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  1. Most don't sleep enough and dont realize the negative it probably has on their overall health. Said by the guy that knows he should have gone to sleep an hour ago.
  2. Worried, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. I think it is all attention to detail and focus related. We aren't. And it's everyone. Not persistently, but frequently enough to have us on the roller coaster that we are on.
  3. Those are some head turning splits miles 20-25
  4. Over usage from too much shoveling
  5. Save your energy for what you enjoy more, lifting. I'm sure you could run faster, but injuries dont surface after run one. It's after doing several of them faster than your current fitness.
  6. I dont expect to be comfortable with them, but I also remember how much fun they were as a kid. Even when we got caught doing stupid ####. It's how you learn though. Need to give them the opportunity to make mistakes. They either dont or are then in a position to learn from them.
  7. I don't think need is the right word, but I expect OL to be a priority March and April. We'll see what other positions are as well and which ones take precedence.
  8. Wouldnt be able to provide a cohesive answer, but I suspect someone will do the work on it over the next couple weeks. Knee jerk, not good throws that shouldn't be picked off though.
  9. Never once when watching the game today did I ever think to myself they're a problem. If you vacuum it down to a play or two you can skewer every player on the field.
  10. Seattle is a good team that didn't turn the ball over 4 times.
  11. Might want to find something else to talk about for the next 2 weeks because that's pretty much all we are going to hear.
  12. I'm sure he trained more than he has recorded, but given the time he took off to tend to injury I suspect he's satisfied. I wonder if he has his sights set on a QT in spring.
  13. I want to say his pr is around 2:22, but my memory isnt what it once was.