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  1. So a WR3-4 at best? What are the chances (%?) that Russ makes this kid into a surprise WR2 with his beautiful deep ball bombs?
  2. Would TB name Dare a captain if he's destined to barely hit the field? Seems he'd need to be respected as well...
  3. Anybody doing projections on DK? It doesn't seem Wilson has much there outside of Lockett, and he isn't exactly a world beater.
  4. I drafted Williams and Darwin is on the FA wire in a 10 team short bench league. Am I nuts not to snag him for free?
  5. Agreed...but the Pats played Gordon and Edelman as much as DT...
  6. Big PRESEASON night for DT...any projections? With Gronk gone, he can play almost a pseudo Gronk position.
  7. Who wins in 2016? Please tell me isn't the Orange idiot or Hillary!
  8. Just read that Houston extended Clowney's backup and Seattle just cleared a roster spot. Speculation for sure, but what would this do for the Seattle D's ranking if true?
  9. What is up with Hamstrings in Houston? These guys just can't seem to retain enough water to stay on the field. It seems as soon as you mention Will Fuller's name, his hamstring tightens it the same thing with Keke? Does this kid have any promise?
  10. Please, SF, just ride it out for a higher draft pick.
  11. Somebody just dropped Mack...crazy not to use a #2 Waiver spot on him?
  12. Vance McDonald a scratch today too...not that he'd play TE anyway.
  13. He is out there in my 12 team .5/pt/PPR league with return yards where I have OJ Howard and Eifert at I was tempted and hoping they might slot him in for those junk yards.
  14. What are the chances that this cat plays some TE? Is Jesse James really a thing?
  15. Philly? Sproles is coming off a bad injury and is 107 years old. Ajai seems to have chronic knee issues as well.
  16. If Samuels is going to get Ben killed, there is no way they toss him in there.
  17. Wishful thinking seeing guys like McCaffery, Lockette, getting RB/WR stats and some Return yards to boot.
  18. I've decided to just drop your Mom. Gordon and Shady are too valuable.
  19. What are the chances that Bell holds out and Conner produces something this year? At least for a few games where he's a bell cow. He is being picked up in a lot of leagues, I'm guessing with deep benches where he can be stashed?
  20. I drafted AJ, then picked up Eifert and I sure hope Dalton is on his game. Cincy's O looked good the other day.
  21. Cloppbeast, I wasn't sure if YOU were making fun of ME with the "drop your RB1" lost me. I just needed a push over the edge here on Ross...thanks. I dropped Shady.
  22. I could drop Aaron Jones, either OJ Howard/Eifert (one needs to start for me), Jaimis Winston, or Rishard Matthews.....J Crowder and Mike Williams are on my bench, but they seem higher value than Ross at this point. Quick thoughts?