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  1. They have #1 pick in the draft hope.
  2. Until he misses a Friday practice, I'm not concerned at all.
  3. Might go down as the best Browns trade of all time. At least the best of the new Browns(99-) A 2nd round pick just to pay the guy, which turned into Nick Chubb. Hell, imagine if Houston had just worked some cap miracles, and then drafted Chubb themselves?
  4. Does the revenge game narrative for Gore matter? He took a lot of crap for "holding back" Drake last year from a lot of talking heads.
  5. I think we see eye to eye on pretty much all Chargers related things, but don't you dare take that title from Miami.
  6. Also constantly in catch up mode. He went for almost 30 points the week I faced him.
  7. That crossed my mind too. There are a whole host of guys who never practice on Wednesday's. Of course, it may also be a precursor to a deal, basically showing last week that he can practice/play. That could be wishful thinking on my end though.
  8. Sacks aren't really a good indicator of pressure. Mayfield made tons of great adjustments in the pocket and was constantly avoiding sacks. Clowney has been a big upgrade on Clark, both as a pass rusher and run defender. Reed's return will make the pass rush even better.Now if Collier can start coming along, they might really be cooking.
  9. That would be pretty poor logic in my opinion. If that was the plan, you do it against the Redskins last week, not on the road against a top defense, who is likely going to hold Miami under 14 points. Decent chance all they would do is showcase Fitzpatrick's weaknesses.
  10. I think Metcalf could actually be the biggest upgrade, at least fantasy wise. He seems to be option #1 in the redzone now.
  11. I think Seattle is pretty clearly ahead of the Rams going forward. Honestly, I think the Rams defense got worse this week. Ramsey is nice, but he's not better than Talib/Peters combined. They are starting Troy Hill and David Long(who I liked as a prospect, but is still a very unproven rookie) as their 2-3. Teams can throw at will against this group. If the offense doesn't play a ton better, they are a legit threat to be closer to Arizona, who is improving every week. Seahawks secondary is kinda awful, but the front seven can often mask that, hopefully getting their best DL from last season helps. Unsurprisingly, they haven't missed Frank Clark at all. Still can't believe they got a 1st for that guy, even if it turned into Collier.
  12. Pretty sure he was talking about the Patriots, not the Steeler, or Raiders for that matter. Obviously Green wouldn't get traded to Pittsburgh. Bengals wouldn't trade him in division, an Steelers don't really have a need.
  13. I don't know about that, its not like the Titans aren't having every bit as many problems as the Chargers are.
  14. In my eyes, there are 6 teams I could see being interested in Green, not counting the Bengals potentially giving him an extension, as a Larry Fitzgerald type locker room leader for them, and because, let's face it, they aren't exactly a hot free agent destination. 1. New England- I know, everybody gets talked about to New England, but Green gives them what they need, a consistent threat on the outside with size. Green has played his entire career with Andy Dalton, its possible the upgrade to Tom Brady would thoroughly rejuvenate his career. 2. Green Bay- A few years ago, this would have been a pipe dream, but the Packers new front office, has been very aggressive in upgrading the roster, and in trades(though that has mostly been draft day deals) Rodgers has probably taken a step back, and can no longer make just anyone a star, so an addition like Green, especially when added to Adams, could give Green Bay its most dangerous WR combo in ages. They also have been somewhat obsessed with getting bigger targets, all 3 2018 rookie WR's are huge, Jimmy Graham, Jace Sternberger, they've been trying to get that physical presence, that is something Green could provide. 3. San Francisco- A surprise contender to many, the 49ers passing game is a little smoke and mirrors behind Kittle. Its possible Samuel and Pettis both become very good players, but they aren't there yet, and both could greatly benefit for Green's presence, both on and off the field. Green would give the 49ers their first true #1 WR in a long time. Worst case scenario, he'd be what Anquan Boldin was to the Harbaugh teams. Best case scenario, he looks rejuvenated leaving Cinci, and joining a Shanahan offense. 4. Buffalo- Another surprise playoff contender, the Bills have a deep threat in Brown, and a slot weapon in Beasley, but don't have that true #1. They also have a recent history of trading with the Bengals. This probably wouldn't be a spot fantasy owners(of Green or Brown) would be excited about, but it would go a long way toward making the Bills a more complete and dangerous offense. 5. Oakland- They have some extra draft picks, and need a true #1 WR. They also have an aggressive coach, who had big plans for Antonio Brown before that fell through, and much like New England, Green brings a lot of the positives on field that Brown does, but is a solid citizen. Raiders have also been better than expected, I bet most don't realize if the playoffs started today, that Oakland would be the #6 seed. They only have 2 losses and those were to KC and Minnesota, 2 likely playoff teams. 6. Seattle- This one is probably just a pipe dream, but I think Seattle would like to not have to depend on guys like Jaron Brown and David Moore. Will Dissly's injury hurts a lot, and they could use another weapon. They are probably more likely to target somebody a little lower profile(E.Sanders maybe? Sanu?) but pairing Green with Wilson, and having him as a mentor for Metcalf would be pretty exciting. I'd say a 1st is probably the price for Green. He's still in the later stages of his prime in my opinion. He likely has 2 big years left in him, but his game should age well, as he wins with size, and know how. I don't see him as a guy who will fall off a cliff like Dez Bryant, more like a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, who may lose his big play ability, but will still find ways to win for years to come. I also think he's a guy teams will want to sign to an extension if they trade for him. Maybe not a long one, but say a 3 year deal?
  15. The Chase TD could have just as easily been a Johnson TD, and we could be looking at Johnson having 3 TD's on Sunday. The real positive for Johnson, is the Cards are starting to figure things out, especially in the redzone, where they were the most FG heavy team in the league. Even with a harder schedule coming up, this is an offense on the rise in my opinion.