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  1. Here's the thing - you need to add fat before you can add muscle. So while it was said in jest more cheeseburgers would probably be a good thing given your current frame if your objective is to add more strength.
  2. Sufficient rest is of great importance for a successful training cycle. I don't think I posted about it in here, but I actually tried changing to an earlier bed time in hopes this may become routine. It isn't in the cards. Anytime I go to sleep before 10 I am awake for 1-3 hours in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep. My body wants to sleep from 11-7 and I'm not going to fight it; I'll adapt. And an earlier wake up call without enough sleep isn't the right answer. Get the full night of sleep then figure out when to run that day.
  3. I was amazed with how comfortable I was in sunny 88/67 on a track 12 days ago. I mean, it wasn't - but I expected it to be 40 mins of hell in a scheduled 45 minute workout. 42% humidity led to a different story. Experienced something similar in a sunny 85/64 last Monday. Despite running 8 days in a row and SoS 3 of the last 5 I easy ran a sub 8 pace. And 46% humidity played a role. Now, part of it was all the alcohol consumed Saturday, but yesterday's sunny 81/70 in 73% humidity was much more uncomfortable. First run I've cut short (just a mile) all summer. I could have finished, but I was working too hard for an easy run - so, get a little less out of yesterday to try to get a little more out of today. But all 3 of those runs, among others, were within 6 suck's of each other. And the hardest have been in cooler temp's - and more humidity.
  4. You may surprise yourself and get back to 40ish mpw well before August is over.
  5. I don't have anything scientific, but what you experienced has also contributed to me dealing with the warmer temps later in the day. I did 5 easy miles Friday morning in 79/72 to beat the heat (because unlike most days around here we weren't also getting an afternoon dew point break) and was more soaked than when I did 10 difficult'ish trail miles in 90/70 14 hours earlier. I was laughing 2-3 miles in with how disgusting I was/felt. We all talk about the suck around here and I think it's the best objective measure of running conditions, but I think there's still some nuance to it. Not all suck's are created equal.
  6. @BassNBrew, Weather Underground likes your forecast a nose more than what you're seeing As is standard around here, as the temp goes up the dew point usually goes the other way. Currently forecasting a peak suck of about 145, it's just gonna hold in that range from 11 am - 8 pm. Good thing with this race is the amount of shade, but I am concerned most of the stretch from miles 44-58 isn't.
  7. Don't blame him. There's probably at least some prisoner of the moment to it, but I don't remember any season as unenthusiastic as this one. Even when the pitching is attention grabbing there isn't enough offense to go with it and you're just waiting for the pen to blow it.
  8. I dont know if its nws or local, but it's what they do around here. Lowball the long range, over correct about 5-7 days out, then slowly normalize thereafter.
  9. And I've never considered giving up meat. It's often not a big part of my diet though. Many days just have one portion at dinner. Not days like yesterday though
  10. Probably depends if you're a real vegetarian or a fake one, meaning are you eating real food or just processed crap that isn't also meat. Assuming the former the hardest part will be finding the right foods pre workout (green foods --> angry stomach) and ensuring you're getting sufficient protein.
  11. ...and you're only 1.5 mi shy of July 2018. 11 days of bonus miles coming!!!
  12. From everything I've gathered there isn't anything convenient about staying in Boston if you're running the marathon. Whenever I do make it to Boston I intend to stay in the city Fri, Sat, and Mon but if your house is available and my family can't help out the night before I may be taking you up on that offer. My dad's side is from New Hampshire and one wing of the family still lives up there, but none are currently Mass holes.
  13. May have some good news for you @BassNBrew. That bone dry July you needed came to fruition. Remnants of Barry didn't leave much, outside of a pop up or two that's really the only rain we've had all month, next week's forecast is partly cloudy-sunny-mostly sunny-mostly sunny-sunny-mostly sunny (raceday). So basically you just need to avoid the worst case with heat storms this weekend then the cold front that comes through Sunday. I'm liking your chances of having primarily dirt with just spots of mud and water.
  14. I've asked a lot more of myself lately than I have in several weeks. I was building to a crescendo last night, so my legs saying 'ENOUGH' made sense. Slow moving right now, but overall they feel much better now. Gonna be happier forcing myself out soon in 81/71 than had I stuck to schedule and rivaled what @gianmarco did a few weeks ago. Then a 50-some hour break from running.