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  1. People that steal from charities are some of the worst among us. They should be in jail. ETA Yes, this was a civil lawsuit but they still should be behind bars.
  2. As the saying goes "Being President of the United States is the hardest job in the world because you are bored 24 hours a day".
  3. It's his same defense for the dozens(?) of sexual assault/harassment lawsuits against him. All of the plaintiffs are lying and made up the accusations out of thin air.
  4. I wish he would have tweeted The @Radical LarryDems.
  5. Which is why McConnell and gang are switching from there isn't a quid to of course there was but nothing wrong with that.
  6. I've correctly predicted the start and finish of every bull and bear market the last 50 years. PayPal me $98.99 and I will fill you in.
  7. I bet everyone smelled a helluva lot better at the Clinton trial.
  8. I saw a recently banned poster on social media offering $10 for a new login. Thought I would pop-diddly-op-op in to see what all the hubbub was about. Could be a new revenue stream for FBGs. I like these new rules.
  9. Trump’s lawyer arguing he can't be prosecuted for murder..... the D needs to be repeating this insane argument on every type of media possible. Yes @OrtonToOlsenincluding smoke signals.