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  1. I always assumed Happy was mixed race and that the club had no problem with it. They never addressed what his race was or how the club felt about it.
  2. Wait.... what is with the "The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State" subtitle thing?Copy paste error. Jesus, Interrupted is supposed to read, Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them).
  3. I've been hitting up the library hard ever since we cancelled cable. I just finished: Sam Harris' The Moral Landscape and Letter to a Christian Nation. I really appreciated The Moral Landscape because I never bought into either the ideas of moral or cultural relativism, because it seemed to me like there are obviously some things that are absolutely, objectively wrong for people living anywhere, and I don't believe that morality comes from religion. Letter was a short and good read, but it was particularly curt in it's appraisal. But I see it as tough love for Christians who would rather perceive criticisms as persecutions. I also finished Bart Ehrman's Jesus, Interrupted-The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State. It was illuminating, and while Ehrman finds that one can understand the facts about the collection of writing that became the New Testament, the flaws, contradictions and historical understanding without sacrificing their faith, I don't understand how that could be true. But that's the nature of faith, obviously. Right now I am reading Forrest Church's So Help Me God - The Founding Fathers and the First Great Battle Over Church and State. Seems good so far.
  4. I enjoyed American Gods. Gaiman wrote a follow up, Anansi Boys, that didn't concern Shadow, as well as a short story where Shadow fights Grendel. So they could do a few different things with it. I think he might have written a few short stories set in the world of "American Gods" that may not have centered on Shadow, actually.
  5. There should be two threads, it's impossible to not click on spoiler tags, I think. I've read all the books so I like clicking it because sometimes my memory fails. But they are dangerous!
  6. Any help here book nerds?Because the Lannisters are at war with the House Tully(the Lords of Riverlands) asn they can not march past them without leaving their rear open. ...N WXE ...S House Tully is Lady Starks family? But again, what confuses me is the banner captains comment of helping them THEN they will be allies. Yes. She was Catelyn Tully before marrying Ned (and she was originally betrothed to his older brother.) It's tough to keep track of the huge families, but they often stress the ways in which families are tied to other families. They did make a point to mention Catelyn was a Tully with the dialogue where Tywin was filling in Tyrion on all that had happened while he was in captivity. The books included House lists with all the varied bannermen and their relationships.eta: I suppose the idea of a siege would be to put them to the test of war, and if they were facing utter destruction or flipping, they'd have to flip to save their skins.
  7. She's made to be something older, like 16 in the series. Yes, that bit was quite shocking in the book. (Though I thought she was 14 in the book, not that it's much better.)She turns 14 after her wedding. The book says she gets pregnant from Drogo on her fourteenth nameday (I'm rereading the book and just read this chapter a couple days ago.)Right, I probably aged her early so as to not feel like a creeper.
  8. Why is this not a plausible scene? Benjen and Jon arrive at the wall together. This isn't a Coen brother "literal to the word" type of thing.Benjen's missing out on a ranging the entire book, iirc. And I realize there will be changes, as I noted above, but having an entire character who never appears be a part of the storyline means that even more that is in the book has to be cut out or changed. What I was looking for more was someone else's eyes confirming what I thought I saw.Re: Bolded, not quite.
  9. She's made to be something older, like 16 in the series. Yes, that bit was quite shocking in the book. (Though I thought she was 14 in the book, not that it's much better.)
  10. New night, Wed.'s:
  11. Disagree. You can kill a zombie by breaking it's back. Duh.You can render it immobile, sure, but killing a zombie by back-breaking? No. Gotta kill that brain.
  12. TWC carries the show in HD and it looks great. I wasn't thrilled with the props (hands/ various body parts they used to disguise themselves in one episode) but the zombies themselves have all looked very good in HD, and the explosion from the finale was also brilliant.
  13. Must have missed that. Was it during the amazing fake gangbanger episode? Yes. Rick tried not to cry but he did. He went into the woods and beat a dog to death in anger. Since then he's been fine and there's been no reference to it.hahahahhaha awesome.
  14. It appears that way. Which will lead for an intense S4. Jax coming to terms with him not being his dad vs uncovering what Clay and Gemma did. Oops, missing the word "like". It should have read:Jax coming to terms with him not being like his dad. I think at the end Jax writes in his letter to Gemma that he could never betray the club because "I am not my father," so that's how I took your post.