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  1. My extended family is having a reunion of sorts at the end of April and we'll be staying at the brand new all-inclusive TRS Coral, which is a new property in the Palladium Hotel Group. It's actually just a little north of Cancun and it just opened in November I think. My parents are big fans of Palladium, so I'm anxious to check this new one out.
  2. 47 - Had to get glasses (progressive lenses) last year. Also have to get up and urinate in the middle of the night most nights. But both of our kids are out of the house as of this fall and my wife and I are totally enjoying being empty-nesters. Something to look forward to for some of you that are getting close to that.
  3. Watched the Fyre Fraud documentary on Hulu yesterday. Billy McFarland is a con man, plain and simple. He was a con man before the Fyre Festival, he was most certainly a con man while trying to put on the festival, and he is still a con man now. Lots of other people were at fault, but most of the blame lies squarely on him. Thumbs up on the Hulu doc. I'll probably watch the Netflix one too though.
  4. My wife is attending a work conference in Frankfurt in May so we're considering flying in early to sight-see on our own for 7-10 days prior. We've never been and have no set agenda. Anyone have any recommendations for 3 or so cities to spend some time in or around Germany? Frankfurt doesn't even need to be one of them necessarily. I'm thinking Berlin is probably a given but I'm totally open to suggestions. General things we're interested in: History Architecture, especially castles and cathedrals - My wife used to work for Disney so Neuschwanstein Castle might be mandatory for her Natural wonders/scenery I'd love to take a high speed train but it's not a requirement, we'd be fine flying or renting a car between cities as well depending on cost/convenience
  5. You are correct there. I hardly take any pics with my phone though. My wife on the other hand...
  6. This. The birds that are curious about you and let you get super close to are the best. Hummingbirds and our tree swallows plus a few others are like that. I've seen videos where if you sit still for awhile you can actually get the hummingbirds to eat right out of your hands. I'd love to try that some time.
  7. I think the XR is the sweet spot personally in terms of bang for the buck at the moment. Loving mine and I don't miss any of the extra features of the X/XS to the point that I'd be willing to shell out another $250 or more for it.
  8. My wife and I just binged Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan over the past week on Amazon Prime. Easy to get through (8 episodes) and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Plenty of action and intrigue and the subject matter is very topical these days. The wife wants us to re-watch Game of Thrones next prior to the final season coming out in April. I'm trying to decide if I really want to watch 67 episodes again. We love the show, but that's a huge commitment. I do imagine we'll catch a lot of stuff (foreshadowing, etc.) the second time around that wasn't quite so obvious in the first viewing.
  9. My wife is into it big time. We've got probably 7-8 feeders in the back with different types of seed plus several suet cylinders and/or blocks. In the summer we have a hummingbird feeder and a birdhouse right off our patio that tree swallows lay eggs in every year. We really enjoy watching the babies hatch and start poking their heads out waiting for mom and dad to bring back insects for them to much on. I have to admit I really enjoy the bird watching. We bought a book called Indiana birds that we keep by our back door and mark off new birds as we see them. I just looked and we've checked off 46 different birds over the past 7-8 years. The coolest one so far is the pileated woodpecker. Hard to tell from the pics, but this bird is HUGE at about 17-18" tall. The only birds we chase off are geese (can't stand the mess they make) and hawks since they will try to prey on the other birds. We do go through a ton of seed though. I'm guessing about 100 pounds per month across the various types - no joke. And it is kind of a PITA in terms of cleanup and mess. But my wife handles all of the filling and restocking the feeders so I'm OK with it.
  10. Saw Eighth Grade just started streaming on Amazon Prime. Looking forward to checking it out this weekend, I've heard good things about it.
  11. I've always loved the last 30-40 minutes of The Matrix. Basically from where Neo and Trinity enter the lobby to rescue Morpheus all the way to the end. If I'm flipping through channels and come across anything after that part, I typically will watch to the end, even though I can basically quote the lines verbatim at this point.
  12. Online shopping Pokemon Go Her new hobby is suddenly the Marie Kondo cleaning/organizing thing. Man that has gone viral fast! Which is fine with me because my wife has WAY too much stuff anyway.
  13. I was listening to the radio the other day and they said that this year is the 40th anniversary of Larry Bird and Indiana State vs. Magic Johnson and Michigan State playing for the NCAA National Championship. It got me to thinking. How good was Indiana State prior to Larry Bird? I looked up a few stats and I saw that ISU had never even been in the NCAA tournament prior to 1979 and then in 1979 they made it to the final undefeated and ranked #1. I guess I’m trying to understand how improbable it was for Larry Bird and ISU to go undefeated and make it all the way to the NCAA finals. Was he just way better than everyone else or did he actually have a good team around him? Is it maybe comparable to Butler making the championship game the first time? Or is it even more unlikely than that? I’ve grown up in Indiana but Larry’s college years are just a little ahead of my time.
  14. Things picked up tremendously right after I posted this. Just finished both seasons. Great show, great acting, looking forward to season 3.
  15. Read through a tiny bit of the case because I was intrigued and I agree.