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  1. That didn't seem to stop Barkley the year before.
  2. There is no real need to deal Rosen if they draft Murray. The combined salary would still be lower than 18 individual QB's, and roughly the same as Mariota/Tannehill or Trubisky/Daniel.
  3. Could certainly see Michael Thomas breaking his own record, could also see Antonio Brown breaking Tim Brown's record. Davante Adams could also make another run at Jordy's record, which he'd have likely broken last year of he'd not sat out week 17.
  4. I'm not sure New Orleans is an upgrade from Oakland. Cook was the leading pass catcher in Oakland, he'll be 3rd at best in New Orleans, and possibly lower if Smith takes a step forward. Probably a decent upgrade for Brees though.
  5. I think it'd be a big risk for Washington to trade up for Haskins. He's a lot like Rosen was last year to me, medium risk, but high reward. For the cost it would take to trade up to 3, I'd rather just either pay more to move up to #1 and take Murray, who has a higher floor and ceiling in my eyes, or just trade for Rosen for much less.
  6. His production at Georgia wasn't very different from Nick Chubb's the year before. Obviously Chubb is the far better athlete, but like you said, its difficult to reconcile that Holyfield was able to be as productive as he was with his now very clear lack of athleticism. Maybe he'll be like Gus Edwards or Josh Adams from last year, and work his way into carries, but I can't imagine he's going to be drafted with the expectation of being any higher than 3rd on the depth chart. I still think he'll be drafted(though I also thought that of Adams last year) but its no lock.
  7. Wow, I would think JuJu was valued equal/over Hill 2 months ago, now Brown is gone and Hill is a..?
  8. Agreed. I seriously question whether he is a top-10 RB on this class, and its a bad class. I feel like Sanders being the lesser half of a committee is a realistic expectation.
  9. Oh, 100% agree. I thought during the college season that Elijah Holyfield was the best RB(at least at the rushing part of it) in this class. His 4.78 pretty much ended those thoughts.
  10. Maybe, could also be that he knows he had a poor time, and is trying to spin it. This isn't really that surprising a time. Watching Bama, I never thought he was faster than Harris, and Harris was ran 4.57.
  11. Good move by the Bengals bringing him back. I am always surprised by how small his market is. I get that he is injury prone, but 6 games of Eifert is better than 16 of Kroft or Uzomah, and they both got sizable deals. Eifert(in the 40% of the time he's healthy) is still a top-15 TE.
  12. I'd say Safety is the most replaceable position at the moment. Like 5 pro bowl caliber guys switched teams this off season, as well as another handful of well above average starters.
  13. I mean, its very possible McKinnon gets first crack. When in doubt, follow the money, and he's got the biggest contract.
  14. I think WR with one of their top-3 picks is very possible. As far as vets, would they bring Randall Cobb back? He'd probably only require about 25% of his former salary. Maybe Crabtree/Demaryius, assuming they'd be fractions of former contracts?