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  1. Saw this story and thought of this thread. Once again nothing will be done. Trump stopped calling for 'very meaningful background checks' on guns after talking to the head of the NRA Literally trading American lives for nothing.
  2. Plus the dollar has been rising. Which would be awesome for vacationing overseas. Of course even I would be too embarrassed to do that. This coming from a guy that let his wife's coworkers put temporary tattoos all over his fanny while he was knocked out for a colonoscopy.
  3. It's almost like he's insane. PM me when he starts accusing chestnuts of being lazy.
  4. One would think that someone with billions in equity would want a rate INCREASE. Particularly in "the greatest economy of all time". The pressure Trump has been putting on the Fed to drop rates tells a different story about his financial situation.
  5. "How about that Led Zeppelin huh? Huh. Pretty good stuff huh?"
  6. Lex Luther was a brilliant criminal that thought he would never be caught.
  7. I can't wait until this shyster is rotting in jail. Better yet, how about lock him in a room with the parents of children at Ssndy Hook and whatever happens, happens.
  8. This is "some good people on both sides" all over again. 1. Trump says something horrible that all but the very worst of us agree with. <SpongeBob Narrator> one day later 2. Trump denies his words and actions. Claims MSM is taking things out of context. NO WAY would he side with THOSE people. <SpongeBob Narrator> 8 hours later 3. Trump reaffirms that his words and actions are EXACTLY what he meant. Republicans come out enforce to defend him.
  9. Trump and the National Enquirer squashed a story about Trump cheating on his wife with a porn star. Lied about that. Lied about paying her off. I would say a crapload of voter fraud happened in 2016.
  10. Not a single "all politicians lie" comment yet. Interesting.