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  1. If we are "adding", I'll add that SF has a huge leg up with the trade because they can tag him if need be AND they KNOW he's worth signing to a long term deal.
  2. I suppose all this overthinking is entertaining, but this is just a logical win-win for everyone involved. NE trades JG for a good pick...they had a very good backup for years. SF gets an already developed QB that is looking more and more like a top 5 young QB (up there with Wentz, Goff, Watson, Wilson) JG gets a chance to start and make a lot of money. I like the fact that he WANTED to leave NE to start, says a lot about his drive to succeed outside of filling his hands with Brady's rings.
  3. That's what I meant by pay him ...long term, not franchise tag...they have clearly seen what they need to see. Cleveland will burn their 1 on a developmental QB that they may or may not develop.
  4. Didn't see what happened with the pick at the end of the first half, but this dude just put 200 passing yards on the Jax D in the first half. Pay him. Draft his OL protector with the first rounder.
  5. It's all good man, appreciate your insight. Sometimes we miss each other in here not being able to "hear" tone and sarcasm. peace
  6. Yeah, isn't this pretty much true of EVERY QB Jeff Fisher coached?
  7. Well, with the equivalent of you, me, and Goodwin (pronounced Gooooood-win) at Wide Receiver and Hot Sauce Guy's little brother at TE, I don't give JG much hope. You know, given the Jags are putting up HISTORIC NUMBERS. Next year after they actually find a starting WR and some linemen...that could be a different story.
  8. And what if they didn't end up in the top 2 to get one of the top QBs? What if there was a clear drop off from 1 to 2 after the combine? Then they would be looking at multiple first round picks + like it cost Philly. On top of that, they risk investing in a very young player IN HOPES that he pans out rather than turning into a David Carr or Todd Marrinovich. The ONLY way this busts the Niners is if JG signs with someone else after next year (they will franchise him if he fails to sign a long term deal)
  9. Me either, but I hope it isn't on the franchise tag is all.
  10. As a Niners fan, I'm thrilled about JG and very hopeful they get him signed. The ONLY way this trade doesn't work out is if he ends up starting somewhere else next year. Niners keep their #1 pick and use it to address other weaknesses and they don't need to draft and develop a QB (A near crapshoot, which they couldn't do as well as Belicheck/Brady already did with JG anyway)
  11. "Facing his toughest test yet, in the form of the Tennessee Titans' top-five-rated (by efficiency) defense, Garoppolo was unfazed and once again put up big numbers in leading the Niners to their best win of the season -- a 25-23 triumph at Levi's Stadium on Sunday. Along the way, Garoppolo completed 31 of 43 passes for a career-high 381 yards with a touchdown for a passer rating of 106.8. The win was Garoppolo's fifth in a row as a starter, making him the first quarterback to win the first five starts of his career since the Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger in 2004. Many were laughing at the Niners because they spent a 2nd round pick on JG. The ONLY WAY to see what the kid could do was to get him and put him in there. Sure, it cost a 2nd, and these 3 wins lose a higher draft pick, but I think they can VERY CONFIDENTLY sign this dude to a long term contract and button him up for YEARS. No crap shoot QB at the top of the draft. Get the man someone at WR besides me and DropKick and those 381 yards on 41 throws and pass efficiency will only go up. I vote JG for 2018-2028, Niner Nation!
  12. First catch with seconds left in the first half...playing against him, so I'm not whining.
  13. Doesn't matter, but Ertz not playing today.
  14. You're right, little fella. I forgot this isn't a public forum everyone can read. ~Don
  15. A little outside perspective here? There was NOTHING offensive about his response. No trolling, and was even gracious with your condescending "Chief" tones.