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  1. Are you guys kidding me? The only men I know that wear jean shorts are gay. I don't mean derogatory gay, I mean, the "gee, I like to kiss men" gay. If you wear jorts and you're a guy, you probably have a stud on your tongue too. And you might even have your tongue pierced. Now, jean shorts on women? Very nice.
  2. Ignore the previous comment. Didn't realize you were a Broncos fan. My bad.

  3. This seems unlikely, as Joss is preparing Dollhouse for Fox as we speak.You DO understand the whole concept of "the passage of time", right?
  4. Serenity is probably the most underrates Sci-Fi movie of all time. It is by far one of my favorites. Fox really did botch this - and continues to botch it. Fans called for Firefly to put back on the air, but Joss Whedon won't work with Fox and Faux won't release the rights to another network. Thus, screwing the fans. Best scene of all was when, after the little speech, he just kicks the guy into the engine.
  5. Fast becoming a favorite of mine.

  6. Grove - You had me LOL at this. Hell, I'm crying laughing at this stuff. Too funny. Thanks much.