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  1. Cam Bedrosian Ryan Dull Nate Jones Edwin Diaz
  2. We have become a hot taek society. Bernie isn't. Only one of those statements is the problem.
  3. I agree. Given the org's current makeup in this market holding steady is probably the right play. Kick some tires and see what's out there, but I don't expect anything meaningful to happen. I don't think going for it and risking becoming the next Philly is a good idea.
  4. Then who do you think we should trade? For who?
  5. Not every workout is going to be an A workout, you just don't want too many C's per week. I don't do anything magical either - eat well, get lots of sleep, and keep stress levels low.
  6. It's not how much you spent, it's how much you saved.
  7. The hot-crazy matrix is very, very real.
  8. Edwin Diaz has 10 k's, 0 bb's, and 2 h's in his last 3 2/3 ip.
  9. @Ned one upped himself on the best route in the FFA. T bagging a horse.
  10. Anyone else keep picturing DeNiro in Cape Fear during Christie's speech?
  11. Primary - Columbus, October 16. Tune Up - Local 10 mile September 4. Also, a 5K downtown August 6. I won't totally rest up that week like the last one, so I'm not expecting sub 17 but now that I know it's possible I'll give it a shot. I am going to start attacking sooner then see if I can hang on.
  12. @Hang 10 what marathon are you training for? For that matter, what's everyone training for? IIRC, @Ned and @pbm107 are Philly, @ChiefD is Chicago, and @Nigel has a tentative plan, but may adjust. Did I get any of those wrong? and what's everyone else doing?
  13. Ah-ha, the wrench - thank you. I'll lose 150' but I'd rather that than have a 12 1/2 hour 4 mile run.