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  1. It must be like when a dog is really nervous and chews off it's own fur.
  2. What will be the net change in Senate seats be after the election? Democratic Party Gain 4 Seats+375 Democratic Party Gain 3 Seats+600 Democratic Party Gain 1 Seat+1200 Republican Party Gain 2 Seats+2000 Democratic Party Gain 5 Seats+550 Democratic Party Gain 2 Seats+850 Neither Party Gains A Seat+1200 Republican Party Gains 4 or More Seats+2000 Democratic Party Gains 7 or More Seats+550 Democratic Party Gains 6 Seats+900 Republican Party Gain 1 Seat+1600 Republican Party Gain 3 Seats+2800
  3. It isn't. Fixed and thanks. ETA @Thunderlips Please delete the quote so as not to confuse anyone. TIA
  4. Battleground States Odds By State Arizona Biden -130 Trump Even Florida Trump -160 Biden +120 Georgia Trump -160 Biden +120 Iowa Trump -170 Biden +130 Michigan Biden -300 Trump +220 Minnesota Biden -360 Trump +250 North Carolina Biden -115 Trump -115 Ohio Trump -190 Biden +210 Michigan Biden -300 Trump +220 Wisconsin Biden -320 Trump +230
  5. Odds to win Battleground States AZ, FL, GA, IA, MI, MN, NC, OH, PA, WI BIDEN Biden 10 Lose All 10 States+1100 Biden To Win Exactly 3 States+750 Biden To Win Exactly 6 States+750 Biden To Win Exactly 9 States+750 Biden To Win Exactly 1 States+1200 Biden To Win Exactly 4 States+900 Biden To Win Exactly 7 States+550 Biden To Win All 10 States+600 Biden To Win Exactly 2 States+900 Biden To Win Exactly 5 States+800 Biden To Win Exactly 8 States+450 TRUMP Trump 10 Lose All 10 States+600 Trump To Win Exactly 3 States+550 Trump To Win Exactly 6 States+900 Trump To Win Exactly 9 States+1200 Trump To Win Exactly 1 States+750 Trump To Win Exactly 4 States+750 Trump To Win Exactly 7 States+750 Trump To Win All 10 States+1100 Trump To Win Exactly 2 States+450 Trump To Win Exactly 5 States+800 Trump To Win Exactly 8 States+900
  6. This has been proven to be good for business. IF there's a blue wave D's would be wise to sincerely engage some of these folks and try to get on the same page. There will always be a difference in policy desires but they need to stop all the insane conspiracy nonsense.
  7. It was video of Trump in March saying we would have a vaccine very soon.
  8. Exactly 6 is +750, Exactly 8 is lowest odds at +400.
  9. @caustic What's the exact number of battleground states do you think Biden will win? Asking for a degenerate gambler. TIA
  10. I would answer this but Door Dash just arrived with my two McDonald's double QP value meals. Serious answer is that, unfortunately, unless a political figure or policy personally affects someone or person they love, there isn't a motivation for change. ETA Seriously though, think I'm going to pound the "extra" Arby's sandwich I bought for dinner.