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  1. MAC_32


    I'm starting to wonder if all these vets were hue's idea and dorsey wanted no part of it, but also knew stringing him along would buy him time. Then again I'm hard wired to expect hue to fail at everything so my bias has been grounded in cement since probably about this time last year.
  2. Yep, but we'll see what happens about a half mile or so after I turn back into that wind. I intentionally don't do anything speed for an extended period of time into high wind because it requires too much energy from a bigger body like mine - increases recovery time on the back end. We'll see how my legs are doing after firing into that for a few mins.
  3. I'm in - cold front slowed and won't be coming through until around lunch. Wind will still be blowing, but the real howls will be a few hours post race and more importantly it'll still be in the 50's and if it isn't dry it's the scattered shower stuff and not a cold front downpour.
  4. MAC_32

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    I can understand a full time player being gassed. Garrett had been a 90%+ snap player up until last week. There's an argument over use is what led to Schobert's injury. The rookie Ward's missed like 4 snaps all year and Randall's played almost as many. But Jamie Collins? He has a 57, 61, and 79% sprinkled in there. He's not gassed. He's pillow soft.
  5. MAC_32

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    Nice play, Jamie Oh, no! A quarterback! How does one put forth as little effort as possible ABORT!!!
  6. MAC_32

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    If his next team can get him on an incentive laden prove it deal I'd be cautiously optimistic, but if he is able to carve out one good season I'd run like hell away from him.
  7. Yeah, you @Juxtatarot could absolutely do Hansen's, but given what's been working for you I don't see the point. You'd have an adjustment period then no way of knowing until you've done at least a couple cycles if it actually helped you perform better or not.
  8. Yeah, I was a little nervous about this a couple years ago since it was the first time I was buying new, but if you do your homework and maintain patience you'll get a good buy. If a car salesman smells a fish (and most people are) then they'll pounce, but if you come in prepared most seem to recognize it and know that if they try to pull any fast ones they'll lose the sale.
  9. MAC_32

    Joe Schobert NFL leader in tackles. Kendricks released.

    Woo-hoo, got Avery everywhere. I'm skeptical that he'll still be used on the edge too much, but maybe I'll be wrong then when Schobert comes back Collins can be IR'd with a phantom injury. I just hope Schobert's not rushed back. The defense is going to suffer mightily without him, but hammy's are very susceptible to re-aggravation if brought back too soon and the second one is always worse than the first. Just shut him down til after the bye no matter how poorly the next 4 games go.
  10. MAC_32


    I don't think there's a hard win total. An upward trajectory as the season progresses is the starting point. If that's not accomplished and Dorsey feels he can upgrade then he's out. If it is accomplished then it may get more complicated, depending on what sorta coaches Dorsey feels he can bring in. It's certainly not a story for October 18th though. Not when you're 2-3-1. If the next few weeks go badly? Maybe a good bye week conversation. Anything prior is a 73 branch if-then tree.
  11. Greta Van Fleet has been rolling out individual songs from their new album the last few days. Lover, Leaver has already gotten me hooked.
  12. There's a reason I said may. But I'm significantly worse than literally everyone I run with here. They get so irritated with me because they're gasping for air and I'm fine at usually a faster pace, but they're only sweating normally whereas I'm a greasy, oily mess. I have a trunk full of towels in both of our cars, so whenever I run then have to drive I'm not swamp ###'ing up our cars too. There's a reason my wife moved our running clothes bin to the laundry side of the basement. The back of the laundry side of the basement. And around another corner.
  13. Nothing stays in my ear, so I now always run with a headband (or winter hat) and just cover my ears. I may sweat worse than both you and @gruecd though.