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  1. I've decided to just drop your Mom. Gordon and Shady are too valuable.
  2. What are the chances that Bell holds out and Conner produces something this year? At least for a few games where he's a bell cow. He is being picked up in a lot of leagues, I'm guessing with deep benches where he can be stashed?
  3. I drafted AJ, then picked up Eifert and I sure hope Dalton is on his game. Cincy's O looked good the other day.
  4. Cloppbeast, I wasn't sure if YOU were making fun of ME with the "drop your RB1" lost me. I just needed a push over the edge here on Ross...thanks. I dropped Shady.
  5. I could drop Aaron Jones, either OJ Howard/Eifert (one needs to start for me), Jaimis Winston, or Rishard Matthews.....J Crowder and Mike Williams are on my bench, but they seem higher value than Ross at this point. Quick thoughts?
  6. Looking for a spot for him...and I don't mean to take over the thread here....but could drop Aaron Jones, either OJ Howard/Eifert (one needs to start for me), Jaimis Winston, or Rishard Matthews.....J Crowder and Mike Williams are on my bench, but they seem higher value than Ross at this point.
  7. I think Ross brings up Eifert's game as well. Currently, Ross is sitting on our FA list in my 12 man PPR league with .1/pt for return yardage.....If Ross is taking over either/or of the kick return/punt return duties...I'm thinking this guy needs to be on my team NOW. Am I nuts?
  8. So where do you guys rank Morris among other starting RB's if he snatches and runs with the RB position in SF? 1/2 down, short yardage, goaline...I could snag him in a .5 PPR league if I act fast.
  9. I'm way late to this party...we had our draft on Sunday and I didn't get to any of this reading until now. DANG Here are some notable guys I am seeing in here still sitting on our WW in a 12 team PPR league with .1 return yardages to boot. RB: James Connor, Lat Murray WR: John Ross, Sutton, Allison, Tra'Quan Smith TE: Eifert I drafted Crowder and Mike I dare ditch a guy like Aaron Jones or Rishard Matthews (who I don't see in these threads) for Ross (coming along, gets some return yards, 5+ pts for TD catches over 40 yards)?
  10. If we are "adding", I'll add that SF has a huge leg up with the trade because they can tag him if need be AND they KNOW he's worth signing to a long term deal.
  11. I suppose all this overthinking is entertaining, but this is just a logical win-win for everyone involved. NE trades JG for a good pick...they had a very good backup for years. SF gets an already developed QB that is looking more and more like a top 5 young QB (up there with Wentz, Goff, Watson, Wilson) JG gets a chance to start and make a lot of money. I like the fact that he WANTED to leave NE to start, says a lot about his drive to succeed outside of filling his hands with Brady's rings.
  12. That's what I meant by pay him ...long term, not franchise tag...they have clearly seen what they need to see. Cleveland will burn their 1 on a developmental QB that they may or may not develop.
  13. Didn't see what happened with the pick at the end of the first half, but this dude just put 200 passing yards on the Jax D in the first half. Pay him. Draft his OL protector with the first rounder.
  14. It's all good man, appreciate your insight. Sometimes we miss each other in here not being able to "hear" tone and sarcasm. peace
  15. Yeah, isn't this pretty much true of EVERY QB Jeff Fisher coached?
  16. Well, with the equivalent of you, me, and Goodwin (pronounced Gooooood-win) at Wide Receiver and Hot Sauce Guy's little brother at TE, I don't give JG much hope. You know, given the Jags are putting up HISTORIC NUMBERS. Next year after they actually find a starting WR and some linemen...that could be a different story.
  17. And what if they didn't end up in the top 2 to get one of the top QBs? What if there was a clear drop off from 1 to 2 after the combine? Then they would be looking at multiple first round picks + like it cost Philly. On top of that, they risk investing in a very young player IN HOPES that he pans out rather than turning into a David Carr or Todd Marrinovich. The ONLY way this busts the Niners is if JG signs with someone else after next year (they will franchise him if he fails to sign a long term deal)
  18. Me either, but I hope it isn't on the franchise tag is all.
  19. As a Niners fan, I'm thrilled about JG and very hopeful they get him signed. The ONLY way this trade doesn't work out is if he ends up starting somewhere else next year. Niners keep their #1 pick and use it to address other weaknesses and they don't need to draft and develop a QB (A near crapshoot, which they couldn't do as well as Belicheck/Brady already did with JG anyway)