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  1. It is crazy. Especially in this year's draft class, I'd happily take a 3rd round rookie over Robby Anderson. Probably a 4th over Tyrell Williams. Is Anderson a good WR? I truly think that is a very fair question. I didn't think he outplayed Jamison Crowder or even Demaryius Thomas this year. 13-15 million a year seems insane. I don't know that I'd even pay half of that.
  2. I might be jumping to conclusions(though I was never a fan of his) but I think Stidham is 50-50 to make the team. I'd be shocked if Brady actually left, that feels like the media wanting to make a mountain of a molehill. Stidham has decent physical tools, but got worse every year in college. He also was the only QB I've ever seen, who played so poorly closing out a game, that the Patriots put Brady back in. I could absolutely see the Patriots re-signing Brady and drafting a QB, in fact, I think those are the likely outcomes. Who and how high are both reasonable questions, but I'm not sure Stidham has, or should have, any job security.
  3. That isn't really true. Sure he peaked 5 years ago, but its not like he completely disappeared. He was 9th in YPG among TE's as recently as 2018, and that was on a team that started 4 different QB's, none of whom are a lock to even be in the NFL in 2020. I'm not sure there are more than a handful of TE's who would have done better in that situation. Its true, he's not on the Kelce/Kittle/Ertz(and its probably not too soon to add Andrews to that group) level anymore. But he's every bit as good as guys like Cook, Henry, Hooper, and Ebron. He's just less durable and has had worse offenses/QB play. If we lived in a world where injuries weren't a factor, I'd put Reed in the 6-10 range at TE. Injuries are the only reason that he is a cut candidate(and a good reason) but I'm just saying I can see why the Redskins have been holding on, because its unlikely whomever they replace him with will be better, just more available.
  4. You certainly aren't alone in that take, but I'll rehash what I posted in the Rudolph thread: Prior to the Browns game, he had a 4-2 record as a starter, 65% completions, an 11-4 TD/INT ratio, 0 lost fumbles(very rare for a young QB) a 6.6 YPA(which is admittedly low) and not a single game with a passer rating below 80. That was despite having an o-line that took 2 steps back last year, and a very banged up skill position group, that was mostly relying on rookies, or guys who had never started before(Snell, Washington, Johnson) I still think its entirely possible Rudolph is the QB of the future, but even if he isn't, what is the alternative? They'd be crazy to take a QB with the 1 pick they have in the first 3 rounds, especially since the position will be picked over by then. No FA QB who would be an upgrade from Rudolph is signing as long as the job is backing up Big Ben. Best case is maybe Mariota, who probably isn't an upgrade. I can't see Dalton or Winston, or Bridgewater signing as pure backups.
  5. I don't really see the comparison. I wouldn't hold a conference, especially when its still a major conference, against a guy. Oklahoma plays plenty of good teams, and has had plenty of WR's find success in the NFL in recent years, including Hollywood Brown, Dede Westbrook, and Sterling Shepard, and Lamb is a better(probably much better) prospect than any of them were. Full disclosure, I was a fan of Coleman's coming out. I think he fell into a triple whammy of being drafted by the worst HC in the NFL, on a team without a decent QB, and then immediately breaking his hand, and then re-breaking it again. Don't get me wrong, he was a bust, but he had an inordinate amount of bad luck in there too.
  6. 100% agree. Its always puzzling to me, that everyone realizes QB is the most important position on a team(BY FAR!) but teams will constantly stick with a maybe, over taking another shot on a better prospect, just because they might already have a guy. If Tua is better than Haskins, even if the difference is just say a C+ to a B, he'll help the team more than any non-QB could. Even if Chase Young becomes another Khalil Mack, he'll help the team less than a slight QB upgrade. I'm not saying every team should take a QB, unless they have a franchise guy, but when you pick #2 and have a franchise guy staring right at you, that would be the right thing to do.
  7. Godwin might be even better with Rivers. Godwin is in a lot of ways, a more athletic Keenan Allen, and the Bucs pass protect a ton better than the Chargers do, and don't get super run heavy inside the redzone like the Chargers do. Just because he threw for 5,000 yards and 30 TD's, doesn't mean he was a good, or even decent QB last year. Baker Mayfield was the only QB last year with a worse TD/INT ratio. Only Mayfield and Josh Allen had a worse comp%, and only Mayfield had a worse passer rating among 16 game starters. Unlike those guys Winston isn't a guy in his first 30 starts he's a guy with 5 years starting. Winston isn't a good QB. He shouldn't be starting for anyone in my opinion. He hasn't improved one bit since his rookie year, and has arguably regressed. Its ironic since they shared a team, but he's basically Fitzpatrick. He can get hot for short stretches, but never sustains it. Let's not forget with the same weapons, Fitzpatrick outplayed Winston in 2018. Tampa Bay is set up very well for fantasy purposes. But, NFL wise, Winston hurt them more than he helped them. Rivers would add at least 2 wins to the team, Dalton would be an upgrade as well. Tampa has the best 1-2 punch at WR in the NFL a solid o-line, a good playcaller, and arguably the division with the least amount of defense. Its almost ideal conditions for a QB.
  8. Rudolph was ok until the Browns game. What are the alternatives? They don't pick high enough for Burrow, Tua, or Herbert. I'm not confident any of the other QB's are better than what they already have. What FA QB is signing on to backup Big Ben?
  9. I would disagree with that. I thought for a guy making the first starts of his career he was decent. He really only had 1 awful game which was the Browns game, and had a bad half against the Bengals. So 1.5 bad games out of 10 appearances. Prior to the Browns game, he had a 4-2 record as a starter, 65% completions, an 11-4 TD/INT ratio, 0 lost fumbles(very rare for a young QB) a 6.6 YPA(which is admittedly low) and not a single game with a passer rating below 80. That was despite having an o-line that took 2 steps back last year, and a very banged up skill position group, that was mostly relying on rookies, or guys who had never started before(Snell, Washington, Johnson) I'm not saying Rudolph is some star in the making. But I certainly don't think he sucked. Considering the circumstances, I thought he played ok, and he impressed me more than a lot of QB's held in higher regard. If i were the Steelers, I'd have zero interest in adding a QB in the draft. Frankly, they don't pick high enough to get anyone I feel confident is better than Rudolph.
  10. I think the issue is that, when healthy, he's still one of the top-10 TE's in the NFL. He just is rarely healthy. They are probably afraid if they dump him, and he is a pro bowler elsewhere, they look stupid, because they already had him under contract, at a position where there are very few difference makers.
  11. Dobbins should easily top 4.6. He was timed at 4.44 as a recruit, but he was 15 pounds lighter at the time. That same workout produced a 4.09 shuttle, and a 43.1 vertical. Dobbins had the best SPARQ score of any RB recruit that year. I'm not a giant Dobbins fan, because I like RB's that either make lots of guys miss, or are huge mismatches in the passing game, and Dobbins is neither of those, but his vision and athleticism aren't things I'm concerned about. All that said, he's a 3rd rounder in my book, and the #4 RB on my board.
  12. I would disagree that there is a RB in this class that is better than Bell(at least for 2020) but in that offense especially, they can easily find an adequate starter at 63. Then again, they may just feel that when healthy Damian Williams is just that, an adequate starter, so its possible they may not even address the position at all beyond maybe a late round depth pick.
  13. Its also why Dallas was stupid to give into Zeke's demands, and the Titans will be wrong to pay Henry as well. There are 22 starting positions in the NFL, and RB is arguably not among the 20 most important, especially when it involves guys who don't win in the receiving game. McCaffrey will be an interesting case when he comes up next offseason. Say what you will about the Chargers front office, but not paying Gordon was an excellent move, and I would argue his holdout helped them discover they had an even better RB in Ekeler. I'm really curious what would have happened if Zeke had held out into the season, and Dallas would have been stuck with Pollard starting. My guess is it would have made almost no difference, and Dallas would have still had the same record they did.
  14. Agree they both should be gone by pick 12. I actually would go a step further and think we could see as any as 7 WR's in round 1, especially since almost all the teams from 20-32 could use a WR. The only team in that group where a WR would really surprise me would be the Vikings at 25, and maybe Seattle at 27. I think this is the deepest and best WR class in several years, and is coming at a perfect time. Could see 15+ WR's going in the 1st 3 rounds.
  15. I can only think maybe they thought that once he was healthy, he'd look more like his old self, and valued that more than a 4th, and then he failed that audition. Not saying that is good logic by Atlanta, but its all I can think of that at least makes some sense. At this point, I think Freeman is really hanging on by a thread. He really only had 1 good year, and the Falcons(and fantasy owners) have been chasing it for years. At this point, I think his starting days are done, and I'm not sure he's likely to have a big market at all, especially if guys like Bell, Gurley, and Johnson hit the market, plus the FA RB's, plus the rookies. Likely has to settle for a backup job.