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  1. I think the point is JG is going to (potentially) get more than $13m/per if Stafford signed for $25/m.
  2. Good points, humpback... However, this move does not keep them from changing their mind. Agreed that saying there is no way they can win was silly now that I am more aware of their upcoming schedule it is entirely possible to see that they COULD win something. But that said, they still SUCK and they still lost their best WR for the season. I would hope that they just keep him benched (at least until any risk of a win affecting a draft spot is negated) and not risk injury or a win, but we'll see. I live in the Philly area where I've watched the 76ers TANK for 3 seasons, so perhaps the idea of purposely sucking is just second nature to me.
  3. HOLY COP OUT! As soon as I ask you a specific question you run without answering it? Lame. Your RECAP has been blown full of holes. As a recap of the 99% that have chimed in: The majority (is there ANYONE that has backed your side up with any plausible argument at all?) disagrees with your thoughts in your recap so you take your ball and go home. WE WIN! And SO DO THE 9ERS! Except they don't, because they suck....but they do come out of it with a Starting QB and a top draft pick if they want they STILL WIN, without winning!
  4. Do you NEED to franchise him? No. But nobody is saying you do. What we ARE saying is that other suitors have much more to offer by means of stronger teams, better situations, and just as much money. If I'm JG and thinking long term, I'm likely already leaning toward Denver or Jax or even Minny. So Franchising him now costs SF more money but guarantees they get him. It also guarantees they don't need to burn their top pick on a QB. CAN YOU AGREE WITH THIS, Ninja? I wouldn't deny that their odds of winning improves IF HE PLAYS and PLAYS VERY WELL with backup at best starters. He IS FAR better than Beathard. But ASSUMING they put him in their NOW or AT ALL is a HUGE ASSUMPTION. However, even if he goes in there and overcomes all that is set against him (missing OTA's, preseason, practice, chemistry, half a season, new system----I agree with all your points here) I STILL don't think they can win.
  5. If it's weak, and I agree, than let it ride. It's the OTHER bad assumptions you are making that we care most to refute. But you CAN'T LISTEN because you have to be right.
  6. Inexperienced on the game field (playing well when he DID play) but not on the practice quad, YEARS OF TIME with the best QB to sling the ball ever and arguable the best Coach in the modern era. It's likely he'd be (and will be) a starter on 75% of the other 32 teams in the league. Dude drew the short straw backing up Brady if he was expecting ANY playing time. haha
  7. You are the only one arguing money savings, with yourself. Please stop.
  8. Thank you for conceeding something here... Secondly, it is a HUGE ASSUMPTION that you are making by implying that this is an evaluation process starting from near zero. They likely already made up their mind that he's their guy and they are willing to use a tag on him and pay him. Third, you ASSUME SF can win a game. Without OR with him. There is just NO GUARANTEE he even steps on the game field, OR that if he steps on the field that he can throw it to (basically me at WR) and we can win. So many ASSumptions in stinks.
  9. We've been over your bullet points a million times and it seems nobody is buying them, hence the pushback. 1. You assume the "evaluation process" is starting when JG hits the ground in SF when it actually started YEARS AGO. Shanny liked the kid YEARS ago. I'm sure he has watched every bit of tape on him, has spoken with all the people you think he hasn't, it is likely all the "due dilligence" you ASSUME hasn't been done actually HAS been done and the risk of not having a high 2nd round pick has been weighed in light of him being as good as he appears he could be. 2. You ASSUME he is going to play AND WIN with this SF culture/current roster and as you have said no OTA's/preseason/practice/half a season gone---EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. Shanny has eluded to the fact that he may not at all. For all the reasons you mention that it would be dangerous to toss him in there, that may be exactly what SF believes too. So why risk bodily injury on a guy you are 95% sure is YOUR GUY moving forward already? Why win and decrease chances at the top pick? Do you think YOU are the ONLY PERSON to think this? haha. Let him sit and watch Beathard get killed and listen to him break down film, see what he thinks, practice and watch him back up everything you already thought about him. See what he would have done in the situation, etc....then add that to the impression you had of him when you traded a 2nd for him (not two first, a 3rd, and a conditional pick to be named later). You want to talk about ??? Maybe your IQ is just too high for your own good. I know a LOT of really smart people that have very little common sense. You are better than this Ninja. :)
  10. This! And Shanny already eluded to the fact that he may NOT PLAY or may not play MUCH. Frankly, now with Garcon shut down (their best WR)...I'm just not sure how SF will strike any sort of fear in teams they are playing.
  11. Can they AFFORD IT, Yes. But if he looks at the Denver D and the WR core and then looks at SF....and they are both offering similar money...and he wants to WIN NOW...where is more likely to sign?
  12. How about when 4-5 TEAMS back up a dump truck full of money? Seems to me he would have had the choice.....NOW he DOESN'T if they pay him 1 year and lock him down. Come on man...
  13. I realize you are list listing these buys, but. Yeah, I'm sure Brees would just LOVE to come play for the niners. Haha. Brandford is ALWAYS hurt and Teddy is too. One of those two jokers and their balky bodies are going to stay in Minny most likely, unless Minny tosses both and outbids for Cousins or JG.
  14. Wow. Some pretty high expectations for this kid! I just dumped Stills for him and tossed him in my lineup. Week 9 byes are KILLING me.
  15. This would be GREAT. Don't screw up that high draft pick! Spend the next two months grooming, practicing, testing, watching film, etc. If he seems to be worth his salt, commit to signing him to a decent deal and you have a starting QB. Pick a stud or trade the top pick for more lesser pics.
  16. We got 411 pages "saying otherwise". The football savior will be here in 5 weeks!!!!!
  17. And done more yard and TD's than some of them combined.
  18. Of course it was simplistic, it was one sentence. What if he does get injured? You know we can't plan for that. What if I get injured on the way home from work today (assuming I have a job after typing all this dribble at work ). The point isn't that trading the 2nd rounder is FAIL SAFE, the point is that having him for 2+ months helps to greatly reduce the UNKNOWN factors that would come with signing him AFTER the season and taking their chances. Definitely...of course not.....but they'd know a WHOLE LOT MORE about him after 2 months with him than they would without him in the fold. They'd also know much more than they would after a day visit from a top QB in the draft process. It's clearly a calculated risk, no doubt. They'll find out A LOT EARLIER to find out the "exact same thing if they had waited a few months" and BEFORE they sign him to an $80mill/4 year deal. Date the dude for 2+ months and see if you want to marry him...OR...Marry him and THEN SEE if you should have married him. There is clearly much risk in both situations, but less risk in what they are doing IMO.
  19. Not a good week with my NE and Pittsburgh studs on bye... Does he outperform Willie "I suck and don't play anyway" Snead and his ZERO points a game this week?
  20. Option 1: sign him to a 80 mill. for 4 years contract in the off-season having very little info on him and be stuck with him after you find out two months in he's a career backup in his brain + use the #33 pick and have a better chance at the #1 but not being too sure he can be your franchise guy. Option 2: trade the #33-#36, evaluate him holistically (skills, leadership, brains, temperament,etc.) and either cut bait (take a top QB in the draft) or CONFIDENTLY lock him up for 80 mill/4 yrs. and get either A. Stud at the 1-3 pick or B. Trade down for more pics. That's how I am seeing it...and I still take Option 2 with a plan to make sure my team screws up enough to not win any games for the best shot at #1.
  21. YES, totally agree! In lieu of continuing to suck badly and trying to turn it around via the draft ONLY, they appear to be trying to do BOTH get a franchise QB AND a top Player at the top of the draft or secure more pics. IF they can get JG and FEEL CONFIDENT about him (using the pic to buy the chance of really getting to know him in all facets of the game) then they sign him and use the top pic/multiple pics to keep rebuilding. Agreed again, I truly hope they are able to find out what they need in this short time with JG WHILE CONTINUING to lose. Let's start the next "Suck for ___" campaign and be sure to increased the odds of the ideal. (JG working out great AND the top pick) Good stuff, Ninja.
  22. SF could spin their wheels trying to figure that out whether it is JG or not...the same thing would happen if they draft a top QB (none of which am I impressed with so far, but maybe a Wentz comes out of the blue?). Agreed on the two month plus eval....but rather have that than two days of interviews and NE coaches blowing smoke about how great he is.