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  1. 26 minutes ago, Don't Noonan said:

    Right now Boone is on my bench for Fournette, Mixon, and A. Jones.  With Mixon stomach bug I may be taking him out for Boone.

    Same situation with Mixon. If Cincy gets a lead I could see them giving Mixon some rest time. Still have Mixon in over Boone, but Minny needs this win.

    Decisions decisions...pardon me while I overthink this.

  2. I got a leg contusion in college one time. I was playing backyard football and a buddy tackled me and his knee hit me in the calf. I limped around as it felt like a charlie horse and I couldn't put much weight on it. 3 days later I was at the Doctors and back to campus with crutches and a handicap parking pass for 3 weeks. It was just a freak little injury, but I limped around for weeks.

    Just one man's experience, and I'm sure there are "different grades" of contusions. And he's a world class athlete with world class trainers who will treat it well.

  3. It's all context, gents. Just because the guy doesn't have Chark or McLaurin doesn't mean he didn't pick up Metcalf or other similar up and coming players along the way as substitutes for FREE off the WW. There have been a few plug n players that could get the guy through until AJG's hopeful week 4/5 return- turned- into- week 10 return. Do we really think that his whole team hinged on AJG's return? Considering all the injuries or under-performing players out there, it is likely the team was hit by 2-3 other decent losses (Luck? Brees? AB? Melvin? D Will sucking? Kerryon Johnson sucking?, THill?, etc.) top of a missing AJG and ol Chark or McLaurin wouldn't have have really made much of a difference.

    I picked AJG up early on when others dropped him. I've been shuffling guys in and out and haven't needed to trade or drop AJG for another starter because the guys I have picked up have actually been putting up numbers near to or better than Chark or McLaurin (Metcalf, Hardman). Who were likely both WW pickups. Some guys just flat won't go for "sell high" young guys because they want to see them prove it. Chark and McLaurin both have unproven players tossing the rock to them, so perhaps it's a "bird in hand" issue.

    Meanwhile, I cross my fingers on AJG's return....which will neither break nor make my team.



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  4. On 10/26/2019 at 2:02 PM, Dez said:

    Kraft is a jerk that is why Brown isn't in the NFL.  He forced AB out when BB and Brady didn't want him pushed out because he didn't want to pay him the money when he heard about the allegations which is pretty stupid considering of all people Kraft who has what is going with him to be the moral officer.

    Brown should 100% be in the NFL right now the NFL is dragging their feet on purpose on this and it's keeping him out.  Nothing like the whole guilty before proven innocent in the NFL.

    Phone call for you, says his name is Kaepernick?

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