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  1. Weird sometime around 2008 when republicans were crying Obama was going to take their guns, purchases skyrocketed.
  2. Yeah he has been referred to Trump's fixer for decades It's amusing that since he got busted you just can't believe a darn word he says.
  3. Nobody is pro-abortion. "Wow you're pregnant?! Awesome! Have you considered having an abortion? They're SO cool!!"
  4. I haven't satisfied a woman yet and I'm not going to start now.
  5. I never cared for violent movies that there seems to be a million of like Saw, Seven, Friday the 13th etc. Goodfellas was one of my favorites though. To your point, I don't watch anything remotely violent anymore because it sickens me what is going on in this country. I mean both of my kid's schools were on lock down THIS MONTH because of the threat of gun violence. Multiple times this school year. It's so screwed up.
  6. Nearly 200 Shoe Companies Write Letter Urging Trump to Ditch Footwear Tariffs Every dollar counts alright.