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  1. SD's offense has not been clicking. They likely could use Ekeler more in the slot or moving around in space and Gordon in the backfield at the same time.
  2. Saquon owner is dumb AND desperate. You stole from a child. Shame on you. 🤣
  3. It sounds like they want to up JWill's carries and even things out. Is Williams worth a pickup to flex at this point? I could see GB continuing to move the ball, especially against some easier D's.
  4. Why can't we all just get along? I blame Trump, or Obama!
  5. Mayhaps they trailered DWill off to the glue factory and didn't tell us yet? That's what happened to my white gelding Elmer.
  6. It's not so much that you started it, it's only getting to the finish line that matters.
  7. Darwin bringin the BANG back dis week, you single cell suckas.
  8. Darwin could be evolving into the guy we knee this week.
  9. You, Sir, are welcome. You can thank the 3am wake up call made by my sinuses for this.
  10. Dang, I had a contusion one time and ended up on crutches and needing a handicapped parking spot for two weeks after a buddy barely kicked me in the calf. And since you all want to know, no, I didn't eat the calf. The calf was my leg.
  11. NE picked off 2 passes intended for Parker that resulted in pick 6's...come on, Fitz, clearly that dude doesn't WANT the ball bad enough. FEED THE UNICORN!
  12. Probably dropped due to no idea when he'll be back. It sounds like he is progressing very slowly from injury. I may try to snag him. I'd got late waiver priorities.
  13. A.J. Green has been dropped and is on waivers in two of my re-draft leagues.
  14. Metcalf...Seatle Smith...NO Miller Chi Then I have some RB's like Darwin Thompson, J Hill Balt... Brady Andrews at backup TE (Hooper) I don't want this to become an Assistant Coach post..........but it is helpful.
  15. Dang...he is available in both of my leagues...right now... Where do you guys rank him among the WR3/WR4 crowd?
  16. Sweet! I snagged him AND I drafted Putin's Mom and plan to run her out there in my TE spot.
  17. Well, Winston's position comes with power...perhaps in spite of respect?
  18. So a WR3-4 at best? What are the chances (%?) that Russ makes this kid into a surprise WR2 with his beautiful deep ball bombs?
  19. Would TB name Dare a captain if he's destined to barely hit the field? Seems he'd need to be respected as well...
  20. Anybody doing projections on DK? It doesn't seem Wilson has much there outside of Lockett, and he isn't exactly a world beater.
  21. I drafted Williams and Darwin is on the FA wire in a 10 team short bench league. Am I nuts not to snag him for free?
  22. Agreed...but the Pats played Gordon and Edelman as much as DT...