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  1. It was a temporary tag, sadly. And there was no way to tough it out for cash. I mean, sure, I could hop on one leg for a bit but getting uphill was rough.
  2. I got a leg contusion in college one time. I was playing backyard football and a buddy tackled me and his knee hit me in the calf. I limped around as it felt like a charlie horse and I couldn't put much weight on it. 3 days later I was at the Doctors and back to campus with crutches and a handicap parking pass for 3 weeks. It was just a freak little injury, but I limped around for weeks. Just one man's experience, and I'm sure there are "different grades" of contusions. And he's a world class athlete with world class trainers who will treat it well.
  3. It's all context, gents. Just because the guy doesn't have Chark or McLaurin doesn't mean he didn't pick up Metcalf or other similar up and coming players along the way as substitutes for FREE off the WW. There have been a few plug n players that could get the guy through until AJG's hopeful week 4/5 return- turned- into- week 10 return. Do we really think that his whole team hinged on AJG's return? Considering all the injuries or under-performing players out there, it is likely the team was hit by 2-3 other decent losses (Luck? Brees? AB? Melvin? D Will sucking? Kerryon Johnson sucking?, THill?, etc.) top of a missing AJG and ol Chark or McLaurin wouldn't have have really made much of a difference. I picked AJG up early on when others dropped him. I've been shuffling guys in and out and haven't needed to trade or drop AJG for another starter because the guys I have picked up have actually been putting up numbers near to or better than Chark or McLaurin (Metcalf, Hardman). Who were likely both WW pickups. Some guys just flat won't go for "sell high" young guys because they want to see them prove it. Chark and McLaurin both have unproven players tossing the rock to them, so perhaps it's a "bird in hand" issue. Meanwhile, I cross my fingers on AJG's return....which will neither break nor make my team.
  4. Phone call for you, says his name is Kaepernick?
  5. Edmunds is gone, but that is what I'd guess too. Walton over Ty due to Kerryeon Johnson not blowing things up when he WAS healthy and Ty not being able to beat him out?
  6. Trying to gauge value here. Walton or Ty Johnson? Miami O is more pathetic, but more competition in Detroit with a better O.? Walton or Edmunds in Ari?
  7. For me it's this one woman (Jenny) who runs our Yahoo! league and takes our money every year. She works for the NSA, FBI, NFLPA, The Patriots, the NFL league office, and Yahoo Sports. She always seems to be in the know on who to pick up when and her priority is oddly always #1. Just a brilliant gal. My hat is off to her.
  8. My bad, I got my leagues mixed up. Clearly no .5 ppr there. I take it all back.
  9. I've got him in a .5 ppr league and he never comes up totally flat, but no TD's is still rough. He had 5.9 points this week.
  10. Welp, glad I picked him up. Not glad I left him on my bench. Haha
  11. None of the backs had holes to run through last night. Looks like a KC 3-way RB bust to me. Hate to drop a 6th round pick, but he is worthless with no hope in sight.
  12. This. Gordon isn't playing in a vacuum. His holdout didn't work to his advantage, but it failed "Financially", not "Physically. The team around him isn't the same team that was on the field last year due in large part to injury. Hard to see it fully rebounding due to OTHER PEOPLE's injuries. That isn't on Gordon. His scene changed.
  13. Uh to this news? I better see if Everett is available. Slim pickings out there for TE's between bye and injuries. Never mind...I just read it in the yahoo update next to his name. Thanks!
  14. Gurley is way more valuable than those two. Most will decline 2-1 trades.
  15. "Paging A.J Green's GM........A.J. Green's GM to the white courtesy phone, please."
  16. SD's offense has not been clicking. They likely could use Ekeler more in the slot or moving around in space and Gordon in the backfield at the same time.
  17. Saquon owner is dumb AND desperate. You stole from a child. Shame on you. 🤣