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  1. Fitz's experience on bad teams certainly slowed the game down in his head so he was less apt to panic. Plus the guy would take off and run. It will be interesting to see if he could buy some time for his receivers to get downfield too. But I'm sure he has had "throw it away" drilled into his head all pre/current season given his hip issue and concern for long term health.
  2. Half a season of 72% completion percentage, 3500 yards passing with 26 TD's, 700 yards rushing with 8 TD's. Just kidding. Anybody doing projections for Tua? He has some skill players to toss it to.
  3. I picked him up in two leagues and plan on starting him this week. I just benched my other two receivers so he gets ALL the looks.
  4. No, I goofed up and thought it was 2019 again. Hooper is in Clev now.
  5. Another question to ask is do you trust Rivers more than Matt Ryan. Ryan seems to run more hot and matty-ice-cold-horrible. But maybe that's just me being bitter that I had him on the bench and it cost me a win last week.
  6. Bell is on my WW in a 10 team redraft. I'm just not sure I want to burn a high waiver pick on him.
  7. Cox is out...I need Burton to do something against Cincy this week.
  8. Come on, Godwin. Sew that hammy back on and get in there, Brady needs all his toys in fine working order.
  9. So was Gibson's toe injury an explanation as to why McKissic got more carries? I was offering Henderson and Montgomery in a trade for Gibson last week and it was rejected. The two put up points and Gibson pooped the bed. I'm wondering if I ought to toss out that offer again.
  10. A career of wasted fake football potential. I feel bad for the guy.
  11. When was this damage done? I had PW on my bench and say that he had 100 yards and the TD, but did all/most of that damage happen in one or two drives? 5 targets in a blowout against a BAD secondary is not real promising.
  12. PPR Hopkins is straight cash money, even in a not so great Arizona O
  13. I think I'd rather have Sanders in a PPR. He is likely to get 5-7 catches plus the bulk of the carries and goalline for the Eagles. Julio is playing second fiddle. I'd rather start Sanders at Flex and have him to fill the RB slot for bye weeks.
  14. How many RB's and WR's can you start? Flex?
  15. And Akers is headed back to make things MORE muddy.
  16. I might ask for Moss in return...if he'd give him up. He won't let Edmonds go if you give him Drake. But not exactly the RB backfield I'd want to rely on. He has to drop someone!
  17. 10 team. Non-PPR. start 2 RB's, 3 WR, FLEX, TE, QB, K, Def. 1pt/10 yards rushing/receiving, 6pt rushing/receiving TD
  18. Drake is struggling in that Arizona his value has dropped. Does he have anyone else to toss in to even it up a bit? Anyone you are eyeing on the FA list?
  19. Please see mine and I will come back to yours.
  20. I like the Metcalf upgrade but it leaves you extra thin at RB, starting Fornette and Ron Jones and hoping Bellicheck doesn't rip your heart out with Damien Harris on a bye week. I don't expect there are many FA RB's on the wire to pick up though in at 12 teamer. Who else in on the FA wire at RB or WR? Are you OFFERING or did you RECEIVE this trade?
  21. The Gibson owner is dead last and I have CMC, A. Jones, and Robinson for my RB slot. Trying to consolidate for bye weeks. Monty has been decent and Henderson has a lot of competition. The Gibson owner rejected Monty straight up.
  22. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 18 times, shame on me. Maybe he's worth it, but I don't think I have it in me to trust him. Is Herbert going to wrap him in bubble wrap before he sends him deep?
  23. Can't really beat myself up over not starting him over Kelce, but DANG, between leaving him and Chark on the bench, I would have come out ahead. He looks to have Rodger's complete trust. I'm sure things change when Adams comes back, but this guy is a TE1 for sure.