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  1. Thanks just what I was looking for.
  2. I do not see a thread for this.Has anyone done a rundown of rosters including % owned of players? I.E. how many players took Henry etc.. If this is the wrong forum to post this,mods please move.Thanks
  3. My Father served on the USS New Mexico in the South Pacific.Something like from '41-'45. Came home and married his girl in smalltown NJ,built a house and had 3 kids,myself the youngest. He was 17 or 18 when he enlisted,and passed away in 1993.I never ever will be the man he was. USSNew Mexico He rarely talked about the war in front of us kids,but did a few times after quite a few beers. One story I'll never forget,after a battle,maybe a kamakaze attack,he knew a friend of his was killed by the ring on severed hand/finger. Another story was a Kamakaze pilot parachuted from his plane and ditched in the water away from the ship.He was picked up and many of the crew wanted to kill him,but were prevented from doing so. I have been told by my father and others online with family that served on the NM that the Surrender honors were scheduled to take place on the NM,but Truman being from MO wanted it to happen on the Missouri.
  4. Def helps to have a Harrahs players card with recent (6 month activity) on it,but here is a site of where when the $20 worked and I see Bally's
  5. Carnival Court outside Harrahs on the strip..There will be clusters of women tourists and it is not a long stumbling distance to your strip hotel room. link Alright this may not be the best 'bar' option,but a small group can get pretty wasted and take over the bar/tables if no one gets tooo crazy..