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  1. I spent more time than I care to admit prioritizing my first 6 picks yesterday. Which of the most popular ones are most likely to go first? In what order? And which ones come with backup plans? I still don't feel comfortable with my decision, but we'll see where things are in (gulp) 4 dozen picks.
  2. 1.24 Led Zeppelin- When The Levee Breaks, c/o Argo (1971) @Pip's Invitation
  3. I was primarily just weekly poker zoom's, so my couple hours per week hurt the team. Occasional glasses of something brown on especially stressful days were a solo job, so can't claim drunk.
  4. Also, a polite request for song linkage. I found during the last one I was much more likely to listen on my own while scrolling if linked.
  5. The caboose is a good place for newcomers. It's where I was for my debut last month and allowed me to follow the ebbs and flows dictated by the vets. This is wildly different than an album draft though.
  6. Yes, I realized this morning that my bosses have extended vacations scheduled through the rest of the month, so July isn't going to be nearly as busy as I thought when you @'d me yesterday. I am also finally starting to get overloaded with new music, so a break from the desert island may be in order.
  7. I really just wanted an excuse to write show me on the doll where it touched you.
  8. I've tried watch notifications three different times - once pre covid, once early covid, and again recently. ** buzz buzz...throws watch** The tracking data you mentioned is great, but that **buzz* is a nightmare.
  9. I don't think Chief's getting moved unless an offer justifies it and I'd be surprised if a team makes such an offer - thinking something better than last year's Duke Johnson trade. If he wants to go elsewhere then I think he's either going to have to earn it first or tank his value in the process.
  10. I look at it way too frequently while I'm running, which is the biggest reason I resisted getting one. But because over time I've learned what feels too hard, too easy, and anywhere in between I don't react to it as much as I would have had I gotten it years ago. When I do adjust it's both informed and based on feel, tailored to the particular run that I am in. I've been easy running around 9 minute miles lately, but I noticed Monday my HR was substantially lower than usual at a sub 9 minute pace. In response I picked up the pace until I got to the right HR, sustained, and did an extra mile. But then I went out for an easier run yesterday and noticed my HR was high just trying to sustain 9 minute pace, so I slowed down and did one less mile than planned. That was in a 158 suck instead of 144, so while it didn't feel harder the increased effort made sense . And while I haven't been able to use it much for racing because covid it was invaluable having that info on my wrist during the race series. Feeling a little woozy halfway through the 10K but seeing an hr in the low 160's then telling myself to htfu and press on. Then later getting the same feeling, but peaking and seeing a 170 and knowing I need to back it off a nudge or I'd run out of gas.