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  1. I checked Rotten Tomatoes after we got home and the critic rating is 41%, but the audience rating is only 11%. One of the only things I liked about the movie were the mountain/skiing shots. They were breathtakingly gorgeous. I so want to go skiing in the Alps someday.
  2. Wife wanted to see Downhill with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, so we saw it last night. We both agreed afterward that it was one of the worst movies we’ve seen in recent memory.
  3. Met Mohammad Ali in Chicago in the early stages of his Parkinson's diagnosis. He was super nice.
  4. As long as you purchase a supported modem, you should be fine. I did this a few years ago. I'm using a supported Netgear modem that I bought for $50-60 on Amazon.
  5. Is your Outlook email hosted on a company Exchange server or in the cloud (Office 365)?
  6. Not a fan of Edge of Extinction at all, but I do dig the new fire token concept. Sandra, Rob, and Parvati all amaze me with their different play styles. You'd think they'd have huge targets on their backs, yet not a single vote was cast for any of them. Rob's social mastery over Ben in their conversation on the beach was just pure poetry to watch. Same with his interaction with Dani when she brought his name up as a possible vote. And yet neither Ben nor Dani left with a bad view of Rob when all was said and done. The other player that really stood out to me in the premier was Yul. P.S. I got invited to a Fantasy Survivor game this year for the first time and it's good fun, especially with a larger group. I'll have to remember create a FBG group for next season. I picked Wendell as my overall winner, so hoping he goes far. I do like his position at the moment, but I also know things can change in a heartbeat in this game.
  7. Very good info. Our family has had guinea pigs for years and I'll stress everything bolded above. And you do really want to get 2 since they do bond and tend to get lonely by themselves.
  8. Just starting down this path. Got my sleep study results and I apparently have severe sleep apnea, averaging 43 episodes or whatever they're called per hour. I've been referred to get a CPAP, so now I'm just waiting until I get called for a fitting. I'm crossing my fingers that can use one of the less intrusive ones that only go over your nose.
  9. I still remember Megara from when we took our kids years ago. I think I enjoyed meeting her as much as my kids did LOL.
  10. I was seriously considering buying a used Model S for my next car. This is not cool at all.
  11. I currently have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router (purchased 2015) that works decently, but I'm considering the switch to mesh - likely either Google WiFi or Orbi RBK50. Our internet connection/router is currently on our 2nd floor since that's where our home office is. The other really important area to have a good internet connection is our basement since that's where our gaming setup is. It appears that the Orbi has better performance and more ports, but only 1 satellite, whereas Google WiFi is cheaper and has 2 satellites, meaning I could put one on each floor. Leaning towards giving Google WiFi a shot. Thoughts?
  12. I'm 48. Saw this mentioned a few times, but until about 6 months ago, I'd never had heartburn. I've now had it 3-4 times over the past few months, and I think I had acid reflux last night for the first time. Woke up in the middle of the night with a throw-up taste in my mouth. Went and washed my mouth out, but still got the taste in my mouth again every time I swallowed. Took some Tums and luckily it was gone by morning. I ate plenty of wings and buffalo chicken dip during the SB last night, so I suspect those were the culprit. Serious question - Anything else I should be taking for heartburn and/or acid reflux besides Tums? Guessing I could take it preemptively if I eat greasy or spicy foods later in the evening?
  13. Can't believe it took that long for someone to post this. 🙂
  14. I like Cressi and they have a nice set with short fins. If you've already got decent snorkel gear, just buy the short fins.
  15. Had another hit with Mongolian Beef last night - served it over jasmine rice with a side of roasted green beans. I used top sirloin. I substituted regular soy sauce for low sodium since that's what we had on-hand. I also substituted ginger paste for ginger since it keeps so long in the fridge and we don't use ginger in a lot of recipes. My son had seconds which is very rare for him and my wife already asked me to make this again when we have family in town next week. Big thumbs up and once again, very easy to make.