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  1. Size 32. FTR, I have seen 1 guy eat peanuts at a FG before.
  2. go easy on the carbs, fattie....hit me back in 6 months but.... I can't let all these Pizza Hut coupons go to waste.
  3. How in the #### do you find slim cut jeans/chinos that fit properly(aka aren't baggy) if you've got big thighs but smaller calves?
  4. You should have at least thrown down a penny when you walked out.
  5. Watched it again last night; I think it's a good movie, but a not-so-great Batman movie.
  6. When Superman fights General Zod and Faora(the lady right-hand-man to Zod who kicked everyone's ### nearly everytime she was on screen) in Smallville.... who was the taller Kryptonian fighting alongside Faora? I know he has a name, but I can't remember it...
  7. Sprint seemingly doesn't work in my area. I knew it was reported to be spotty but I thought I'd give it a try.... at least I can return the phone.
  8. Signed up for Zact today. Works nearly identical to Ting, except there are tons more options when picking how much talk/text/data you want; the pricing is similar. There's a $5 dollar per device monthly charge. The downside is that it is very new, so you can only pick between 2 phones right now and CANNOT bring your own device, however surely other phones will later be added. If you're not picky about phone you can the LG Optimus Elite is on Zact for $99, where on Ting it's $209. We'll see how it goes.
  9. Ok.... what's with the elf/dildo pic?
  10. Not sure he had a very effective vest on. His morgue pic showed his face and neck were the only thing visiblt burnt. Not burns. Pretty sure those are sever blood bruises caused by her brother running him over.
  11. I imagine the boat will be taken by the police so they can get DNA from it, or just as evidence.
  12. Any news about the condition of this guy?
  13. Holy ####
  14. You could see that snozz from space. this is bad He was read his Miranda rights while he was still in the boat. where'd you hear this? George Zornick @gzornickPete Williams on NBC says federal authorities read Dzhokhar his Miranda rights on the boat. Sorry Lindsey
  15. You could see that snozz from space. this is bad He was read his Miranda rights while he was still in the boat.