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  1. Got a pair of shoes off of wish for $12 took out the insoles and replaced them with my old shoes insoles, been wearing them for over a year now. Although they're starting to break down.
  2. Qb. Andy Dalton. Usually has one good game per year. Sooo. Rb. Todd Gurleys volume play Rb Marlon Mack volume play Wr. Tyler Boyd. Have to see if Green plays but if not he's in. Wr. Auden Tate getting the targets just hoping for more production. Wr. DeAndre Hopkins. He's bound to have a good game sooner or later right? In every lineup Te. Evan Engram. He's gonna be in most people's lineups. I had Hooper in all lineups last week against the Cards switched him out the last second. Because I listened to some dumb podcast. Cost me money so never again. Lesson learned go with ur gut. In every lineup for me. Flex. Gerald Everett. Just a shot in the dark open to suggestions D. 49ners should have a good weekend against the Redskins.
  3. Reading is hard for you isn't it? Bill has won with average players. Tomlin has a stacked roster full of good players and he can't win. When Brady went down I believe they still went 11-5 with Cassel. With an average team. Big difference here sorry you can't see it.
  4. They better cut Moncrief he has worse hands than Dwight Stone. Losing a 3rd pick is definitely a Tomlin move though.
  5. Add him now to the rosters because broadcasting isn't it.
  6. Qb Watson Rb Kamara,. Mixon Wr. Julio, Hopkins, Parker Te Hooper Flex Rudolf. About time he scores at least I'm hoping. D. Jags.
  7. Look at Siefert record with the 49ners, he was the second coming of Bill Walsh. He got let go and found out how hard it is when you don't have a elite qb and Superior team. Tomlin lost a qb but still has a elite team. And he has no clue what to do, you can have him. Please for the love of God take him.
  8. There have been plenty of qb injuries teams with way less talent that are still winning. saints, Panthers,bears. The list keeps going. Losing a qb could hurt but with the Steelers talent they should have ben able to keep rolling. They're off a cliff with Tomlin and it is all his fault. Then he mortgaged the future for a DB which will surely be a top 5 pick. And yes those losses are on Tomlin because the Ravens should have never have been favored. They have a better qb, k, that is it. Well you can add a competent H.C.. It's mind boggling to me that there still is Tomlin supporters. But then again there still was Lewis supporters when he should have been fired a long time ago, some people I guess are incapable of changing. I don't know if it is because once they want a new coach, they think they are abadonning their team or what. I have hated Tomlin for a long time doesn't mean I can't root and still be a fan of the Steelers and I think some fans have trouble with that.
  9. There is a history of inept coaches who have won SB. Switzer, Siefert They all had great teams. Doesn't mean they're good coaches. There is a difference.
  10. I know they have a ton of talent. Goes to show just how bad Tomlin is.
  11. This is true Tomlin to bad the Steelers had to waste Ben's career with Tomlin. He is not qualified to coach a high school team. Anyone would be better even Gruden!
  12. It was gonna be as Top 5 as soon as Ben got hurt. Tomlin is that bad of a coach.
  13. Well I missed his last two games due to work and a wedding,. So I go to this game, former foster kid never even played a snap along with the other 18 players which makes three games in a roll where 19 kids never played a snap. A fellow co worker talked to the.president and the president was supposed to step in and say something to the coaches according to the co-worker. But clearly the president never did. So after the. Game I walk over to ask the president if he has talked to the coaches about playing time seeing that there is a bunch of boys who haven't seen the field all season except for about 6 plays. This ##### gets belligerent with me for asking that question. So clearly I need to go over his head now so does anyone know the chain of command to go over the president of the football teams. Any help is appreciated. TIA!
  14. Should be in for a big day. When playing dfs you have to be able to separate your fandom or you'll lose. Took me a while to learn this tip.