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  1. Qb. K. Cousins Rb. D. Cook Rb. J. Mixon Wr. A. Thielen Wr. C. Godwin Wr. A. Hunphries Te. L. Thomas Rb. K. Drake D. Chargers
  2. Pay cash for everything except your house payment. Nothing wrong with renting a boat or cabin several times a year. Much cheaper than owning a boat. If you can't pay cash for it it is a good idea to save until you do. You'll be further ahead in the long run. Invest if you can, if you suffer a set back take it as a lesson learned but never stop investing. Just signed for a new house and after I sell mine I'll be totally debt free at 46! Yeah me! Also helps to have a wife who doesn't suck your funds dry!
  3. Took over a team with no qb. So had to draft him, so he'll end up a bust. But here's hoping he does good!
  4. Nowhere. Did I say steal. Use some common sense. I know I give FBGs to much credit of having any and for that it is on me.
  5. Have your wife take some from her work. Also after she gets you a.mask go-to her hospital and say you need TB mask fitted for such and such Drs office and they should do it.
  6. It was cheap so probably not, just replace it when it goes out. I'll hopefully remember and let you know. He wants to do the same for the projector, but I'll have to do that, since the Joyce's are the wrong way.
  7. That is why he shouldn't be the candidate.
  8. I get it. I hate Trump because he is an idiot. But the religious right have taken over and if you meaning Democrats don't see it. Nothing is going to change,. By trotting Biden out as your candidate you people. Have your heads so far up your butts. People want change that is why idiot was elected. They don't want more of the same. Yes Biden is a major idiot.
  9. Forgot to add this pic
  10. you pointing to this is the reason why Biden won't get reelected. Stupid questions from this woman. His response was appropriate,. And the religious right eats this crap up.
  11. Both candidates would have been better than Biden and would have beaten Trump. Imo
  12. Can't say this enough! I haven't voted since Clinton, but I'll have to vote for Trump,. Because of their own crap show. The people laughing are the problem. all the democrats had to do was run Correy Booker for. President or the Pete Bude sp? and I and most of America would probably have voted for them.
  13. He should go directly to general population
  14. Unfortunately my weekend will involve installing these in a rental down in Columbus.
  15. Media is a powerful so yes Drs are people to. Easily manipulated.