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  1. It's still acceptable to say " hey you! Get me a beer!" Been doing this for over ten years and still don't know the bartenders names.
  2. She broke his window. Pulling a gun is something I would never do, but this pos did and the woman (term loosely) if it was a man people on here would be saying he deserved it. I've had guns pulled on me for less in a bar fight.
  3. What's funny is if it was a male they would say he had it coming. To many fanatics on this board.
  4. Update got the ceiling raised in kitchen and utility room fun and lights in.,, pic of bathroom with old electric., that's right no electrical box just filled with saw dust! Amazing this house never burned down!
  5. If I was a Hill owner would accept that deal fast as I could. Crazy to turn that deal down!
  6. That's good about Baron being cut, still think one or both of Dhb and Hunter will be back.
  7. Why do the Steelers shoot themselves in the foot every off season? How bout sign Brown instead of Baron a little more but we would keep our comp picks. Draft a wr instead of Moncrief. Could have signed a better cb than who we signed. The front office is clueless we lose picks every year when we don't have too. Sign Houston doesn't cost against us but instead they'll do the wrong thing and sign Dupree.
  8. Colbert is GM. It most certainly is his job for both Brown and Bell! He's always been horrible in F.A., he has been bad managing the salary cap! Last couple of years been average at best in drafting. Between the two of them, they're destroying a good team.
  9. Tomlin and Colbert both desrved to be fired! What a clusterduck. Sad how these two continue to keep their jobs.
  10. Ertugrul season 3 up will have to watch. Good show.
  11. Update going a little slower than I would like but I'm the only one working on it., Rehab Some more pics. Also ceiling height went from 6'6" to 8'6".