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  1. The Marlins did what now?
  2. A pack of 30 or so of them used to try and invade our house multiple times per day last summer. After the 20th time chasing them away with a weed whacker I think they got the hint. I don't think I ever stuck my tongue at them though. I've got a ways to go.
  3. Chalk Sunday up as a L, so need to steal one Friday. Stros struggle vs. lefties, so hopefully Boyd can make it through 6 with minimal damage and we can skip over the dredge of the bullpen. Although I think their current lineup can be more RH heavy than it's been most of the year.
  4. I think we're all waiting for Melvin to come back to earth, but if he's able to carry even some of this through the year then he should be an upgrade to Carerra. You watch him a lot more than I do now, so maybe he is legitimately better but he looked like a quad A OF you call up to cover injury while in Detroit and Cleveland.
  5. I ran an evening 5K in 90+ degree heat about 8 years ago. It was worse than it sounds. Good luck, buddy. Don't get dead.
  6. Smoak to the bench, EE to 1st, more flexibility w/the DH, and better depth in case of injury?
  7. Perfect running weather, sub 18 If you're using your phone hit the 'location' indicator until it kicks on. You'll know it did because it will show your pace. I have lots of problems with this when I run at the office or on the trails since wi-fi is inconsistent. It's frustrating at first, but you'll get it down after a while. I think I've only had one real hiccup since February. Any other times it's because I couldn't get any connection at all.
  8. It's definitely in the back of my head. I think it impacted my Friday run, but due to the weather I'm not sure how much. I had to cut it short again today, but I think it was calorie based. Kinda lost control of the day...shorts w/no pockets so couldn't bring my chews, forgot my handheld, went to lunch an hour late...hind sight I should have just eaten something then gone a little later. I'm not going to do the hills today though. Last time out I attacked the hill (about 90 seconds) then did about a 10 minute recovery back to the start and attacked again. I'd really like to do this again sometime in the next 2 weeks, but if there's a workout that gets squeezed due to fatigue it's this one.
  9. Certainly a different structured week, but it gave me some ideas for going forward. I knew the mileage would be down since I had the kids solo all weekend, but as long as I came out of it with a couple quality workouts and some new ideas for upcoming weeks I'd call it a successful one. Monday - 2-a-day #1, (lunch) 2 LT miles to the park for yoga then 2 LT miles back to the office + (pm) 4 miles of hill repeats. I was beat on the last hill repeat, but I was surprised how quickly I bounced back the next day. Tuesday - 2-a-day #2, (lunch) strength training + (pm) 6 recovery miles. Wednesday - 2-a-day #3, (lunch) 6 miles w/4 LT. I wanted to do 7/5, but the heat was getting to me so I picked it up for the final mile and bailed early + (pm) 5 recovery miles, ok now I'm tired. Thursday - I wanted to do one more 2-a-day, but my body said otherwise so I just did 5 recovery miles over lunch. Friday - The Suck won. I was mentally prepared to cut things off at 10 due to the weather, but I hoped for 14-16. It ended up being the 10. I could have done 11 or 12, but anymore would not have been good miles. All those early week 2-a-days certainly played a part, but ultimately 80+ degrees (and rising) w/100% humidity laid the ka-bosh on this run. Knowing I was cutting it short and that I'd have the weekend to rest I picked it up for the final 4 miles (7:30 and under), but I'll admit I was a bit discouraged upon completion. Saturday - 3 very slow (not easy) miles tot he gym in the mid-day heat then 4 very slow (definitely not easy) miles back. I primarily kept to side streets since there's more shade, but that heat was no joke. Sunday - Long overdue rest day, first one since the day before the 5K July 2. 47 miles for the week, up to 182 for the month. Heading out shortly for another go at last Wednesday's workout. Conditions are similar (Sunny, SI - 156), so I am prepared to pull the plug early again. If all goes to plan this week there will be a two-a-day with a pm hill workout (maybe today), my 2nd longer run will have plenty of MP miles, and 60+ miles total when all is said and done. We'll see...
  10. Cam Bedrosian Ryan Dull Nate Jones Edwin Diaz
  11. We have become a hot taek society. Bernie isn't. Only one of those statements is the problem.
  12. I agree. Given the org's current makeup in this market holding steady is probably the right play. Kick some tires and see what's out there, but I don't expect anything meaningful to happen. I don't think going for it and risking becoming the next Philly is a good idea.
  13. Then who do you think we should trade? For who?