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  1. YES, totally agree! In lieu of continuing to suck badly and trying to turn it around via the draft ONLY, they appear to be trying to do BOTH get a franchise QB AND a top Player at the top of the draft or secure more pics. IF they can get JG and FEEL CONFIDENT about him (using the pic to buy the chance of really getting to know him in all facets of the game) then they sign him and use the top pic/multiple pics to keep rebuilding. Agreed again, I truly hope they are able to find out what they need in this short time with JG WHILE CONTINUING to lose. Let's start the next "Suck for ___" campaign and be sure to increased the odds of the ideal. (JG working out great AND the top pick) Good stuff, Ninja.
  2. SF could spin their wheels trying to figure that out whether it is JG or not...the same thing would happen if they draft a top QB (none of which am I impressed with so far, but maybe a Wentz comes out of the blue?). Agreed on the two month plus eval....but rather have that than two days of interviews and NE coaches blowing smoke about how great he is.
  3. What is the BEST WAY to figure out IF Jimmy is your guy? Option 1: Wait, pay for him, bring him in and find out. Option 2: Trade for him, interrogate/watch/torture/ask/listen/practice/watch him play/have him break down 2 months plus of film alongside you/etc......THEN, take ALL THAT INFO and make a VERY informed (although not exactly ideal due to circumstances) decision based on INFO and RELATIONSHIP with JG to EITHER Sign him OR pass and lose out on the decent crapshoot of a #33 pick. If my job and the franchise is on the line...I take the chance of losing 1 pick for the good of all involved.
  4. Can JG come in for a two month private workout with the team? No. This isn't a black and white issue that you seem to make it, it is gray. Two months of a holistic view of JG -vs- a few days with a smiley face and no pressure on is NOT CLOSE TO THE SAME type of evaluation that would lead to the same confidence that the guy can help lead a franchise. Right, so "call his buddies" and ask them what they think -vs- SEE FOR YOURSELF. Apples and Oranges. You certainly do trade one pick if it allows you a better shot at passing on a QB at #1 or #2 and turning that into either a handful of MORE VALUABLE pics OR the Best OL or DL in the draft. Again, $$$ is not issue's increasing the odds of SUCCESS an MORE KNOWLEDGE will leverage MORE chance for SUCCESS. They rent him, get to know him and gain EVERY ADVANTAGE we've been talking about (not an advantage in signing him, but advantage in knowing if they WANT TO) We AREN'T saying it will save them money. At least I'm not Sorry to pounce on your posts, Ninja....don't take it personally...I'm just trying to clarify some things on the other side.
  5. NE has to be willing to trade's doubtful they were until now. I HIGHLY DOUBT JG is going to turn this mess around to the point of losing a top pick EVEN IF HE's AMAZING. There is also NOTHING saying they don't keep JG on ice and "suck for Luck" like the Colts did (ironically may be doing all over again) for a few weeks and toss him in when he's further along. Get all you can out of film study, practice time, conversations, etc.
  6. Agreed, the compensatory pick is a good point. It's something. I don't think paying more money is an issue for SF, coupon or no coupon, they are going to spend A LOT of money on a QB so I toss the $$$ savings out. If they want him, they HAVE to pay more than anyone else. If he does play poorly, they will have the major advantage of talking to him, listening, watching practice, watching how he handles the failure or perceived failure, watching how he rallies or doesn't rally his teammates, etc. Again, SF KNOWS they have weak spots that they need to consider. No doubt they consider the same things with Beathard too, but perhaps JG comes in and overcomes SOME of those things and they see him turn some of the tide in 2 months regardless of wins/losses. SF has no issue with money. How in the world does gaining TONS MORE KNOWLEDGE make investing money in him MORE Complicated than taking a near blind guess like like the Texans and Bears did? Agreed that EVERYONE has the same ability to get a potential franchise QB in JG...what this does is it gives the 9ers TONS of KNOWLEDGE and MUCH MORE CONFIDENCE to know if they SHOULD go after him...rather than a blind stab as I mentioned above. Without this trade, they don't have any advantage in Knowledge for the front office to make further personnel moves. Again, $$$ is no issue in I don't think any argument for or against money plays into this JG scenerio at all.
  7. Yes, if they WANT and CAN SIGN sign JG or Cousins.....they've got $$ and cap room for days.
  8. Obviously useful enough for a Head Coach to want to take the risk of doing it. JG isn't a rookie, he has been practicing/playing NFL football with a storied franchise QB/Coach Combo Exponentially? Doubtful TOM BRADY himself could do that with the players SF has on their team right now. Could it go up a bit, sure, but if it does SF will now feel CONFIDENT PAYING it. If he sucks, they will have firsthand experience in seeing it and getting to the bottom of WHY. Do you think they are UNAWARE of the holes in their roster? Shanahan can have him for a personal visit, sure...but not GAME experience in the midst of real pressure, real game prep, real film prep, real throwing under real pass rush in games that count and when everyone is in a groove....not on vacation and whiped out after a season. I think all this is VERY valuable, and apparently the SF organization (not armchair GM's) seem to think so too. It's their jobs that are on the line here. It is likely MUCH LESS difficult for REAL Coaches/GM's to assess things, over a 2-3 MONTH Stretch than it is in a 1-2 day visit. He's got no experience? How long has he been playing NFL football? How many meetins/film study sessions/coaching session with Tom Brady and Bellichek and the QB coaches? Mid season do know that he just went through offseason, pre-season, and half the season with the Pats, right? Granted there is no chemistry, but it's doubtful he has chemistry with Gronk/Eddleman/Ammendola/etc. now and it wouldn't have it with Garcon/etc. in April either. There are MANY advantages to doing this trade for SF. The worse it does is they lose the pic and confidently sign him to a long term deal and he doesn't work out.---but there will be a LOT of evidence/knowledge to help prevent this due to the trade. The Best it does is it gives SF a start right now, invested in Quality NFL QB and allows them to either take ANOTHER STUD at the top of the draft RATHER than a QB they HOPE turns out basically site unseen/only college experience....that does NOT play the QB position. OR they trade the top pick and move down a few spots and gather up a bunch more pics from a team DESPERATE for a QB. I just don't think this could EVER turn into a FRANCHISE CRIPPLING bad trade...but signing him after a measly 2 day test drive, winning the INEVITABLE bidding war that will come (Basically Cousins and Him available) whether he was traded for or not, signing him to a big long term contract, basically site unseen COULD be FAR MORE Franchise Crippling. This move GREATLY REDUCES the chances of another Osweiller/Glennon signing...could it STILL happen, sure, but the odds are NOT the same.....Osweiller and Glennon didn't have the mentoring/coaching that JG did either. This trade makes these scenarios more Apples to Oranges to me.
  9. Agreed, they could have had the same player without the draft pick. The only difference is this way they will still have the same chance on paper (IF THEY WANT IT), BUT it comes with a WEALTH of knowledge procured from on site conversations, practice time, personal interactions, game play (albeit in the midst of less than ideal circumstances) that they wouldn't otherwise have had with JG on the East coast. You may turn out right may be a blown pick giveaway and NE may use it to draft their next Tom Brady at #34 and dominate the league for another 10 years. But it also may turn into SF drafting at top QB at #1 or #2 (assuming they keep doing poorly) because JG stinks or doesn't fit and they STILL have 50 mill saved in cap space, a rookie QB to develop, and down that #34 pick. In my mind, the security that comes with a good "test drive" is still worth the chance of over paying with Osweiller money ($72 mill with $37 guaranteed for two years on a 4 year deal). It's a risk either way...and frankly...I think SF is in a better spot either way IF they do their due diligence with JG in the next 2+ months (which is benefited with the tremendous investment already made in JG from the NE franchise).
  10. Even if the price would be the same, this way the 9ers get to see him at practice and games/listen to him/get to know his personality etc. before offering him a long term deal. Am I in love with the deal, no, but from the 9ers standpoint they will have A LOT more subjective info with which to make a decision on whether to offer him a contract than they would with him in the Pat's facility across the country. They can do with him what they him a quarter and let Beathard take more beatings and more losses to ensure a better chance at a higher pick. Why does he HAVE to start? Why would he have to play a whole game? The 9ers will be able to see cream rise to the top (or not) regardless of ideal circumstances. I'm SURE they are well aware of the debacle of Osweiler, and this is a calculated risk to avoid a fairly major setback. If they don't feel comfortable after two months plus of interaction, they walk away and lose the #33rd pick they they HOPED to hit on (no sure thing either). If the trial doesn't work out, I'd be happier to lose a #33 and not be strapped with a huge long term contract (if they won the JG lottery). Then you lick your wounds and draft a QB and start the developmental clock (good luck---2 years behind). Senario #2 is you win the JG lottery AFTER the season sight unseen, spend the money, locked in for years, and possibly end up with Osweiler-esgue bad bit/bad personality/poor leadership situation. You still have your top draft pick or can trade for more parts. Senario #3 is you pay the #33, get to know the guy and like what you see and hear. You feel confident to spend the money because you've increased the odds of him being a fit......You sign him with much more confidence...and can still sell off the top pick for more picks to a desperate team. I just don't see anything that makes this a HORRIBLE move. Oh, the Pats get what they need just like they usually do.
  11. Another piece to add here is that JG has been developed and invested in for the past few years by playing with/watching/learning from the best, most cerebral QB to play the position and by arguably the best coach to coach in recent time. His development really couldn't get much better at this point. Shanahan and staff will be able to listen to as well as watch him play (practice as well as games) and will hopefully be smart enough to figure out if the kid is the real deal in the next 8 weeks whether he wins a game or looks good on the field at all. Honestly, I hope to see him show flashes but still lose to keep that pick in the #1-#2 range in order to trade or pick up a STUD to protect him.
  12. Why? Does he WANT to play again? If so, why wouldn't he play in Detroit?
  13. Please don't do this, San Fran. We need to SUCK eggs and sign Cousins in the offseason after snagging a top pick. Don't screw this 0-8 season up with a win.
  14. I guess it depends upon how much money rich white owners want to lose by throwing out an inferior product.
  15. So you agree that juuuuust maybe the entire team doesn't suck simply because of Kaep, glad we agree on that. And I'm not making any argument that Kaep is a worthy starter for anyone at QB. Your lack of wit and understanding is amusing, that's actually what got my attention. Well, that and your condescending tone. That is cute too, but it should be backed up by facts if you want it to be effective with anyone other than Weebs.
  16. 1. This is Kaep's point, this country DOESN'T AFFORD every person a fair opportunity to be whatever they dream (that's a bunch of crap in itself---I could NEVER be a Doctor, my brain isn't big enough.). This is just it, white people and privileged people THINK it's a fact and it ISN'T a fact. 2. This is the problem, the people who it would like cost the most (rich, wealthy, powerful white people/families, government,etc.) don't desire to "get into" either. 3. I'm glad that your experience has been a good one as a minority in this country. I'd be curious to know if you have white/privileged minority family/etc. that helped you get a leg up. (Please don't feel like you need to answer this... ~middle class privileged white man
  17. More than have the owners are African American and speak their mind? I was completely unaware of this. I was under the impression that they were White men making billions off the broken backs and concussed heads of once poor black kids for entertainment. I'm ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short...
  18. So voting = equality? What does that even mean? If there are unqualified buffoons running for office, does it really matter which one wins? Maybe he didn't want any blood on his hands?
  19. So Kaep single handedly made the SF Defense get their Pro Bowl LB's hurt? How is Chip Kelly doing these days? Last I checked, that clown gutted your team and headed to SF and things imploded there (worse than they were) too. Blame what you will on Kaep, but the dude is giving a voice to many without a voice. This white man takes his hat off to him.
  20. TD redraft...I'd lean McKinnon and Ingram I think. Kamara and Jones seem to have great promise for the future, but situations are muddy as you said.
  21. He and McKinnon are on my FA list...have McKinnon qued up because he'll start. decisions decisions. I just don't think Ingram is that dynamic after having him meddling on my dynasty team for a few years after drafting is lame butt.