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  2. Huge fan of LastPass. I always just used the free version. Thing I like about it: Browser plug-in for all browsers that auto-fills username and password so you don't even need to look it up most of the time Mobile app Can add notes to items for things like security questions, etc. Ability to share passwords with family members Random password generator that lets you select all the various requirements like length, character types, etc. Security checks to verify you're not reusing the same password across multiple sites
  3. Had dinner at Alinea in Chicago about 6-7 years ago and loved it. My wife and I will be in Barcelona in November and we just booked a meal at Disfrutar, which ranked #9 on the World's Best Restaurants list for 2019. Definitely looking forward to that one. We certainly don't make a habit of eating at places like this, but every few years it's fun to dine like Chet.
  4. Hopefully this isn't a :honda:. I don't recall anyone posting, but I didn't re-read the whole thread.
  5. I'm 48 and have $580K in my 401K. Wife is 49 and has roughly $550K in hers I think. Our youngest has 3 years of college left and our house will be fully paid off in 2-3 years as well. I feel pretty good about where we are. We've never used a financial adviser, but our CPA recommended one and I think we're going to check it out.
  6. We subscribed to the Indianapolis Star (7 days a week) for many years, but the quality has dropped dramatically especially over the past few years. I used to love reading the Saturday morning paper to get all of the local HS football and basketball game articles and boxscores. The kicker for me was when they came out and announced they were moving all of that to the Sunday paper even though all of the games are played on Friday nights. Plus most all of the national news and Life/Tech/Business stuff is straight from USA Today. There is very little locally reported news even in the paper anymore with the exception of Sundays. We finally dropped our subscription down to just Thursday (coupons for the wife) and Sunday and I don't miss the other days at all.
  7. Back from Germany. Loved the trip. Highlights for us were Kings Castles - castles were awesome and the scenery around them is just stunning. Plus the drive between Neuschwanstein and Linderhof was gorgeous as well. Rothenburg - super cool medieval town Munich - the whole central pedestrian areas and then our side trip out to Dachau which was sobering to say the least Loved sampling all of the food and beer all over I liked Andechs too but it was raining pretty hard the entire time we were there so that put an obvious damper on things I was pretty underwhelmed with Salzburg overall The other huge takeaway I had was realizing that driving experience in Germany is easily 10 times better than driving in the US. I spent around 12-15 hours driving all around Bavaria and here's what I noticed: NO potholes - no exaggeration, the roads are immaculate. I spent 10-15 minutes stuck in traffic a few times due to construction but it didn't even bother me because I realized it's the price you pay for no potholes! NO left lane drivers - it is illegal in most places to pass on the right Semi trucks stay in the far right lane 99% of the time (I think they must have their top speeds throttled but I'm not 100% sure) and don't impede car traffic at all Drivers know how to merge and how to let others merge (without slowing down to a crawl) Drivers know how to use roundabouts, including how to signal when they're exiting Drivers don't drive 0.01 mph faster than the car they're passing and don't clog up all of the traffic behind them Many speed limit signs are digital and I suspect they adjust the limits based on traffic and weather conditions The Autobahn - You'd think that having no posted speed limit would be inherently unsafe, but I felt much safer driving on the autobahn than I do driving on the interstates around Indianapolis due to all of the items previously listed
  8. Yep! we're going there in the afternoon after doing the other two in the AM.
  9. Thanks. This sounds similar to my son minus the partying. Apparently he spent a good part of the semester in his room, not going to classes, not talking to anyone. And his second semester WAS essentially a fail - he'll have retake 3 of 5 classes. I'm just going to try to emphasize to him that he needs to be completely honest with the psychiatrist as to what he is struggling with so that he can get the right kind of help, whatever it ends up being.
  10. No for my son. In fact, my son is very introverted and has a difficult time making friends (guys or girls) and I wonder if that has played at least a small part in this.
  11. My son (just finished freshman year of college) is struggling with this. I'm mostly lost in what to say or do. 2nd semester grades were horrible (worst grades ever) and he led us to believe everything was fine when we talked to him throughout the semester. We didn't know the truth until he moved home and we got the grades. We're scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist and I hope we can at least learn how to manage it sooner rather than later. I feel kind of helpless so I can only imagine how bad he is feeling...
  12. We leave in the AM. Can't wait. Here's our itinerary: Sunday - Land in Munich, pick up rental car. Drive to Fussen, stopping at Andechs Monastary on way for lunch and beer Monday - King's Castles and explore Fussen Tuesday - Drive to Salzburg and do a Sound of Music tour in the afternoon Wednesday - Hohenwerfen Castle (wanted to do Eagles Nest but it's not open for another 2 weeks) and explore Salzburg Thursday - Drive to Rothenburg, explore the town and do the night watchman tour Friday - Drive back to Munich, beer and food tour at 6:00PM Saturday - Dachau and 3rd Reich tour Sunday - Open day in Munich, will likely visit Hofbrauhaus and whatever else strikes our fancy Monday - Fly back home Most of the drives between cities are 2-3 hours but I hear Bavaria is very scenic and we shouldn't be too rushed, so we should be able to stop at various places in between if we want to.
  13. My extended family is having a reunion of sorts at the end of April and we'll be staying at the brand new all-inclusive TRS Coral, which is a new property in the Palladium Hotel Group. It's actually just a little north of Cancun and it just opened in November I think. My parents are big fans of Palladium, so I'm anxious to check this new one out.
  14. 47 - Had to get glasses (progressive lenses) last year. Also have to get up and urinate in the middle of the night most nights. But both of our kids are out of the house as of this fall and my wife and I are totally enjoying being empty-nesters. Something to look forward to for some of you that are getting close to that.
  15. Watched the Fyre Fraud documentary on Hulu yesterday. Billy McFarland is a con man, plain and simple. He was a con man before the Fyre Festival, he was most certainly a con man while trying to put on the festival, and he is still a con man now. Lots of other people were at fault, but most of the blame lies squarely on him. Thumbs up on the Hulu doc. I'll probably watch the Netflix one too though.