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  1. I kind of think that is a thing that Trump is responsible for. If you just wait out something, it often goes away, as something else will inevitably replace it. Maybe its unfair to say Trump is responsible, more of a beneficiary, or the person who showed it can work. Its also possibly just the nature of 24 hour news cycles.
  2. Not to veer off topic, but I think Tebow absolutely could have been a good TE. He had demonstrated the skills to break tackles, make people miss, he could catch. Could he run routes? His speed/agility says he'd have no physical limitation, it'd just been a matter of experience. In Tebow's case, I think it was just an ego thing, he made up his mind that his goal wasn't to be an NFL player, it was to be an NFL QB. Its a shame Sean Payton never got ahold of him, as he was basically an early Taysom Hill. I felt Tyree Jackson should have been tried as a TE too. I'll never understand why teams don't try to move talented athletes to new positions more often. Lack of confidence in coaching ability? I'm not saying these guys would be Antonio Gates, or starters, but I think they'd both be in the NFL right now, and certainly could have fared better than they did at QB.
  3. I think Shaq could have made for a pretty great OT. Unlike most tall basketball guys, he had plenty of bulk, and obviously had the foot quickness. He also had a gigantic wingspan, which likely would have overcome most leverage disadvantages he'd have had at his height, as most guys would never be able to make it into his pads. The only concern I really have with Shaq, would have been injuries, especially with so much leg for bodies to fall on. From a skill set standpoint though, I think he'd have excelled.
  4. I mean, Charlie Ward and Ronald Curry were both capable of both.
  5. That was the guy I thought of. DE would be more sensible than TE, as it lessens the wear and tear that a tall guy with such a huge strike zone would take hits wise. LeBron would be a batted pass machine, and huge threat on FG's. I think LeBron could have been an elite player, but even if he was the best TE or DE in NFL history, he still wouldn't have made the impact he did as a basketball player. I mean are Tony Gonzalez or Reggie White bigger names form a historical standpoint than LeBron James?
  6. Additional fun fact, Darnold is 6 months younger than Joe Burrow.
  7. I remember that too. I wonder if it just came down to him having a lot more loyalty/respect for Harbaugh/Baltimore, or perhaps he figured if he played ball with the Ravens he'd still be a starter the next year, where if he didn't pan out in Denver, his career as a starter was over. Flacco is probably the best QB they could have signed as a viable QB, who also poses no threat to Darnold. Like, the Jets couldn't have signed Cam Newton, because if Darnold/or the team in general, started slow, the calls would be there to put Newton in, if they weren't even going into the season.
  8. To be fair, John Harbaugh has credited Flacco for helping in Lamar Jackson's development.
  9. Great signing in my eyes. The Jets may as well have forfeited the games Darnold missed last season, they were so uncompetitive. Flacco is obviously nothing special, but he's a veteran who at least can do some things, which is much more than what they trotted out a year ago. For only 1.5 million, its a nice deal.
  10. I'd go so far as to say its entirely possible(like a 50% chance) that Michel is the centerpiece of the offense. 100% agree that NE will be more run heavy inside the 10, and that Michel is the perfect zero RB guy to go after in redraft, as he has a pretty high floor(for a guy going 30+ RB's deep) in my opinion.
  11. Damn, I'd be happily buying Michel at anything close to those prices. The Patriots are a defense and running game team at this point, and I think its very likely that James White's usage shrinks a ton with Brady gone. I'd put Michel's value at about 2.3 or so in a rookie draft. Just think much like there was an overreaction to Michel's 2019 playoff run, there is an overreaction to his poor 2020. I think the truth is somewhere in between the two. Also, I might be lower on this draft class than most, I think it drops off quite a bit in round 2.
  12. I'd agree with this. I don't think its a lock Singletary gets 3rd down work either, as Moss is a better blocker and has better hands. I think this is very likely a 50-50 backfield, but also a very productive one. Dynasty wise, 'I've got both guys in the RB20-30 range. ETA: I do think Moss is a pretty big concern. They used similar draft capital on him as they did Singletary, and that was with Singletary already on the roster. I'd be shocked if Moss only saw Gore's role. They could have gotten a guy to do that a lot later(or in FA) especially considering they didn't have a 1st round pick, they must really like Moss to take him as high as they did.
  13. The Cowboys would be my pick too. Deion, Irvin, Jerry, Newton, Lett, so many interesting characters, not even counting guys like Aikman and Emmitt.
  14. Nick Foles Kareem Hunt, James Conner Devin Funchess, Adam Thielen, DeSean Jackson Chris Herndon ETA: T.Y. Hilton
  15. Well, maybe not Wilson. But my point was that Rodgers wasn't some unathletic pocket passer. He's much closer to Wilson than he is to Brady. Really, other than Brady, Manning, Rivers, and maybe Ryan, I'm not sure there have been unathletic QB's having sustained success in the last 15 years.