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  1. I like the Metcalf upgrade but it leaves you extra thin at RB, starting Fornette and Ron Jones and hoping Bellicheck doesn't rip your heart out with Damien Harris on a bye week. I don't expect there are many FA RB's on the wire to pick up though in at 12 teamer. Who else in on the FA wire at RB or WR? Are you OFFERING or did you RECEIVE this trade?
  2. The Gibson owner is dead last and I have CMC, A. Jones, and Robinson for my RB slot. Trying to consolidate for bye weeks. Monty has been decent and Henderson has a lot of competition. The Gibson owner rejected Monty straight up.
  3. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 18 times, shame on me. Maybe he's worth it, but I don't think I have it in me to trust him. Is Herbert going to wrap him in bubble wrap before he sends him deep?
  4. Can't really beat myself up over not starting him over Kelce, but DANG, between leaving him and Chark on the bench, I would have come out ahead. He looks to have Rodger's complete trust. I'm sure things change when Adams comes back, but this guy is a TE1 for sure.
  5. It makes no sense. Carr was locked in on his TE and trying to get Agolar the ball deep. Jacobs in the flat seemed like a no brainer given the lack of time Carr had in the pocket.
  6. The Bills were stout up front yesterday, but Jacobs is too good to be bottled up like he was. That game script needs to include some screens to Jacobs to loosen things up.
  7. Exactly. James White is great one week. Then he's not. So is Sony, and then he's not. So is Burkhead, then he's not. I do not want any pieces to these backfields because you cannot count on points from them.
  8. It's pretty disappointing to get 4pts out of the guy, but like NE RB's, you just cannot count on certain coaches to run a bell cow out there each week. Henderson is near worthless from a fantasy standpoint unless we see more injuries crop up.
  9. I vote Robinson as well, workload seems unaffected by the score. I think he helps them both catch up and run out the clock. LOTS of mouths to feed in Tampa.
  10. I realize these are not 1:1 comparisons to players/skills. But if Deebo and Aiyuk turn into Julio and Ridley then who have 1a and A1 to choose from.
  11. Tired of Jason Meyers (Sea) putting up near nothing these past few weeks. Russ and that offense is just too good. Lots of PAT's, but I need them to stall in the red zone. Is this guy worth running out there?
  12. I am in the same boat with Deebo, may need to drop him for another WR to start this week. Ugg, I don't want to do it.
  13. Am I nuts to roll Minshew over Brady w/o Chark? This guy is such an enigma right now, but if there were a week to do it, it might be this one.
  14. It sounds SO WRONG, but with the matchups available it's possible. It does look like Godwin is back and Chark is still a "Q/????"
  15. I have Chark in 2 leagues...this cat is gonna kill me. Picked up Minshew and still deciding him over Brady...the clock is ticking. Fantasy is the ONLY thing bringing folks to watch the game, but I'm looking forward to it.
  16. You sound like a voice of reason here...please do better, for your name sake.
  17. Tempted to snag him but have Waller doing well and short benches. Not sure why someone hasn't snapped him up. I'd consider but RB's tend to get more points in the FLEX spot.