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  1. But @Zasada this reminds me - if you're not ready then don't force this. We all want to run the marathon as fast as we can, but fact is most 'fail' in their first attempt. They try to do more than they're currently capable. This is why you see others in what you linked having success their 3rd and 4th times through. It's not because they're doing a better program. They're just more experienced. They're able to effectively do more in their training. Racing is just a function of the work you put in your training - the race is for all intents and purposes a victory lap. @gianmarco is exactly right about why I've trended more and more towards Higdon. But even in my spring program I had to modify it to be a little easier than it was written, so I could effectively complete each sequence. I tried in week 14 doing 10 at goal pace the day before a 17. My body told me about 11-12 miles into that 17 that I could not do what's prescribed next week - 12 at goal pace with 20 the next day. So I did the 12 at pace but squeezed in a 6 mile recovery between the pace run and the final long 20. Then I felt at mile 14 of the 20 like I did at mile 11 of the previous weeks 17. Those last 6 miles were a grind - and they were supposed to be. But I worry that anymore may have led to an injury - a 9 mile grind has me tugging at my collar, which is why I think i was correct to audible. And there was absolutely no way I could have done any of that in training for my first marathon attempt in 16. I'm now to the point in which I think I can do that sequence, but I wasn't there yet in March. I totally understand the concerns with Higdon's mid-week structure and actually don't disagree. But only for vets. For newbs just focus on mastering the weekend. Save the focus on the mid-week work once you're into the sequels.
  2. The bolded is totally normal and there's no reason to be concerned. Watching @Hang 10 say #### you I won't do what you tell me then demolishing Richmond last November motivated me to do my own plan in Spring. The cookie cutter is there for guidance; it doesn't need to be gospel. I'm not going to pretend to understand what sorta conditions you've been training through up there, but I don't think it's far fetched for me to say January-March in a lake effect snow magnet like Cleveland has at least some correlation. In order to maximize effectiveness you have to adjust based on mother nature. Cold is one thing, 4-12" of mostly untreated ice and snow is a completely different beast. Knowing that was why I needed the nudge away from the cookie cutter and into my own flexible plan. I tried to keep it to the spirit of some Higdon, some Hanson, and some pfitz, but it was always done with mother nature (and my own calendar) in mind.
  3. MAC_32

    Kill the 9-5 work schedule

    My perception would certainly be different if I didn't work 3 miles from home and have 3 kids ages 3-8. I think being on the ground keeps me engaged with what's actually going on here anyway. I'm not just looking at data to make judgments, decisions, hypotheses, recommendations, etc. If someone else is bringing a problem to me it's usually not here by Monday - they're developing it then and want to meet later in the week. But not Friday. So as long as I'm doing this job I have no interest in working-from-home Tues, Wed, or Thu. I think doing so would unintentionally make my job more difficult. I'd probably be more efficient from home most Monday's and Friday's though - uninterrupted data work.
  4. Where have you been reading that? Granted I haven't ever followed a cookie cutter plan, but I modeled my spring attempt after the Higdon plan more than the others.
  5. Making the most of a terrible situation in temporary roles is completely different than running the ship from season ending to offseason install to preseason/camp to games, etc. Do they get credit for what they've accomplished in November and December? Absolutely, regardless of the outcomes of the final 3 games. Whether they stay here or don't. But have you backed yourself into a corner in which you have to retain them in their current roles? An emphatic no. That's prisoner of the moment stuff that leads to poor decision making. It isn't about the now. It's about the future. What's best for this team in the future? The answer to that question will lead us to the right coaches.
  6. Fans are having these conversations. Knowing how simple minded Jimmy is I'd be surprised if he's not. But I'm not worried about this being on Dorsey's mind. Or at least this, specifically. Hire the best head coach candidate. Then allow him to bring in the assistants he believes will support him best. Offer an opinion on potential additions you have experience with? Sure, but an arranged marriage? Absolutely not. That's certainly been a staple of Jimmy, but absolutely nothing Dorsey has done leads me to believe he would do such a thing. Put people in position to do their job well and evaluate accordingly. It'd be stupid of him to force Kitchens on the next guy, but he isn't going to do it in the first place. It's all just Monday-Friday sports talk filler best left ignored.
  7. MAC_32

    The Rise and Fall of ESPN

    I shifted to gameday and broadcasts only years ago and even some of their broadcasts are getting difficult to sit through. We cut the cord earlier this year and intend to adjust our streaming service after the championship game, rolling without ESPN. I can't immediately think of a reason to work it back into our service again until September.
  8. Schtick aside, to piggy back off this - this setting led to sleeping with the yoga instructor 10 days later. 'Can you give a couple of pointers on this one particular movement? I don't think I'm getting it.' *oh yeah, now I got it* 'Oh, you frequent that wine bar in my neighborhood?' *goes to wine bar the next two weekends*
  9. @AAABatteries no matter the diagnosis, the remedy for hamstrings is, first, rest. The more you try to run on them then come down with the same thing the more rest you need to get right again. With each ailment more scar tissue builds up that needs increasingly more time to heal. I dealt with hammy problems for years. @Ned did too. And I'm sure others as well. They suck. Getting over them is frustrating. How to get them right again and stay that way once healed is a completely different animal. But to get to that point you have to let it rest. Get your exercise in via other means while you wait.
  10. MAC_32


    After touchdown pass #7 Saturday
  11. MAC_32


    Off topic, but - the way these last few weeks have played's time to update Hue's record to 2*-36-1. Because that Jets win was all Baker. The coaches didn't get a chance to apply their week long poison yet. That was all instincts with no reps. And we've been seeing that same swagger since those diseases were finally flushed away. But with, you know...actual coaching.
  12. MAC_32


    We've lost to the two top teams we've played and Baker owns a 1-1 road record.
  13. I hope to never be in charge of scheduling so I'd rather not find out if he's right, but our guy uses Tourney Machine and says it's great.