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  1. So glad we benched him. He ain't Jordan afterall.
  2. Well, so far we are in the clear. Mixon has 3pts on my bench. I think we guessed right today.
  3. Took Mixon and his potential swamp butt out for Boone. We. will. see.
  4. Agreed. I think Gordon pulls too much from Ekeler.
  5. I just pulled Mixon for Boone. Now watch Mixon pull a Michael Jordan and go for 200 and 3 Td's while puking all over everyone.
  6. Same situation with Mixon. If Cincy gets a lead I could see them giving Mixon some rest time. Still have Mixon in over Boone, but Minny needs this win. Decisions decisions...pardon me while I overthink this.
  7. Add/Drop Defense, baby. "Paging Boone to my bench...Mike Boone to my bench, please."
  8. I'm not worried about him, beat him last week despite his otherworldly performance. 😜
  9. Kept wishing we had a kicker that could boom the ball through the endzone rather than let that little twit keep coming up with huge chunk yardage plays on the kickoffs.
  10. I do apologize in advance here, but when I opened this thread I think I re-injured Will Fuller's hamstring.
  11. It was a temporary tag, sadly. And there was no way to tough it out for cash. I mean, sure, I could hop on one leg for a bit but getting uphill was rough.