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  1. I'm guessing someone will be willing to give up a premium prospect for him since he has 2 1/2 more years of control (and he may be great) whereas Stammen only has 1 1/2 (and he's just pretty good). If that's the case then bye bye Yates then slide Stammen in there. If no one offers enough then keep Yates and consider moving Stammen for a lesser return. Could certainly move both, but would they be comfortable gutting their pen that deep? Preller has proven...umm...unorthodox(?) before though.
  2. Reads like I'm wrong about Mejia though. I figured the ship had sailed on catcher, but I'm guessing the slanted news I've been fed contributed to my thoughts clouding on him. If San Diego is going to give him a shot at developing into a catcher then he's at best a September call-up and maybe not a good bet to open 2019 with the team, yes?
  3. Friend of mine just mentioned him in a group text're both right. Wouldn't even necessarily be a 7 hole guy, could argue he fits in the 3 hole then slide Jose, Parrot, Yonder, and Kipnis back. May not want to disrupt what's been working though.
  4. As much as I wanted this team to do something short sighted and be the highest bidder for Machado, it never made much sense given how this team operates and the makeup of the current roster. They need to patch some holes, but they're either going to do it for controllable players or limit spending to a fringe guy for an expiring contract.
  5. Based on the lack of trust they've extended towards him despite the obvious holes in the OF, moving Mejia for help now seemed inevitable. The question was just if it would be for a controllable bullpen arm or a CF. There's more of the former, so this makes a ton of sense. I'm guessing Jank gets demoted to 4th OF and Mejia's slotting into one of the corners. With him gone I'm thinking Cleveland will try to make a move like they did in acquiring Jay Bruce last year - give up nothing for an expiring bat they can stash in RF and slide into the 7th spot in the order then deal with Naquin or Zimmer in CF. I wonder if there's another bullpen move though.
  6. I'll be very surprised if Allen's role is changed. Maybe if they get to the 9th without using Hand and there's an army of L's coming up, but knowing how Tito manages he'll probably have already used him unless they just took the lead in the 8th.
  7. As am I, but for different reasons. Realistically, probably less. I don't know if we're going to begin moving procedures in 2019 or 2020, but there's a very strong chance if I don't make it in that marathon's will go to the back burner until after whenever that happens. As you're(@JShare87) experiencing now, fitting in time to properly train would just be an added stresser. As is I've been toeing the line between stress relief and not the last few weeks, but in case I do make it I don't want to spend Fall catching up. If I get squeezed I'll almost certainly stop the evening/night runs that I have been doing more regularly than I'd like - run or lift over lunch during the week then hopefully I have time for at least one quality run each weekend.
  8. Remember what you wrote earlier, 80% of what's reported is bs. @hxperson did a great job summarizing why this makes sense for Toronto. Even if it flops. The potential outcomes are on the extremes, not purgatory.
  9. If you're talking about 271, boy do I not miss those days. We are considering moving out there again, but not until this project is over.
  10. Michigan homer caution, but - I agree. I would have taken him over at least two lotto guys. Probably more, I just dont know enough about some of them.
  11. I'll let you know when it's over. My schedule was already bad this week then this thing is compounding things. Crept up Tuesday and been hanging out ever since.
  12. You got it too? That was miserable.
  13. HR's in back-to-back games from Stewart in Lakeland. Hopefully he's in Indy tonight then in Detroit for the opener vs. Boston a week from tomorrow.
  14. ...and I hope it continues, but it takes at least 3 years to make a trend.
  15. I am curious when this sentiment began, but it's certainly been a constant since I started working in higher ed 5 years ago. And I don't work at a prestigious school, by any means. I can only imagine how much more wide spread it must be with potential students/parents at those schools. It is confirmation why I hate the trends toward standardized testing though.