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  1. Ohh no forgot a comma thanks grammar nazi.! Lol
  2. I have already said in the past about my dyslexia but being a Grammer Nazi on a football message board is 100x worse than the stupid kid. But go ahead make fun of me anyway I can take it. Makes the people that do this pale in comparison to the dumb kids. Horrible people in my book. Only wish we had our ignore back.
  3. This is simply not true. The only people who believe this are teachers.
  4. Never claimed to know everything chief. Big difference in not knowing simple math and claiming to know everything of which I've never done.
  5. Had to look influencer up. Hope she does.
  6. Is it really a scam though or are the kids today really that dumb.
  7. I then went to get a snack for the kids, different kid this time $2.75 for a pretzel and .75 for a pop. I hand the kid a 5 and I get .50 back. So I had to give him a math lesson. It seems this is happening way more than in the past. So I'm just wondering what is going on with the youths of today?
  8. Now I know their is a lot of dumb people of all ages. But the current kids, what is going on with the school systems? I was at the pool and it was dollar days so one dollar per person. My wife says we have 8 kids 2 adults. My wife is waiting to pay, the girl just has a stupid look on her face. So my wife says it's 10 people girl thanks my wife. My wife then gives her a $20 the girl then gives my wife $5 back. So my wife explains we had 10 people should get 10 back.🙄
  9. Yeah I'm lazy never did everyday. But with this I change it every 6 month or more for the bacteria filter, and I know I supposed to change the HME more but I've gone well over a year before I changed it.😁
  10. If any one is tired with cleaning the water reservoir. I just hooked up a bacteria filter at the base and use a HME close to the mask S/u and works good for me. No more cleaning everyday.
  11. I was just going to post what u did! Lol. For Mrs. Bucksoh! That is.
  12. Love where I currently live northwest ohio. But have a couple of horrible neighbors. Looking to move or build just to get away from them.
  13. Not really sure this goes in here but me stepson put this badboy together