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  1. It keeps me from veering from the pre prepared food until...about now. I am still kind of full from dinner and very dry tired, so while I plan to have some of thes chocolate covered pretzels it isn't going to be many then I'm going to bed. Today may be a 9 hour sleep night. Which brings up another part of my plan, sleep.
  2. Exercise. Meal plan Sunday. Shopping list, minimal veering. Prep the next day's food after the kids go to bed. No cheat food until next day's food prepped. Don't drink my calories (unless it's booze).
  3. In related news, water - still wet.
  4. It depends on Jimmy's price, but if it's anything like what's being tossed around then Tyrod's the only real veteran consideration imho - for the starting job anyway. What's changed since Jimmy was picked at the end of the 2nd round? He played 7 good quarters. Whether right or wrong in the long run, trading a #1 for him now is a sucker play. I think the only known at this point is Garrett should be the pick. Beyond that, depends if Hue wants to commit to Tyrod and there's really no sense digging into those scenarios until a decision is made on Tyrod.
  5. I can tell you now that they will all hurt like hell. They started to go the last mile, which contributed to the late race problems. Been increasingly uncomfortable all day since. I rarely take any drugs but I am preparing to pump myself full of them soon.
  6. Dirty Love 10k 4 years ago I decided to test the trail running waters. It was a particular nasty winter and I trudged my way to a time of 1:02:11 on this course. Failed 2003 marathon aside, by far the most difficult race I've ever done, which only drove me to work harder so I could beat this race. I feel like I did today. Granted, 55 and sunny is different than the snowy 10 degree conditions I'm used to for this race, but it doesn't mean it was easy! The mud was a mess. I almost wiped out twice, watched two others go down, lost my footing countless times, basically having to grind to a halt three different times because I was meandering off course but if I tried to change directions I would assuredly bite it, and I may be taking a few days off due to ankle/knee issues - we'll see how they feel in the morning. Per usual I walked the steep climbs while others passed, then I picked back off again once getting to flat ground, but I feel like I beat the race this time because I felt like you should feel when you reach the last stage of a race. In previous attempts I either went too hard or too easy. This time that wasn't the case. I was spent energy wise, legs, balance, etc but I was still moving along at a sub 7 minute clip and had just enough left for final kick as a competitor got on my heels in the last quarter mile. This is an impossible course to run efficiently, but with the right strategy it can done effectively. You have to pick your spots to attack and when to reset, which is one reason why I love this course. The end result should be relatively even splits though. And for the first time I did that - 7:10/6:57/6:52/6:47/6:58/6:54. Overall time - 43:44. More than 18 minutes faster than my debut in 2014. Age group winner and 9th overall. What's next.
  7. I'm no scientist, but everything is easier when I eat cleaner. I don't have the urge to skip my workout, I'm less stressed, I rest well, and I don't over eat. It's very difficult to overeat when the majority of what you eat is clean. Each of those components impacts the other though. One goes off the rails then it's very easy for all of their buddies to follow suit. Kinda like that first tequila shot.
  8. Carbs are not a bad thing, you just need to eat better foods. Hopefully you can get all the junk you've been consuming flushed out of your system in a few days and see tangible progress in 10 days or so.
  9. Btw, impressive display of runs in the 5's this morning from youse guys
  10. Not surprised to read that about the foot strike. I incorporated that more into my technique as I lost weight, but also supplemented with strength training (body could better absorb the harder impact). I was extremely conservative with usage when I first started doing it last year (especially because of the increased mileage) due to the potential joint issues mentioned, but I've opened it up more post marathon. I think you need to be careful about just smacking your feet into the pavement as I think it's more about driving through each stride with your glutes/thighs/hips. The result is greater impact on your feet, but it's due to the force caused by your leg drive. I hadn't read anything about it before, so I'm glad to find some confirmation bias that there may be some science behind what I've been doing! Now that my miles are down relative to last year I've noticed significantly faster recovery times post usage, which has tempted me to do it more often but I'm going to wait until the weather is more consistently nice before considering that sort of testing.
  11. There are other factors at play, but if I'm not in a zen-like state right now I don't know what one is. A part of me misses the focused training, but it drained me. To the point in which I didn't think I could efficiently exert any energy towards anything but running. Being able to improve my fitness without a race goal as I've done over the last few weeks/months is something I don't think I've ever experienced before. It's taken some time to reacclimate to the 10ish day cycles I become accustomed to, but now that I have everything is benefiting - home, friends, work, rest, the actual exercise...everything. There is going to be some wine Saturday, so I won't commit until I wake up Sunday morning in case some wine turns into all of the wine but I think I'm going to race. If I don't though? No big deal. There will be another one sometime soon. The racing edge is back, but I have no urge to mess with what I'm currently doing day-to-day/cycle-to-cycle. I'm just going to pick and choose which ones I want to do as they come up and it fits my schedule. At least as long as future cycles are like the last 3 or 4.
  12. It may be unpopular with some, but I think it is near impossible to achieve and maintain most goals without exercising if you're going to cheat over the weekend and/or are prone to mid-week issues (i.e. work travel). Best case is a frustrating yo-yo but always coming up short of where you say you want to be.