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  1. I'm trying not to do anymore until the weekend, if at all. It's been a pretty good couple/few weeks and the matchups don't look too good the next 3 days.
  2. I was hoping they'd clinch Sunday, so we could get hungover Tribe for the Buck Farmer start. Hungover or not today and tomorrow could be wins. I don't think the margin of error is gone, but I think the next two need to be wins.
  3. I'm feeling good about my chances, but there's no taking the marathon for granted. When you do it will bite back. And no one person is any match for the marathon's bite.
  4. Don't really have a goal time, I'm shooting for sub 3 but any BQ (sub 3:05) will be an A+ in my mind. My plan is to run behind the 3 hour pacer for the first 18 miles, do the mile 18 and 19 climb at my own pace, then re-evaluate. I figure no matter how I'm feeling at that point I'll have some time banked as long as I stay with him. If I'm struggling the next two miles are steady down hill, so I can use that to get my bearings back together then try to hang on. If I'm doing well then use that down hill to open things up like I did yesterday.
  5. Peak week Mon - 5 recovery @ 8:37. Tue - 10 trail miles @ 8:05, I intended to keep this at an even effort when I started, but when I hit the more technical stuff mile 6 adrenaline got the best of me. Looking back on my week, I'm ok with this. Wed - 5 recovery @ 8:46. Thu - skipped the lunch run (stiff back/neck) and glad I did as 3 hours out of the office shook off whatever that was...set out hoping for that even effort I intended Tuesday and this time was successful...9 @ 8:12, only dipping below 8 mins on mile 8 (7:56). Fri - 5 w/3 LT (net 6:53), there was arguably too much quality last week so I took a step back this week...but needed something - 8:04/6:21/6:26/6:10/7:25. Sat - 6 mostly recovery on the trails @ 9:13, to mix in some quality I assertively ran all the little climbs and tried not to let up on any of the down's. Sun - the last long run in a training cycle is a good time to have one of your better training runs, 20 @ 7:24. I got into 7:30 pace rather quickly and when the early climbing was over mile 5 and I still felt great I thought I was in store for something good. I slowly opened things up from there and when the climb late mile 11 didn't take anything out of me and I knew most of the next 3 miles were down I let my guard down then did the final 6 @ MP - 7:03/7:13/7:09/7:02/7:21/6:38 (GAP - 7:07/7:05/7:02/6:49/6:42/6:37). That was some confidence booster. Total weekly miles - 60, 3rd week of 60+ and the best of the three 20 miler's came last. I was very sore last night and thought I may have cut things too loose, but to my surprise I woke up this morning and everything seems to be working. Let the taper begin!
  6. Gsellman. Slightly better than Miranda and Chen.
  7. I still hate watching him pitch, but he's been fine since the All Star break. The only team to get more than a run on him was Boston, which is understandable.
  8. JV would pitch game 162, so we'd win that. Obviously it'd be best to get that wildcard spot by Saturday, so JV gets the ALWC game instead.
  9. Anyone else running Chicago besides @SteveC702 and @ChiefD? I'll be looking for something to do while I stew in taper madness that Sunday morning, so the more runners to follow the better.
  10. Am I seriously considering using Ariel Miranda tomorrow?
  11. I have a usual morning routine. Part of it involves reading with the news on in the background. God bless my kids for entertaining themselves, and keeping an eye on the 10 month old, until that first cup of coffee is down and I start functioning properly. My reading this morning was limited to just this, and it was an awesome start to my Friday.
  13. If it makes you feel better I'm kinda there right now. Legs still feel good, but back/neck is stiff and I'm tired. Not wanting to repeat any of the dumb from last month and having my eye towards 20 Sunday I'm leaning towards an off day today. We'll see if a few hours out of the office fixes that and I want to night run, but I'd bet on an early bed time instead.
  14. I think we're usually a day ahead of you and the good stuff's supposed to get here Saturday. Here's hoping it gets to you the next day
  15. Maybe just time for a step back week? You've been on a steady rise per week since the beginning of June and you just did a 22 after battling a rough patch and a pacing gig.