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  1. I mentioned it upstream, but given the weather conditions I'll be surprised if any WR is worthwhile this week.
  2. I'm rolling with the Chargers (short term schedule + pass rush + Herbert + Denver w16) and Colts (talent + Houston w13 and 15) for now, but after Seattle picked up Dunlap this got my attention too. Looking at schedules, I figure I have 2-3 weeks to make my decision but that timeline could escalate if the Browns score this week. As bad as the unit has been they're still hovering around that 10-15 range in our game because of turnovers.
  3. He does, but I'm skeptical of the volume. Even during that post Huebola stretch in 18 when him and Baker clicked he only saw > 5 targets twice, 6-60-1 (7 targets) and 4-86 (6 targets)...and Browns QB's are averaging just 25 attempts/game. He's efficient and what transpired between week 17 2018 and last week doesn't make any sense, but unless he sees more targets it's difficult to justify him as anything more than a reserve to consider in plus matchups in our game.
  4. I wish there were a way to know when Kornacki, John King, Harry Enten, etc. are on - then just toggle to that channel. More analysis of data - less talking heads.
  5. Biden +5 ain't right, but he has a shot here. I think urban county turnout will one-up 08 and 12. Skeptical it's enough to counter the blood red that's become our rural counties though.
  6. 'Nobody' is incorrect. The majority of those that dominate the conversation in here? Yeah, probably. My default setting is anti regulation, but tbh this place would be better if everyone had a post/day limit.
  7. You're not gonna want to start any Browns wr this week and the bye is next. Not sure what terms you're asking in reference to, but if you have the luxury of watching from afar from a usage perspective then assessing for the future that's what I'd do.
  8. It isn't good for conversation's sake, but this all is what I'll be watching over the next 6 weeks. The Bengals didn't apply any pressure on Baker before that one play to DPJ early in the GW drive. That's been the common theme throughout the wins this year - lack of pressure. Of which the Ravens and Steelers applied in droves leading to their blowouts. Which was more to blame for our disjointed offense? Baker vs. pressure? or Baker vs. Beckham? It's both, but which was the bigger problem? and how will his absence effect the rest of the offense when the pressure is there? Over the next 4 games I am aware others will be watching Baker and his relationship with his targets. I'll be watching more of how Baker does when pressure is applied. I don't expect much of it this week, but for as poor as their defenses are there are some dudes in our November games that can get after him. Then we have the ultimate tests - Tennessee and Baltimore back-to-back. If we don't have our answers by Thanksgiving weekend then I think we will after those 2 games.
  9. DC's accounted for Beckham being on the field. Big plays, down field...that threat matters. What sort of effect will it have going forward? I don't know. I obviously hope it isn't a negative, but I think it'd be silly not to consider it until after it's proven to be a non-issue.
  10. And all we can do is hope this happens amidst a more normal time and we all can then chase down PR's and qualifiers for Boston 23.
  11. I was - and I wasn't. When we get snow dumped on us a period of cold usually follows and that's why. So combine that with areas in which I may encounter snow build-up for any number of reasons and I over-dress to counter. Extra socks + pants instead of shorts helps absorb that moisture rather than (as much of) it getting to my body. Nothing will send me home early on a run more than cold + wet from the knee, down. And running through calf high snow is not an unusual occurrence around here!
  12. A large % of people have friends similar to yours. It doesn't seem that way because people like us don't generate profit for those in this business. Decibel levels and volume print money - reasonableness doesn't.
  13. Those facts are obviously not wrong, but neither are these.
  14. Once per week. Actual paces don't matter. Just make yourself suffer. Timely post since this fairly well describes what I did yesterday. Basically whenever I got to a stretch of sidewalk that appeared somewhat (wet) leaf free I'd do a speed interval until the surface changed. How long of a rest after each interval just depended on how long that interval was - and when I could find another clear stretch of sidewalk.