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  1. I already know what heaven is like because I experienced a 1990's Wendy's double cheeseburger.
  2. Tues-Thu combo was tough then it looks like you ran high on last night's recovery. Only no weed.
  3. Of course it doesn't. He said exactly that in the interview.
  4. Sunny 10 and no wind really isn't that bad after the first mile. I scheduled today off because we ain't getting sun. The lake effect machine has been turned on. What's wild is our house is getting pummeled right now and here I am at my office 2 miles away and getting nothing.
  5. Soon-to-be ex-husbands trying to get out of splitting the marital assets.
  6. Saying the Colts roster construction under Grigson was abysmal would be putting it nicely. Andrew Luck's career was (probably) cut short in large part because of his ineptitude as a GM. The team was as successful as it was because of how strong that QB was. He elevated everything around him despite management and coaches consistently putting him terrible spots. I'm not going to dig much into how much the players on the team hated him; there's an argument it's a good thing for there to be friction/distance between front office management and player personnel. I think it's important to note that a higher level of hostility than normal existed though. That said, he's not in charge in this role. Like most gigs in the NFL, he probably got to where he was more due to who he knew than what he knew. But it's difficult to imagine he was a total dummy in a personnel eval role to get to that point. He probably just got Peter Principled when put in charge. Narrow the scope of his role and he could be an asset. But nothing he did in Indy should be cited as a reason for optimism here.
  7. Similar, no set time but I usually don't start eating until 11-noon. I don't brush my teeth right when I wake up though. I will have coffee cup #1 in bed then brush my teeth.
  8. When some people don't have something to complain about that day they have to seek something out to complain about. I would like to unofficially request we develop an informal and impromptu flogging whenever this happens. Just please look the other way while we all take turns. Unless such a request gets the waaaambulance brigade up in arms. Then I would like my request to be official.
  9. No, Obama did not want to be a dictator. He decided he needed to rule by executive order because congress decided to no longer cooperate. I thought it was a mistake at the time, it's been proven over time, but I also understand why he made that decision. When you're put in a lose-lose situation, which bad option are you going to choose?
  10. Right, it's a mind numbingly stupid argument. I think there is some data that indicates holes in the Sanders foundation, but...that ain't it.
  11. When the best I can come up with is maybe he learned from his past mistakes and at least he's not in a decision making role...tough to be anything but skeptical. Cronyism is very real though. And I think we needed more experience in the front office. So I don't hate it...but if we now start penny pinching on the OL I may get punchy.
  12. My stomach wasn't too thrilled with it when I tried it years ago (maybe it was the fiber), but I also think my stomach is stronger now than it used to be. I may give this a shot again. But fair warning - don't expect texture to maintain. So if that's a thing with you...well, you've been warned.
  13. Looks like I timed this up well, plows just came through and we're just getting flurries between now and when the arctic front comes through late afternoon - 31/wind chill 22 right now. Next planned run isn't til Saturday and if I get my way I'll get sun and high 20's, missing all of this negative wind chill noise. I'm sure karma is going to bite me for writing this, but - best. winter. ever.