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  1. Hopefully not, we need him motivated to high point the ball.
  2. This is a total shot in the dark, but...what do you think the chances are of Arizona trading for a RB given Carson and Fitz's age and perhaps a desire to make a run this year? Certainly nobody can fill Johnson's shoes, but I'm guessing there COULD be someone to be had that would be better than the pending RBBC mess now. Would the saints consider trading Peterson for example?
  3. Lacy is a FA in my 10 team H2H league. Do you guys think he's worth dropping for a guy like Gore who is getting long in the tooth but still the undisputed starter? I don't mean to make this an Assistant Coach move, but curious where you rank Lacy.
  4. Please take one for the team, friend. Having lost Keenan, Sammy, and Moncrief, this clown is my #1.
  5. Gurley is crushing all of his peers on a yards per snap and touch per snap basis. No need to overthink this one. He might be the best pure runner of the football in the game already. I hope you're right. I'm holding and hoping. I just don't get all the masterbatory posts about him in here. The sample size is still very very very small. On the flip side, I'm not sure how you could own him and not be excited by what you're seeing. You could watch football for 40 years and never see something like this so if this doesn't impress you I'm not sure what will. Maybe you're the type that needs to 2 years of work for the production to be a reality. Look around at the RB landscape, look at their touch counts and usage and contrast with Gurley...look at the speed, the cuts, explosion...he's the complete package paired with the perfect coach...if you can't get excited about having him on your squad maybe you should do a different hobby. Well said. They can stack the box and still not stop him all game. I too was watching the box score with expectation that at least one mistake would turn into a TD run. It seems it is just a matter of time with him. Shoot, he's so good that Tavon Austin is looking like a good pick and the Nick Foles trade is a wash now. If people want to pull out all the long TD runs, we'll have to do that for EVERYONE, won't we? The gas pedal is on the floor with this kid.
  6. No offense, but if you offered me DT, I'd let that trade sit there until it expired while I cried about poor Peyton's arm falling off the cliff.
  7. So far this isn't going well. I've had Graham offered straight up, Kelce straight up, and Abdullah and Landon Collins. Oh, let's not forget Richard Rodgers straight up. Some one offered you Richard Rodgers for Gurley? Oh boy. While those other offers are bad at least they have some semblance of a "starting offer". Some one offering up Rodgers is just a dope. Well, I'm horribly lacking at TE, so obviously this was a fair offer. Richard Rodgers...Aaron Rodgers...easy to confuse the two, I'm sure.
  8. Heard on the radio this morning that Cam Chancelor has ended his holdout.
  9. -Denver has faced some tough D's -O line is young and inexperienced -Kubiak's O doesn't suit Peyton under center -CJ hurt his toe/ankle -Peyton played MUCH better in shotgun. It bought him time to throw and gave Sanders and DT time to get open -passing game will lead to more open lanes for CJ, he looked fine on the plays where there was an actual hole vs a wall of Red defenders blitzing and crashing in on him. Concern, yes. But no need to panic if you are an owner. CJ may not be a top 5 RB, but the potential is there for a solid season. Good buy low candidate in my eyes if the owner in your league has lost his head.
  10. He's already had a couple of games like this in the past, but then completely disappears afterwards. No idea why the coaching staff doesn't use him more, even when Gates is playing. Just for fun, I'd like to point out that this isn't really true. In his three year career prior to yesterday: -he has had 6 targets only twice -he has never had 5 receptions -he has equaled or topped 74 yards twice -he has topped 74 yards with a TD once So no, he hasn't really had a couple games like this in the past. The fact that he's only had two games with six targets is probably the reason why he's disappeared in the past after these fictitious similar games. The bold has a tad to do with that guy named Gates...arguably the best TE to play the game...playing in front of him.
  11. I hesitated but took CJ at 8 and Dez at 9 (little fun league with my son). Gotta love week 1 injuries to first and second round pics AND all the SKY is FALLING that comes with it.
  12. 9 weeks in the very beginning of his rookie season while playing for a terrible Tampa Bay team no less.
  13. Now Fasano resorted to purposely wipe out Kelce's catches in a pathetic effort of undermine Special K?
  14. GAMER! Why say this? On the field, he clearly decided very quickly that he definitely couldn't get it. The sentence in red says everything. The moment you think too much is the moment you make mistakes. It's not in a WR's mentality to run across the field and dive for the football. Does anyone think Randy Moss would have got that fumble? Brilliant deduction skills, Hopkins. In other news, water is wet, ice is cold, and you sir, are an IDIOT.
  15. ...on fantasy benches everywhere. I've started him every week. Don't ask... Haha damn I bet he's been a nice little surprise a few weeks there, eh? I've got a ton of options at my 2 flex spots and this news has me wondering if this is the week to give him a start. Would be starting over the likes of Patterson, Benjamin, Robinson and possibly Beckham. Sanu has been sitting on my bench but with the injury to Calvin Johnson, I may just have to pull the trigger this week. Interesting, I was reading something where even with AJ Green in the game, Sanu was getting about 8 targets a game, plus he has this knack for the big play. Now, imagine if Green is not there, his targets may well go into the double digits. He's definitely not a bad play as a # 2 WR with Green out. And with Green in, I think he's still a legit flex play. OK, here's what CBSSportsline has to say about Sanu: Mohamed Sanu coexisting fine with A.J. Green When Mohamed Sanu had 84 yards and a touchdown Week 2 against Atlanta, it seemed like just a byproduct of A.J. Green being sidelined by a sprained toe, but in two games with Green back in the lineup, Sanu has remained a regular part of the Bengals' passing game, getting at least eight targets in each. He had a season-high nine Week 5 at New England and was about as productive as Green, catching five passes for 70 yards and a touchdown. In standard leagues, he has now scored double-digit Fantasy points in three straight games. Sanu will never be to Fantasy owners what Green is, but he has good size and has delivered his share of big plays already this season. He won't be the most exciting waiver claim this week, but in leagues where wide receivers come at a premium, he might be a pretty nice find. No talk of Marvin Jones out of the picture due to injury and headed back?
  16. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I agree with the steady and trustworthy. Gates looked slow to me the other night, however. He pushed off a linebacker to gain separation -vs- being able to run away from them in the past. Time will tell...but i think SD HAS to get Green in the game. Bring in TE #3 to block in two TE sets and get Green in the slot? It would be flat silly to waste this kid's talent.
  17. He trucked some cat on his way to the end zone. Didn't catch a number, so I don't know if StL's 2's were out there. ran over some little white dude...not surprised Racist
  18. The Rams were missing both starting DT's, MLB, top 3 CB's, DE Quinn barely played. Let's not jump the gun Couldn't see the game, this is why I asked. Thanks for the info.
  19. How is Ingram looking specifically? That Rams Defense isn't too bad.
  20. yep, hes like jimmy graham. Eddie royal injury is more beneficial to him than gates injury. Speaking of which, anybody know royals status going forward?Green is as fast and twice as big as Royal. Does Royal keep his job after injury with the way Green is playing?
  21. Carson Palmer along with that offensively offensive line may very well be holding him back.
  22. Gronk and Hernandez co-existed just fine there for a while... at 6'6" with 4.4 speed...Green is a WR-esque matchup nightmare on linebackers that appears to be coming into his own.
  23. Good posting. But it won't be recognized as such because people are convinced that the jury has returned and Ingram is guilty of sucking and is sentenced to watching Pierre Thomas steal his touches every week. I've never been able to land Ingram before for a price I thought acceptable, but count me in as a buyer this year if more "fluff" keeps coming out and all the haters ignore it and keep his price suppressed. Ummm, sorry, but he is guilty of sucking so far. A 1st round RB finishing 45th and 35th in non-PPR (far, far worse in PPR, which I play in all 3 leagues) is sucking. For those of us who play PPR, his floor is way worse than a RB3/flex play. That said, he should do better this year, because Ivory won't get 200+ yards like he has the past two years. On the other side, I don't think that Mark Ingram is a talented NFL runner so far. 3.9 ypc when D's are 100% focusing on Brees is not good. Thomas has averaged 4.8ypc with the Saints and Sproles averaged 6.9 ypc in 2011 and 5.1 ypc in 2012. Brees has averaged around 8ypa with the Saints, so with those two RBs ypc and Brees' ypa, why would they put more of a focus on Ingram? I sure don't think some of the 1000 yard 8-9 TD projections are even close. One quick question for everyone, is anyone worried about Sproles getting more carries? He was brought in by Payton just like Ingram was drafted by Payton. Sproles had twice as many carries in 2011 as he did in 2012. Maybe Payton will get back to given more carries to Sproles. It has been mentioned many times that Ingram's carries have primarily been on short yardage/goal line carries. In those cases, the D is NOT focused 100% on Brees, they are focused on stopping Ingram from picking up the first down. This significantly lowers Ingram's YPC numbers. Feel free to post those. He has almost 280 carries in the past two years and posts above it says that Ingram had 7 carries inside the 5 yard line. Are you saying those 7 carries are really the reason why his ypc aren't that great? Sproles has 17 TDs and Graham has 20 TDs the last two years. Both of them get more opportunities at the goal line than Ingram has, so even in short yardage teams are focusing on Brees as much as they are on Ingram. Hmmm, let's think about the D-Coordinator. Should we focus on Brees, who averages around 3 TDs passes a game or Ingram, who averages 0.3 TDs per game. Sorry, but unless you can show me that he averages well over 4 ypc on all his non-short yardage carries, I don't believe his ypc is affected when the guy has 7 goal line carries in 280 carries. I wouldn't even say that 7 goal line carries in 2 years qualifies as a short yardage back. It isn't just the short yardage role that limits Ingram. It's the predictability of their offense when he's in the game. Last year he played 266 offensive snaps and he rushed the ball 156 times, so they ran the ball 59% of the time he was in the game. Pierre Thomas played 388 snaps and he rushed the ball 105 times, so they ran the ball 27% of the time he was in the game. You think defenses don't know this?! When Ingram is in the game the defense is keying to stop the run. When Pierre Thomas is in the game they are defending the pass. Sproles is even more unpredictable in the run game as he played 446 offensive snap with just 48 rushes (11%). Thanks, Ninja...this is what I was referring to. It accounts for much more than just short yardage carries. If Payton has recognized this, and it sounds like he might have, we could see a slightly different brand of playcalling on his part that will help open up some imagination when Ingram is in the game. Add to that a fully healthy player, and we might get to see the guy NO moved up in the draft for 2 years ago.