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  1. A little outside perspective here? There was NOTHING offensive about his response. No trolling, and was even gracious with your condescending "Chief" tones.
  2. Wheels Up went off on Joe Bryant....lots of potty mouth words and personal attacks. Guessing he is rightfully gone.
  3. Nothing...other than finding out you played QB for the Browns in 2014, you sneaky rascal.
  4. Wheels Up is actually Josh Gordon himself, he just lost it. DROPPING him in 3-2-1...
  5. AND he had 5 different QB's (according to my google search) in 2014.
  6. I don't recall, but perhaps he had Soufly3 throwing to him in 2014? Just looked, he had Hoyer in 2013/2014...and then Tyler Thigpen? Connor Shaw? Rex Grossman, and Vince Young in 2014. Not saying Hoyer is a world beater, but he's better than all 4 of those others put together. Not to mention the consistency that comes with ONE guy. As it turns out, he may as well of had Soulfly tossing it to him in 2014...same outcome most likely.
  7. I really hope he makes it. Catching a football would be icing on the cake for him. I'm a big fan of seeing people's lives redeemed and put back together changed, and I think deep down inside, we all want that for our fellow man. Stand strong, Gordon. And get some people of character and deep faith close to you if you haven't already, or you won't make it.
  8. Burning my #1 waiver on his this week...may start him over Mixon/Gore/Doug "I'm worthless behind that line" Martin.
  9. Haha, I would certainly hope not. Less talk, more catch Dede.
  10. sure makes me feel better about not finding room for him.
  11. I just don't think I can bring myself to start "stinks like Dookie Martin"...drafted him in two leagues thinking I was the smart one. Crap's on me, eh, Doug?
  12. You aren't kidding. At least we use the same password so we have less to remember.
  13. 570,262 views and it's just NOW starting to feel like a Twilight Zone episode? haha
  14. Is he talking about me? Haha...I don't spend too much time in here, but have been a member in here for a decade or so. Laid off now that I quit dynasty. That said, who in their right mind (perhaps this is where I need to get off this train) would have aliases in here, let alone multiple? Sign in, post, sign out, sign in with another name, post, respond, defend, sign out, sign back in to retort, sign out to sign in again with another....If I want to talk to myself, I'll just do it out loud and save all the signing in and signing out....NOW who's the crazy? It's barely worth having ONE ACCOUNT on these boards when it means having to deal with wackos like Wheelsup.
  15. I realize we ARE talking about the Browns here...but we aren't talking about getting EVERYONE working together. We are talking about getting 1 person up to speed on what the other 70 are already doing (albeit poorly) I'd take a free end of the bench potential SPLASH after dropping bye week fill in fodder. I clearly am not the only one. He can light up (see what I did there?) my bench (not my opponents line up) on my bye week playoff week and leave me with a tough decision to make if he'd like.
  16. Oh jeez thing you'll be telling me is that your real name isn't Soulfly3! WHAT CAN I BELIEVE ANYMOOOOOOOOOORE!?!?! Put the pipes down, kids. This is FAKE FOOTBALL.
  17. I think the point is JG is going to (potentially) get more than $13m/per if Stafford signed for $25/m.
  18. Good points, humpback... However, this move does not keep them from changing their mind. Agreed that saying there is no way they can win was silly now that I am more aware of their upcoming schedule it is entirely possible to see that they COULD win something. But that said, they still SUCK and they still lost their best WR for the season. I would hope that they just keep him benched (at least until any risk of a win affecting a draft spot is negated) and not risk injury or a win, but we'll see. I live in the Philly area where I've watched the 76ers TANK for 3 seasons, so perhaps the idea of purposely sucking is just second nature to me.