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  1. 20 hours ago, Alex P Keaton said:

    He was open multiple times the week before.  Brady just missed him over and over.   He's too busy staring down Gronk and checking down to his RBs 1.2 seconds post-snap.   Brady is average at best.  

    I didn't see a ton of the game, but it did look like the Saints D was getting some pretty good pressure on Brady. True or False?  

  2. 2 minutes ago, SoBeDad said:

    He was a rare bell cow back while CMC was out. He was great the first few weeks, but then Samuel stole some action later. He has good hands and a burst.

    I have Davis, he has been tremendous. I flipped him onto my bench during the crazy week last week and failed to put CMC in my lineup. I guess I can flip Davis back in for next week for that sack of garbage RB in Chicago.

  3. 51 minutes ago, Mene said:

    I recall reading that Brown had an awful childhood, poor, and possibly homeless at one point as a teenager.  I believe he had a father figure assistant coach from CMU that had stayed involved with him until he passed away in 2018 I think, which kinda coincided with him going off the deep end.  I believe he arrived at CMU with all of his possessions in a single bag, flat broke, and on his last chance, and that guy took him under his wing.  Again, this is all from memory, but I believe Brown has had a troubled life going back a long time.

    This is not to excuse anything he has done, he's been an absolute bastard of late, and should be held accountable.  Just adding what I recall reading to give some context to his behavior.

    Thanks, Mene. Our formative years are so very important, and when things are shattered in us as kids and we never take the time to get them mended through counseling, they are very likely to continue to drive us. I agree that Brown has been a fool of late and that he should be held accountable for his sake and for the sake of others. But my heart does go out to him on a deeper level, even at age 32, he very likely needs the stability and mentor ship Brady can offer. It might sound dumb, but perhaps Brady really does see this as a chance to invest in AB's life even beyond the contribution AB could make on a field. I say good on Tom for making this investment in his friend. I sure hope the story has a happy ending................and quite a few long bombs for TD's, because my WR's have been a wreck. haha

  4. 6 minutes ago, RealReactions said:

    My hypothetical guess is he grew an ego. He came into the league as a 6th round pick. Didn't start the 1st 2 years on Pittsburg but soon became a star so he probably started humble. He than went on a crazy run which had a hall of fame projection. He was the unquestioned best WR in the league for a while, got a madden cover, and got paid a TON. All of this just built his ego up. Wouldn't be surprised if close friends/family helped build it up as well.


    this is just my best guess as I don't see a 6th rounder coming into the league as a rookie with the antics he is now showing and actually staying in the league past a few years.

    A good point. I picked him up in my dynasty football league when another owner gave up on him. He proceeded to BLOW UP the next week or so and we had a great run. I had somewhat forgotten about his more humble beginnings.

  5. 1 hour ago, RC94 said:

    I'm glad Antonio has finally gotten the babysitter he's always needed.  He's 32, but it's never too late to get someone who can supervise you like you were 8.

    It's doubtful that Brown (or anyone outside of NE) has ever been around someone as disciplined and intentional as Brady on and off the football field. If AB can't make it with Brady breathing down his neck, he is done for sure. It does make me wonder what his life was like growing up. Did he have anyone telling him NO, teaching him to be disciplined, etc.? Or was he just given a pass because he was just so good?

  6. 27 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    Some MoP tidbits that I have not seen discussed as we make our way towards the unveiling of Tua, these things don't directly concern him. 

    -Davon Godchaux, our starting DT went on IR and is going t miss about 3 months so his season is over. He is also set to be a Free Agent, Miami would either have to sign him to a long term deal or some kind of deal, even a 1 year prove it type but I think he is past that point. He typically doesn't rate very high on PFF, for where we drafted him, we have gotten our money's worth, he has a lot of starts under his belt and can find work in the future, just don't feel he is much above average. 52 Games, 42 Starts in the last 3.5 seasons so he has been holding the fort down, he is going to be missed and I think the Rams might find room to run on Sunday which isn't good. 

    -Raekwon Davis, 56th overall pick from Alabama. The Dolphins were criticized over this pick but they had THREE 1st round selections so folks kind of overlooked this guy. I would not say he has been great but I like some of what I see, hope he is ready for some serious snaps, especially on 1st and 2nd Downs, 3rd and Short, he is going to be worked and he needs to hold up. 

    Benito Jones was activated from the practice squad at tell me. 

    Miami might want to make a quiet trade for someone's reserve DT or NT and get some help in here or otherwise they are going to have issues stopping the run. 

    Raekwon McMillan was traded towards the end of August and I never really heard much about it and was wondering why I hadn't seen his name much. He was traded to the LVR plus Miami's 5th? Maybe that was another team's 5th but they packaged that and received the Raiders 4th in return, we'll see how that works out with Vegas making a playoff push at the moment. He was a 2017 2nd Round, 54th pick Overall, tore his ACL before he really got going as a rookie and never made a huge impact. Who was responsible for him being on the roster?  Just a question. 

    I told you none of this had much to do with Tua. 

    I went to Miami once, but only stayed there in a half decent hotel near a dock the night before we went on a cruise. We got hungry but didn't have a car, so we walked to the grocery store and found that tons of the food there had been opened and eaten out of without people buying it. Pretty sketchy.

    I didn't tell you none of this had much to do with Tua.

  7. 5 minutes ago, travdogg said:

    That exact move happened in my redraft league. Personally, I'd rather keep Lamb, he was very close to 2 TD's last week, but I can understand it. 

    I can't justify picking Lamb up off waivers, so I'm not super high on him, but I could see him still being a WR3 once Dalton is healthy. Of course, with Steelers than bye week coming up, it might be until week 11 until he's useable.

    Oh this pains me after watching the kid roll through this season w/Dak.