious. It was like watching the Mean Machine, a bunch of ex convicts trying to play football. Anyhow, that was 5 minutes wasted. Poor product, and the break from February through August, makes you long for the nfl that much more
  5. If you want a set of nice golf clubs, get em now. My wife and I have a rule. Anything over 100.00 we talk about the purchase first. Pretty simple, we never fight about money, it's usually something trivial if we do fight,which is rare 18 years for me. 2teens now, sons. God has blessed me many times over. If God is in your life, keep him in there Say prayers together if you can. Eat dinners together also. If blessed with kids, eat together as a family. Sharing a meal is big. Foot rubs usually get you what you want. Good luck amigo
  6. He is saying the organization is snakebit. Not that they were all choirboys. I think what makes it tougher on the organization is that it we all knew about hill's past transgressions, but seemed like he turned the corner. With Hunt, we knew nothing of the incident, and the guy seemed like a good egg. Then the video surfaces of the shove. That's what makes it a punch in the gut to the organization. Disclaimer: I have no relationship or heritage connected to zeno. I am also not being paid for this post. I am though long on both Hill and Hunt Dynasty stock.
  7. I will make you smile, when I miss a block It's not so bad being the league laughingstock It would be so nice, to grow old with Mike
  8. Here is how the negotiations went down. Bobbie Hart sang to ownership. I want to make you smile, when you are sad. Carry you around when your arthritis is bad "I want to grow old with you, " Mike Brown loved it and assumed some savings on a wheelchair And Katie loved the song, so she signed him for 3 years. It would be so nice, going zero playoff wins in 30 years, growing old with you We signed the effing wedding singer to 21 million. Stop supporting this franchise
  9. ND fan. Production would have been better, but they had athletes playing qb. Wimbush played the first 4 games this year, then they went to Book who was a solid 3 star recruit and a red shirt sophomore this past season.
  10. one thing I like about him, is that I dont see any of the supposed character flaws. There is no taunting after a catch, no crazy celebrations.....just a kid trying to ball, especially quite a few times when his team is down by multiple scores. I'm intrigued, thanks zyphros