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  1. It's not how much you spent, it's how much you saved.
  2. The hot-crazy matrix is very, very real.
  3. Edwin Diaz has 10 k's, 0 bb's, and 2 h's in his last 3 2/3 ip.
  4. @Ned one upped himself on the best route in the FFA. T bagging a horse.
  5. Anyone else keep picturing DeNiro in Cape Fear during Christie's speech?
  6. Primary - Columbus, October 16. Tune Up - Local 10 mile September 4. Also, a 5K downtown August 6. I won't totally rest up that week like the last one, so I'm not expecting sub 17 but now that I know it's possible I'll give it a shot. I am going to start attacking sooner then see if I can hang on.
  7. @Hang 10 what marathon are you training for? For that matter, what's everyone training for? IIRC, @Ned and @pbm107 are Philly, @ChiefD is Chicago, and @Nigel has a tentative plan, but may adjust. Did I get any of those wrong? and what's everyone else doing?
  8. Ah-ha, the wrench - thank you. I'll lose 150' but I'd rather that than have a 12 1/2 hour 4 mile run.
  9. I completely botched today's workout on Strava. I already saved them and figured it'd be easy to delete and start over. I'm finding out that's either not the case or I'm just simple (:softball:). Little help?
  10. Velo is down (90.9, 91.8 last year, 92+ the two years prior). Bats aren't chasing (o-swing 26.5%, first season under 30 since 2011). As a result, his BB's are up (4.25/9 IP, hasn't been > 3 since 2010), hard contact is up (33.3%, hasn't been over 30 since 2012), and FB is up (41.4, 39.1 last year, nothing about 35 since 2011). Usually a 16% HR/FB is labeled bad luck, but in his case it looks explainable. His stuff is at best mediocre, he's lost his location, bats are waiting for pitches to crush, and they are. It's probably just a combo of age, the injuries over the years accumulating (wouldn't surprise me if he is injured right now too), and him losing confidence. The long man/mop up duty role is really all he's useful for at this point. If things go awry early then use him to eat some innings and get to the next game.
  11. It's real and it was spectacular.
  12. So it wasn't a 60 mile week, but given the high note I finished on that's fine by me. Monday - 5 recovery miles + C25K Tuesday - Strength training + 5 trail miles in 90+ degree heat, never thought I'd need the hand held for one of these but it was tapped out with still more than a mile left! Wednesday - 13 MLR @ 7:36, ran well but I was a disgusting mess upon completion. I looked like I just jumped in a pool and it took my shoes more than a day to dry. Thursday - 5 recovery miles, skipped strength training, not recovered from prior day. Friday - A workout I should have amended, just 4 miles but they were hybrid ones (100 push up's + 200 lunges along the way w/15 mins at the gym too). I justified it because I skipped strength training the day before, I planned on 20 miles Saturday, and I was wary I'd bail on strength training Sunday. Saturday - Bailed on the 20. Slept in, then did C25K + a total of 5 recovery miles on the easier trails in between appointments. Was pissed at myself for forcing the strength training the day before, but I think forcing the long run would have just caused more problems later... Sunday - ...and as a result I did my 20 the next day @ 7:43 and it never felt difficult. The end was, but only because I picked up the pace. With hind sight I should have done my mid-week run on Tuesday as it led to some adjustments to the schedule and a couple of bad decisions, but in the end I nailed the most important workout of the week. Weekly total - 57 miles, another new high and this made 5 of 6 weeks with elevation > 1,700'. Almost got to 8 hours of running too, although I guess if you include C25K it was close to 9 hours. Very happy with where I am right now. I didn't want to push it so early this week, but given what's coming up (and I feel real good right now) I'm going to then take it easy during the Suckfest that will be this weekend. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do but there will be some LT and hills w/some sort of MLR to finish off this 2 1/2 week cycle Friday morning.
  13. My wife is out of town, so I'm on kid duty. Friend of mine is going to stop over Saturday afternoon and give me a break, so I can get one workout in this weekend...when it's supposed to be 99 degrees . I haven't decided what I'm going to do today, tomorrow, and Wednesday but I'm going to push it more than I planned. Friday morning is my long run before she skips town, but I'll probably double back to the neighborhood after 10 miles or so to make it easy to bail out if the heat gets to me. Forecasted low is 75, so I'm sure it will be well into the 80's when I get towards the end of that run.
  14. They must have finally completed construction then. For the last decade sections have been routinely trimmed down to one lane due to construction. In good weather conditions it's been faster driving cross state by taking the alternative route. Only real exception is during snow. That road handles it well, others - not so much. We don't travel when the weather is like that though.
  15. Oh, our toll road is an unmitigated disaster. We thank you outsiders for financing it and other projects.