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  1. Given the injury he is coming back from I would not expect more than a part time role.
  2. I didn't watch Louisville, but everything I read said they looked pretty good. I have several Ohio U alumni friends who said the same about their game. Then they just massacred Mizzou. I don't feel good about this either. Red zone offense must get fixed this week.
  3. It's been I think 14 years, but I remember running through Hell - It was probably 90+ and I was on about 30 minutes of beer and whiskey soaked sleep. How I finished that thing is beyond me... EDIT: just looked it up on, a 33:22 on the 4.8 mile race? That can't be true. Although I did get beaten by a 50 year old woman. That part makes a whole lot more sense.
  4. Change of direction skills are just not there. I think it'd be a different story with Foster in there, keep Bowman contained inside the box - still limited though.
  5. I have other priorities right now, but if goals are accomplished over the next 7 months I'd be game sometime after Boston 19. Always wanted to do one of these and the ultra runners around here have problems herding enough cattle for a team.
  6. Pullard will lose snaps to Perryman when he comes off IR + both Perryman and Brown are under contract for next year. No strong opinion on the other two - both have no competition this year and an unknown future beyond week 17. I chose Hull simply because they're saying there's a chance Kwiatkoski returns. Given that injury I don't understand how that's possible though.
  7. Seems to happen a lot when they're pitched 3 days in a row.
  8. Minimal 2017 value, if any. But there's a glimmer of hope for 2018 and beyond now.
  9. Clark was banged up before week one, so that may explain his and Avril's usage.
  10. Indians are monkeying around with Tomlin and Salazar, so I wouldn't expect any clarity until Thursday. I wouldn't rule out Clevinger getting skipped all together.
  11. 1- might be adhesions? 2- boxer briefs! 3- first thought, it's diet. But not during your runs. It's the rest of the time.
  12. I'm either done training or have one more real workout tomorrow, which will be 11 days out from race day. I'm taking the afternoon off and going to do (most of) the half marathon race course. We'll see on intensity. If I'm feeling energized maybe I'll mix in some tempo/HMP pace late, may help some mentally, but I'm not going to force it if I'm at all fatigued. I felt gooood on Saturday's 15 (net 7:10 pace) and don't think there's much else I can do to improve performance training-wise. I was able to talk myself out of pushing the pace until mile 13, but once I got back to my neighborhood I succumbed to temptation and let er rip. I think everything has to break right, but I'm approaching this race trying to break an hour 20. Building in bail out strategies if it isn't happening since I still want to set a sizeable PR though.
  13. Those opponents were why I wasn't crazy about starting Kizer week 1. Our upcoming opponents are why I was behind starting Kizer beginning week 3.