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  1. None of the backs had holes to run through last night. Looks like a KC 3-way RB bust to me. Hate to drop a 6th round pick, but he is worthless with no hope in sight.
  2. This. Gordon isn't playing in a vacuum. His holdout didn't work to his advantage, but it failed "Financially", not "Physically. The team around him isn't the same team that was on the field last year due in large part to injury. Hard to see it fully rebounding due to OTHER PEOPLE's injuries. That isn't on Gordon. His scene changed.
  3. Uh to this news? I better see if Everett is available. Slim pickings out there for TE's between bye and injuries. Never mind...I just read it in the yahoo update next to his name. Thanks!
  4. Gurley is way more valuable than those two. Most will decline 2-1 trades.
  5. "Paging A.J Green's GM........A.J. Green's GM to the white courtesy phone, please."
  6. SD's offense has not been clicking. They likely could use Ekeler more in the slot or moving around in space and Gordon in the backfield at the same time.
  7. Saquon owner is dumb AND desperate. You stole from a child. Shame on you. 🤣
  8. It sounds like they want to up JWill's carries and even things out. Is Williams worth a pickup to flex at this point? I could see GB continuing to move the ball, especially against some easier D's.
  9. Why can't we all just get along? I blame Trump, or Obama!
  10. Mayhaps they trailered DWill off to the glue factory and didn't tell us yet? That's what happened to my white gelding Elmer.
  11. It's not so much that you started it, it's only getting to the finish line that matters.
  12. Darwin bringin the BANG back dis week, you single cell suckas.