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  1. TD redraft...I'd lean McKinnon and Ingram I think. Kamara and Jones seem to have great promise for the future, but situations are muddy as you said.
  2. He and McKinnon are on my FA list...have McKinnon qued up because he'll start. decisions decisions. I just don't think Ingram is that dynamic after having him meddling on my dynasty team for a few years after drafting is lame butt.
  3. Knowing that the NFL Owners and Goodell already have a couple of huge messes on their hands (kneeling, bobbing, exercising, stretching, fist pumping, during the anthem), and Zeke beating up woman...I kinda doubt Goodell is going to move on reinstating Gordon, even though I need him to replace Odell.
  4. I think this says much more about Chris Johnson and his "run to line, turn around, and push his butt into the pile" running style than it does DJ's return. Johnson is just not getting anything done. It is clearly a move to get better, but AP wasn't getting much play behind Ingram and a rookie in NO.
  5. So you overreact to their overreaction, got it. I think we ALL agree here that Collins is going to take the RB job in Baltimore and run with it this next week.
  6. You're gonna get suspended for 4 games now, oh voice of REASON! Mark my words. Josh Gordon will put up 227 and 3 TD's in your championship game. #kickyoselflater
  7. Did I hear 6 weeks of play time in there? And with the trade to NE and Brady throwing him the pill? I'm INNNNNNNNNNNN
  8. But does he have anything left? He couldn't supplant Ingram. And will he start until DJ returns is the question. It seems every ARI highlight is of Chris Johnson running backwards into a pile of his blockers.
  9. Niners fan here, good work throwing the game. If you knuckheads actually won I'd consider shifting my 30 years of niners allegence elsewhere. Lose out, and get a QB!
  10. I'm just screwing with you, Chaka. I don't trust him, but have room to roster him on my bench for now.
  11. I agree, the evidence clearly suggests you are indeed sorry.
  12. Allen tripping over white lines for 2 yard gains. Collins jumps in for one play and rips off a 10 yard gain. Raiders getting gashed now.
  13. YOU'RE overhyped. I just say Collin's hovering on the sideline, his feet weren't even touching the ground. The kid gots IT....Give him the rock.
  14. Get Allen OUT of there, the guy can't run OR catch!
  15. I don't think they can deny this kid. If he can just hang onto the ball going forward...
  16. Didn't I see Allen trip himself a couple times already on his punishing 3 yard runs with nobody tackling him?
  17. Seriously, why isn't Collins in the game???? No offense to T. West, but, apparently he's out of the way for this game at least.
  18. T. West carted off hurt already...Piece of crap Mayle???? with the TD run. Come, get Collins in there! haha
  19. I have on good authority (my dead Grandmother's ghost's 4th stray cat's third mouse heard it from a guy who works in Goodell's private bathroom) that if he applies, he'll be reinstated and immediately signed by either GB or NE. Rodgers and Brady have both already agreed to send him 74% of their passes his way. Estimations on his fantasy production (very likely to start this week) are 139 yards/game and 1.9 Td/game. Giving JG 1668 yards and 22 Td's on the year, winning him the comeback player,of the year,NFL MVP honors, and single handedly winning you your fake football championship.