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  1. I went to Miami once, but only stayed there in a half decent hotel near a dock the night before we went on a cruise. We got hungry but didn't have a car, so we walked to the grocery store and found that tons of the food there had been opened and eaten out of without people buying it. Pretty sketchy. I didn't tell you none of this had much to do with Tua.
  2. Oh this pains me after watching the kid roll through this season w/Dak.
  3. Uggg, so tempted to drop Lamb for Higgins. Are they in the same range value-wise in redraft?
  4. Crazy to think about flat dropping Lamb for Higgins in Cleveland? I need a WR, but just don't think he's going to do anything unless Dalton is able to unscramble his eggs.
  5. Apologies to all. I read both Will Fuller and Kelly Stills names in this thread and heard both of their hamstrings tear in the process. Both out for the year per Shefty.
  6. I'll try not too. I have Kelce in the league I snagged him, so he could start in my FLEX.
  7. Fitz's experience on bad teams certainly slowed the game down in his head so he was less apt to panic. Plus the guy would take off and run. It will be interesting to see if he could buy some time for his receivers to get downfield too. But I'm sure he has had "throw it away" drilled into his head all pre/current season given his hip issue and concern for long term health.
  8. Half a season of 72% completion percentage, 3500 yards passing with 26 TD's, 700 yards rushing with 8 TD's. Just kidding. Anybody doing projections for Tua? He has some skill players to toss it to.
  9. I picked him up in two leagues and plan on starting him this week. I just benched my other two receivers so he gets ALL the looks.
  10. No, I goofed up and thought it was 2019 again. Hooper is in Clev now.
  11. Another question to ask is do you trust Rivers more than Matt Ryan. Ryan seems to run more hot and matty-ice-cold-horrible. But maybe that's just me being bitter that I had him on the bench and it cost me a win last week.
  12. Bell is on my WW in a 10 team redraft. I'm just not sure I want to burn a high waiver pick on him.