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  1. Want to feel better about yourself? Check out what I was doing last summer. It's tough during, but as you're building miles your times will go the way you don't want them to go. Stay focused on the long game and you will find out what you're really capable of though.
  2. Extremely good point regarding the build up phase, thank you.
  3. I should probably do times since we're all different paces - I'm referring to those runs in the hour 45 minute range. If you're going beyond an hour and a half or so then you'll benefit more hitting that 2 hour mark (and beyond) rather than stopping in between. It kinda feels like no man's land. Certainly not a wasted run, but you'll get more out of an extra 15-30 mins. And if you can tell that a 2+ hour run is not in the cards halfway then make an exit strategy to bail at 75-90 mins then plot out your mulligan.
  4. Been doing some thinking - is there any real rhyme or reason to run 13-15 miles during training? If you're new then you need those mileage runs to build, but once established I feel like I'll get more bang for my buck if I ensure at least a few miles post glycogen burnout rather than just a couple.
  5. That's been going on 15 years running -
  6. It's a nice zone, isn't it? I think there will be massive benefits in the long run from remaining active, but taking a mental break from goal specific training.
  7. Week 3 sounds about right for your first rough patch. This is your first of about a dozen or so hurdles you'll encounter marathon training. Your success race day depends on how you adjust to them. Step #1 - go to bed early tonight, skip tomorrow morning's run, "sleep in," and edit the rest of this week's workout schedule.
  8. Why not consider moving Davis? Figure pairing him with a good SP could net you an ace whereas you'd have to target a tier lower with the other guys. The Tigers may be better off with Wilson not pitching the 9th, but there isn't anyone else right now. A two month swoon leading to becoming a seller could change things, but that's probably it. Even if Bedrosian gets his job back given his issues staying healthy and how well Norris has pitched I'd hold both. Is Norris SP eligible? If so then you could start him there and roll out 4 closers until a good offer comes your way. Bedrosian's still at least a week out, so you have some time.
  9. There are other reasons, but one of the reasons I prioritize strength training as much as I do is to stay healthy - now and later. Joints just aren't built to absorb this level of pounding and I want to run for as long as I can.
  10. I'll echo adjustable dumbbells + bench combo if you're willing to bend the budget. If you stick with it you'll maximize your ROI. Spending the extra coin may assist in keeping you accountable too. Me personally, if you get a bench (unless you're going to do yoga) I wouldn't bother with the yoga mat. Most things you can do on a mat you can do on a bench and doing so works more muscles - balance/stabilizers/flexibility/etc. Phase 2 involves a stability ball and kettlebells, but that's an issue for Future Nugget.
  11. This year? Growing pains of a bunch of new pieces installing a new offense aside, I think Austin/Woods/Kupp will all eat into each other's looks.
  12. I get where you're coming from, but I also don't think you're accounting for how bad Jeff Fisher is for the development of any young QB. Not saying McVay will be any good, but the unknown is a significant upgrade from what Goff had last year. I won't speak for others but just from my own rookie rankings, Goff went from a possible priority to almost certainly ignoring once the Rams made that trade.
  13. I'm not a big Kupp fan and I don't think he will ever have a high ypc nor be a red zone priority, but if he can handle the volume (and he gets it) then he could be a good ppr asset. His ceiling is absolutely low, but if Reynolds and Everett do what this staff thinks they can do then there will be a lot of opportunities underneath. The stiffest test for those targets on the roster is Robert Woods, so the hurdles to becoming a primary part of this offense are not that high. Then it just depends how much this offense throws.
  14. Was this thought consistent with most? Asking because knowing what I know about them, this confuses me. Wentz lacked the quantity of work and quality of opponent, but he came from a system that would be easier to transition from. Add to it a better coaching staff (a dookie flinging monkey > Fisher) and the only thing that surprised me about either year one was how well Wentz played in September. I think whatever you thought of Goff this time last year you should think of him now. Judgment begins this season. If his owner feels otherwise and you were high on him then, try to get him.
  15. Given what Hoskins has been doing and his stage in development I think if you have to drop one or the other then it's Rosario.