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  1. Have your wife drive you 15 miles west on Sunday then tell you to run home.
  2. Oh, that takes me back. Caffeine pill popping was a staple of 4x800 prep. I'm sure it was a placebo effect, but I couldn't ever get below 2:06 without it. But with it? We're not sure if I broke 2 flat or not, but I'm going to take the under without any shame whatsoever. So - thank you, caffeine pills.
  3. I like to think I'm if anything too comfortable in my own skin, but then someone says the words fanny and pack and I realize there will always be a line I won't cross.
  4. I'm less than 10 miles from the lake, but more than 400' up. And 3 miles SW of me is another 250' up. I'd guess > 90% of my routes are on at least some tilt. Then there's obviously hills I can seek out - or accidentally get directed to because of traffic blow. The closest thing to flat I can get is the all purpose trail at a park a few miles away, which is what I try to use for my longer goal pace runs amidst marathon training. There's still some tilt the whole way, but it's less than 1-2% most of the time.
  5. Kansas and Ohio are pancake flat. Kansas City and Cleveland are not.
  6. Forgot to finish mine Couldn't imagine finishing this thing off without these two: #14 Alan Jackson - Remember When Remember when thirty seemed so old Now lookin' back, it's just a steppin' stone To where we are, where we've been Said we'd do it all again Remember when #15 Pearl Jam - Just Breathe Did I say that I need you? Did I say that I want you? What if I did and I'm a fool you see No one knows this more than me I come clean Nothing you would take Everything you gave Hold me 'till I die Meet you on the other side /end scene (pulls plug)
  7. It doesn't make it right, but 'Canadian' in the restaurant industry is universal.
  8. In a derogatory manner, it's been more than a decade. I hear multiple times per day in the gym locker room and I'm not surprisingly only in there for a few minutes.
  9. Oh, I get it. It's probably weird to everyone else, but I physically carry my phone. It was weird at first, but I actually adapted to it kinda fast. Maybe it's been fixed in recent years, but the arm bands they used to sell are too small for new phones. So when I got a new one I started carrying and it's become the habit ever since. So when I'm done listening to music I just yank out the earbuds and stuff them in my pocket. But all of that would be drastically different if I were a watch runner and/or had my phone in an arm band.
  10. If it does then forget about it. The time and energy to try and figure out what's up quite simply isn't worth it. I was an exclusive music listener while racing until the failed marathon in 2016. Hell, before I had streaming music I went to youtube before a 5K, searched for three songs I wanted to listen to in order, then had the video play while racing. When that song ended I clicked the back button to get to the next video. D-U-M. But when my body fell apart sometime between mile 20 and 22 in the '16 marathon I took them out. And I noted how much the crowd support helped as I hobbled through the rest of that race. Since then I just adjust based on the race. I could see doing something like Chicago or Boston in full without music. But smaller races? It depends. I won a sparsely spectated 10K in October by almost a minute. I listened to tunes until I got to crowd support with about 3/4 mile to go. Otherwise I was completely by myself with nothing of substance to look at or listen to. The Toledo Marathon being smaller I ended up in small groups that steadily decreased in numbers once the half split at mile 8. I'm not sure how by myself I actually was, but I barely saw anyone from miles 17-22. And the only reason I started seeing people then was because I slowed down due to my own problems. So I ended up listening to music up until that intangible distraction point sometime shortly after hitting the wall. But I turned music off rather early in the frigid 5 miler on Thanksgiving mainly because there were thousands of other runners to compete against - in that setting the music was just noise. Maybe some day I will race in full without music, but if there isn't much going on around me I think it helps keep me focused - until fatigued enough anyway.
  11. I mix it up more than I used to, when I wouldn't run without music. I'll only listen to tunes in the woods if it's a longer run. I always wear them on easy road runs because otherwise I get too bored. And I couldn't imagine a dreadmill run without it. I also wear them to start hard workouts, but as I fatigue I yank them out. I don't remember when it happened, but my connection got lost towards the end of a hard workout some time ago and rather than trying to fix it I decided to just focus on completing the workout. I have no clue if I am actually faster or not, but I feel like I am accomplishing more without music once I get to that intangible point. When I'm not longer listening to the music - it's just noise. So when I get to that point, which is different day-to-day, I take out the headphones. Basically, it's rooted in distraction. If the music is distracting then I won't listen to it.