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  1. Putting the puzzle pieces together, by doing so they would have to guarantee two years worth of the franchise tag in contract negotiations or it likely would not have gone anywhere. Not tagging him tells me they don't want to guarantee that much and that they don't expect other teams to do so either. I don't think it's something to worry about (yet) because agents are generally waiting until closer to free agency to make signing recommendations for their clients. If his name becomes red hot once the talk with other teams window opens...then you can worry.
  2. Couple more questions (more comments intended to initiate a reply I guess), one for the left and one for pro Trump... Generally speaking, I don't understand why so many have such a great issue concerning the deportation of illegal immigrants. I don't understand how anyone thinks the building of a wall will have a net positive impact related to the issue with the above.
  3. We could. I just don't think it's a good idea right now. If he were a slam dunk I'd reconsider, but there's lots of reasons to believe he isn't one. I think until the QB situation is resolved we need to hold onto our picks. Will we use the 3 to facilitate acquiring a QB? I have no idea what we will use to make that acquisition. If we end up using picks then we will need other picks (i.e. the 3) to infuse cheap, cost controlled talent at other positions. EDIT: and while I won't dismiss the idea of adding two high priced veteran interior DL's, on the surface I don't feel great about it. We have needs everywhere. Diversify your expenditures.
  4. Until the QB situation is resolved I'd rather target a key free agent or two, sprinkle in others to compete to fill gaps, and keep our picks. Signing Short would fit, trading for Richardson would not.
  6. So how will Indiana lose this one?
  7. Victor rips up his knee playing with his kid. Someone remind him hes not 25 and get him in solitary confinement until opening day.
  8. A draft full of Rock Pig Ernie's. I agree, best news. THE BEST!
  9. A lot of moving parts in our lives right now, so I haven't made any racing plans but am keeping in shape so when something fits the schedule I can jump on it. This race is on my radar, but there's a good chance I won't decide until the week of (if it hasn't sold out).
  10. IIRC @Hang 10 is partial to pizza and beer.
  11. I did the Cleveland half last year. The one in which we had snow, then sleet, then hail, then a torrential downpour, capped off by a round of thunder snow (since I didn't run the full thankfully I was gone by the time this hit) - I have never left a race so quickly and by the time we got home (about 10 miles east) we had several inches of snow. By early afternoon it was sunny and in the 50's. My oldest's t ball parade was that afternoon and I did it with just a light jacket. A few years earlier they were pulling people off the course due to the heat. It wasn't to the level of juxt's unfortunate experience at Green Bay, they weren't stopping low 3's 20 miles in, the 4's and 5's though? They were cut off. IIRC they didn't pull the plug until all of the emergency service personnel were disbursed to various issues throughout the course. Cliff notes - there's no telling what sort of weather you may get here mid May. Hell, it's going to be 75 and sunny today then over-night thunderstorms followed by snow tomorrow. So it isn't a mid-May issue, it's everyday life from December until Summer. The actual course though? My primary complaint about it has been corrected this year. It used to finish on an ugly local freeway, but they slid it over to finish in a neighborhood then over one of the bridges into the newly opened public square. The 2nd half is still rather boring though. I love the 1st half, but the 2nd is just an out and back and not well spectated. Once you get to mile 23 the new finish should be nice though. The weather tho...
  12. It keeps me from veering from the pre prepared food until...about now. I am still kind of full from dinner and very dry tired, so while I plan to have some of thes chocolate covered pretzels it isn't going to be many then I'm going to bed. Today may be a 9 hour sleep night. Which brings up another part of my plan, sleep.
  13. Exercise. Meal plan Sunday. Shopping list, minimal veering. Prep the next day's food after the kids go to bed. No cheat food until next day's food prepped. Don't drink my calories (unless it's booze).
  14. In related news, water - still wet.