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  1. I've got three ranging between 9 months and 6 years and the stress between work, trying to structure the schedule to efficiently fit the miles in, and being a good's finally getting to me. I thought I was getting better, and yesterday's run was the best one (comfort-wise) since last Monday, but I'm a mess again today. Calling it a month with 239 miles and taking another rest day. Looking at my data, almost a mirror image to July. One mile more in 13 extra minutes, but an extra 700' in elevation so I'll call it all a wash. Obviously a discouraging finish though. No MLR this week. Ideally I get easy 5-7 mile runs in tomorrow and Friday, decide Saturday whether to do a shakeout or not, then decide Sunday morning how aggressively to run this race. Still going to simulate race weekend in my prep/fueling, but effort level will be a game time decision. From what I've read from others (you guys included) I guess I've finally entered the doubts period of marathon training. Over-training will do that. Hopefully my body stops giving me the finger next week and I don't #### up my training again in September...
  2. The best thing that could happen is we win a handful of games because our QB is competent and the team improves late in the season. Then we can spend that one on something else.
  3. October 16. I did not handle this well because I had a designed down period coming if I had just made it through Saturday. I didn't have anything strenuous on the calendar outside of Sunday's race for a 2 1/2 week period. I probably would have done something anyway, but I wasn't committing. Idea was to get fresh for one more hard cycle post Vegas then taper. Now that I've re-done my plan I'm in a better place mentally than I was this weekend...just need to sleep until I'm better.
  4. You're absolutely correct. When I ventured out for what turned into 11 Monday I had about 6-8 miles in my head. I had an appointment scheduled for 6:30, which was when I planned to stop but she messaged while I was out and said she would be late, more like 7. I felt good, so I kept going, not thinking much of it. Shouldn't have done that. And definitely should not have done the 11 Wednesday. I am probably more upset with myself about what I did Wednesday than Monday, although both were mistakes. I've not pot committed myself to this Tuesday's run yet. I'd like to do a run > 9 miles this week and Tuesday fits the schedule best, but if my body says to wait until Wednesday or Thursday then I'll just do a 9 pm run one of those days and brew some extra coffee the next day. Ideally that run is closer to 15 miles than 10, but if it's the low end then so be it. Otherwise it's just easy runs + the race between now and next Thursday, when I'd like to do a good long run before Vegas. Not even thinking about strength training right now, which isn't sitting well with me but it's what I have to do.
  5. Squeezing this in between virtual high 5's for Duck and his much anticipated race report, which never disappoints. This week put a lot of things in perspective. Not just talking about running, but - that too. Monday - Physically tired from the previous days 20, but not nearly as bad as I expected. I dialed it back a notch on strength training (lunch) then intended to keep the 11 evening miles at a fairly low intensity but reviewing afterwards it looks like I didn't the last few miles. Total 8:03 pace, but 3 of the last 4 miles had GAP's under 7:30. Tuesday - ####. My wife got sick. I had read about this pre-marathon training and it had already gotten to me twice. Usually when someone else in the family gets an annoying but minor bug I don't get anything. With my body more broken down from all the miles I've been more susceptible to them. Preparing for this to get to me I skipped the recovery and took today off in hopes that I could do something decent Wednesday knowing that later in the week could present problems. Wednesday - (lunch) Strength training back at normal levels again (evening) 11 miles @ 7:45 that required more effort than it should have...####, this thing is going to get me. I probably shouldn't have finished as fast as I did (final 4 GAP's - 7:22/7:13/7:12/6:58), but I had a feeling the next few days may be recovery's so push it now while I still can. I didn't get to bed at 7 as I indicated my goal was on Strava, but if memory serves I was down before the sun. Thursday - (lunch) 5 recovery miles (evening) 5 more recovery miles, neither was as miserable as I anticipated they would be the day before but neither were good. Friday - ####, this thing got me. 5 recovery miles slower than either the previous day and at greater effort levels. Even in that heat 8:45 pace should not have been that hard. I definitely got it. Saturday - I got the stuff that I needed to get done as early as possible then sat on the deck and sulked for most of the rest of the day. Looking over my schedule I really needed to do the 15/12 as planned, but given the way that I felt there was no way that was going to happen. 4th day in a row in bed before the sun. No running this time though. Sunday - Happily got 9 miles done in the evening. I kept the effort levels low, but muscle soreness from that bug was still loud and clear so I kept the pace slow. 46 total miles for the week . I intended this coming week to be the reset week, but my body forced my hand. I am not totally over this thing, so I am planning to adjust this week if necessary. Assuming tomorrow is better it's going to be weird doing a long run on a Tuesday evening though. Silver lining, I am still on pace for my monthly mileage goal (250+), which is another high. Deciding to do a long run on a Tuesday vs. the weekend will probably impact my race Sunday but for marathon purposes I think it's the right choice. I spent some time during my sulking Saturday when the kids were occupied reviewing my training. Not surprisingly, the walls that I have hit have been kind of predictable in hindsight. I'll get done with a good stretch and my natural instinct is to keep going (as long as I'm feeling strong). I've justified it because pfitz indicates that I can, even though in the back of my head I know I am not ready for a plan as aggressive as pftiz 18/70. By not properly recovering I believe these bugs that I usually don't get are getting to me. They just happened to circle through the family at the time my body was most vulnerable, but if I were recovering instead of pushing then maybe I don't get them - or at least not as badly. I have now tweaked my schedule for the next 4 weeks in hopes that I don't repeat the same mistake. There is some aggressiveness in there, but I also built in some contingency later so it's easier for me to move a more challenging workout back. I think this will help control my urge to push it since in the back of my head I know that I will have an opportunity to get a more physically demanding workout done later without impacting the big picture. Like July, August has certainly not been a bad month, but it could have been more efficient. Here's hoping I learn from my mistakes in September. But most importantly, Duck...#### YEAH!!!
  6. I'm in denial with Baez and Broxton, but I think there's a better chance of them finishing strong than anything on waivers and if I'm going to win I probably need them to. If I were playing with a lead I'd be dropping them though.
  7. Injured players in August are often also injured players in September. Your roster will be in shambles in a few weeks anyway. Why invite known problems into the mess too?
  9. My original plan called for slow volume the four days after the race then hope I can find time for two runs the four days I'm in Vegas the weekend after. Idea was to use the Tuesday back to get my legs back under me then 2 weeks of ### kicking until the taper begins. I need to keep that schedule. I just can't force what's not there the next 5 days. Hopefully I'll get well enough fast enough to get two good ones in.
  10. You're right. This was always going to be the most challenging stretch from a planning perspective. This bug is really ####### up an already fairly rigid schedule. The 15/12 was supposed to be today, and it really needed to be. I was trying to think of alternatives, but none of them are feasible. I think I need to back burner this for now then hope I am able to fit two MP's in the September calendar somehow. I just need to remind myself not to force it. If it doesn't work out then oh well. Hope it doesn't bite me race day. GO DUCK
  11. Quick question then back to Duck. If I run a 10 mile race on a Sunday then a long run (18?) the next day do you think I will be recovered enough to do an effective 15 mile run w/12 a MP Thursday night? I have been battling a nasty head cold late this week and I already bagged it this morning. Trying to think of a plan B in case tonight doesn't work either.
  12. It isn't the best R, but it's the best route I could find to do. Trivial in comparison, but your family, and Riley's specifically, inspiration and strength is being felt all over the country. God bless that little warrior.
  13. @FUBAR my buddy recommended, time permitting, you double up on the day in question - recovery run + easy bike. He said he also refuses to give up the bike during marathon training and he's found his body responds fine to this method. Finding the time is a real ##### though. He's usually not the workout over lunch type, but he does on these days, doing the recovery run then and the bike ride in the evening. Because of this he really wants to stick with a Fall marathon, even if his body is asking for a break. This approach kinda doesn't work in NE Ohio during the winter unless you use a stationary bike, which he refuses to do.