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  1. So maybe my head is in the sand for how this works, but isn't it entirely possible that neither the Steelers-Titans or Texans-Vikings games are effected at all? I mean if everybody is tested again(likely today/tomorrow) and then again(friday) and there are no new cases, why wouldn't the games proceed as scheduled? Wouldn't it just be whatever current coaches/players are gone?
  2. I'm more inclined to believe this. Green is coming off a year off and no real camp. A slow start was always likely. I think Slay traveling with Green speaks more volumes than anything Boyd/Higgins did. Defenses believe Green is the Bengals #1 WR, and until last week, the targets pointed that way as well. I think he's a good buy-low, as its very likely he is still the #1 on a very pass heavy offense. Especially at his current WR4(maybe less in some leagues) price.
  3. He may still be owned in many leagues, though I've seen him cut in plenty, but I think Gronk could be a good pickup. His targets spiked a bit, and its possible he's rounding into shape, after being out of football for a year. With Godwin hurt again, there could be a bunch more targets avaiolable for the taking.
  4. Still like Hilton as a buy-low. Don't see this level of defensive success keeping up, and Hilton is basically the last man standing at WR. Hilton hasn't looked like he's lost a step, just has suffered from lack of targets.
  5. Jefferson I can see, Higgins not as much. I think Higgins greatly benefitted from Slay locking up AJ Green. Higgins is still no higher than #3 in that passing game.
  6. I have nothing to back this up with other than a gut feeling, but I think this game is actually going to be a lower scoring game, at least by expectations. 24-20 Chiefs, I do expect both TE's to have big games, as both teams have some coverage holes against TE's, and that was against much lesser talent.
  7. Also possible that he's been rounding into shape in practice, and a breakout is coming, especially with Godwin hurt again.
  8. Chase Claypool is another interesting player to think about. Johnson likely had a concussion, and Claypool actually led the Steelers on snaps yesterday.
  9. If I were McVay, I'd sit Akers out, even if he's cleared. They play the Giants next week, no need to push anyone to play. Could probably even sit Akers another week after that against Washington too, barring injury to Henderson or Brown.
  10. Normally I'd agree, but with a weak armed QB, and a TO left, I don't know. I guess Lutz owners are happy.
  11. Is he even active, or is it just Brees and Hill?
  12. Not sure I like the FG here. rather trust Lutz to make a 60+ yard FG, then Brees throw a 60+ yard hail mary.
  13. Yeah, just saw the last couple plays where the Saints were crashing on Jones so hard, that anything else would be open.
  14. Bootleg where Rodgers runs it in, would be 100% wide open.