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  1. The names he came up for the lady in the lake were hysterical: "Look, Just because some moistened bint hands you a dagger -that's no way to establish a mandate!" "Soggy Tart." - you name it. Cracks me up. He completely destroyed the whole concept of the Lady in the Lake.
  2. Oh - I have to add Good Morning Vietnam: "What does 3 up and 3 down mean to you?" "End of an inning?"
  3. That is part of the same scene I mentioned. If you'll notice (or listen to the commentary) the whole scene with the guards was one continuous take. Graham's hiccups were totally ad-libbed and had everybody almost dying laughing. And at one point, the other guy comes dangerously close to lighting his head on fire. The whole "curtains" line just kills me. The whole scene's great, but that one line has my chuckling as I type. I occasionally whip out that line to my own (and nobody else's) personal amusement. The whole part where he scribbles a note and shoots the arrow - good lord, that whole thing just cracks me up.
  4. Great scene - I think it was funnier watching the principal and teachers stifle their laughter more than the lines themselves.:tallywacker:Absolutely. I'll add one - The scene in the gym when the girl starts howling. The old guy PE coach just dying laughing. The kids laughing -getting the ball right in the chest he's laughing so hard. I can absolutely relate to that. I swear to God, the laughing scenes are some of the best in the whole movie. - And that's saying something.
  5. You touched upon a few movies wherein I have different scenes: Something about Mary: - Maybe nothing makes me LOL harder than the whole scene with the dog. The fight scene, the "defibulator", dog bursting into flames, flying out the window, the full body cast, - Hilarious. Holy Grail: - Laugh at this every time: The scene in the tower with his son: "Wha - the curtains?" And the whole scene with the guards there to "So, we are to leave and follow you..." So many great scenes in so many movies, but these two definitely make me LOL every time.
  6. Are you guys kidding me? The only men I know that wear jean shorts are gay. I don't mean derogatory gay, I mean, the "gee, I like to kiss men" gay. If you wear jorts and you're a guy, you probably have a stud on your tongue too. And you might even have your tongue pierced. Now, jean shorts on women? Very nice.
  7. Ignore the previous comment. Didn't realize you were a Broncos fan. My bad.

  8. It's posts like this that make me wonder if the mods deliberately post these things just to get me banned. :sniffs bait, walks away:
  9. Yepper. Was thinking the same thing. Likely either in a drainage tunnel or under someone's house. Least ways, that's where I'd look. With 4 y.o.'s, I'd be a little nuts too. I hate these #######s who keep snakes like that around. That's just stupid. As far as the cats, I hate people who let their cats roam, so I hope every last one of them ends up in the snake's gullet. I'd send an urgent message to Riki Tiki Tavi ASAP.
  10. Okay, BESIDES Cankles - Which I contend is reason enough not to vote for someone: Take a look at the bills she's actually authored and sponsored. - *Not co-sposponsored - Since she's been in orifice. Probably 80-90% of them have been ceremonial fluff. Based upon that, HRC's "first 100 days" will be spent re-naming every Post Office and Park in the country. Granted B.O.'s only gotten a dozen bills* out of committee and only 2 everybecame law, so HRC still kicks the crap outta him in terms of "experience", but I think it's pretty disingenuine to run on her experience. As has been said, she seems to lay down the perception that she was some kind of co-POTUS in the WH, but that's simply not the case. I don't think showing up in Bejing and making small talk with the other wife during a photo op then sitting around waiting for the men-folk to finish their business is exactly solid experience. All we heard about for 10 years was this man and woman from Hope, Arkansas. So what happens the minute she's outta the WH? She makes a Beeline for New York - a very liberal state where she knows full well she has the connections to get elected to the Senate. Look at most men/women who leave the WH after 2 terms (or even one); For most, that's MORE than enough. For Hillary, she's been champing at the bit to get back there - and that troubles me fiercely. Truth is, there's only one candidate who has the experience to do the job. Sure, Hillary's got a crapload more experience than Obama, but that's like saying she's the fastest cripple in the Democratic party. - Doesn't really mean much.
  11. Can we get a little more meat on these bones please?
  12. Okay, you want a legitimate political reason: Cankles.
  13. This seems unlikely, as Joss is preparing Dollhouse for Fox as we speak.You DO understand the whole concept of "the passage of time", right?
  14. Serenity is probably the most underrates Sci-Fi movie of all time. It is by far one of my favorites. Fox really did botch this - and continues to botch it. Fans called for Firefly to put back on the air, but Joss Whedon won't work with Fox and Faux won't release the rights to another network. Thus, screwing the fans. Best scene of all was when, after the little speech, he just kicks the guy into the engine.
  15. Fast becoming a favorite of mine.