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  1. Any thoughts or predictions on what the Bears do in the 2nd round tonight? I really hope they go secondary, there are some solid CB and S prospects available.
  2. We know because they drafted him. If they preferred Adams they would have taken him instead.
  3. The best return includes them getting the guy they wanted (Thomas) while also picking up additional picks. Where's the value in trading down further if you miss the guy you really liked?
  4. Lol, yeah because other teams are going to come out and say they tried to trade up but the Bears beat their offer. Pace said they received numerous calls from teams looking to trade up to their spot, so its logical to assume the 49ers were getting similar calls.
  5. He's totaled 37 yards rushing/receiving over the past three games. I don't know any other player you would realistically consider starting after having 3 games like that, but best of luck to those of you who choose to roll with him. I hope he puts up a big game. If he doesn't show something this week I think it's finally time to move on.
  6. My gut says he plays in a limited role week 1. If he's healthy enough to practice I can't see why they wouldn't bring him out in red zone plays at the very minimum.
  7. This story is horrifying. I genuinely feel bad for this kid. As if it wasn't humiliating enough to urinate on himself and the toilet, he has to wipe off his creepy, cruel father's butt. There's just so many things wrong with this story. The act itself, the fact that this dude seems to think he was in the right and that he went to a football message board to ask if his outrageous behavior is acceptable. Seriously, whoever you are guy you better re-evaluate yourself as a person and as a parent before you do any further damage to your kid.
  8. I thought he looked good, very nice size and speed combo. I wouldn't count on Jeffery as more than a spot starter this season though. The Bears are going to run it a ton this year and when they do pass Cutler will be looking for Marshall most of the time. Jeffery will have some nice games, but will also have some clunkers too and it's going to be tough to predict.
  9. I agree. This is just starting, it will get much worse.Totally on point here. I fear what we've found out so far is only the tip of the iceberg
  10. Probably right. Can't say the world is really gonna miss him
  11. The legend brought himself down and truly has no one else to blame but himself. I don't think this takes away from his accomplishments on the field, but it definitely makes one question what kind of man Paterno is. His legacy is still intact, but will be forever tarnished, and deservedly so.ETA: Absolutely the right call by Penn State to fire Paterno. You have to draw a line in the sand on certain things and say "that's not ok". This is one of those things.
  12. Came in to post this, but see you already started the movement.Ha, I too came in here to post this. Please stop everyone.
  13. I thought Steve Young actually made a pretty good point about Cutler on the MNF post-game broadcast. He said something like, Cutler has the arm strength, athleticism and toughness to be a great QB, but doesn't have the footwork to ever be consistently great. IF he would ever consciously work on his fundamentals he could be a great QB, but since he doesn't appear interested in that he's probably going to always be an erratic passer. That said, he's still the best QB the Bears have ever had. It's not even that close in my opinion.