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  1. Ben has arguably the best RB and WR in the league, plus Bryant and an emerging slot that is the way I'm leaning. Plus Mariota is broken. Thanks for the perspective.
  2. We were all counting you YOU to tell us, "Knowledge dropper"!
  3. Would you dump Big Ben or Mariota? Both are muddling around and below average at this point.
  4. I'm having a difficult time with where to rank Watson ROS. With Big Ben pooping the bed and Mariota hurt, I'm STRONGLY considering snagging him. Would I be nuts to do it? He reminds me a lot of Mariota as a dual threat. Ben is concerning me with all the weapons he has, and the rumors of retirement, I'm wondering if his head is in the game here.
  5. Turns out he WON'T take your bet, and DON'T call him Shirley......he prefers BayHawks
  6. This is exactly it....he is 93% owned in ESPN...but has been out 3 weeks now and if he could be back in 8-10 we are looking at just 5-7 more weeks from here.
  7. The teams are stacked and there are some clueless owners, it's for fun so keep that in mind... Hilton, Crabtree, Chiefs's D, Mariota, Doug Martin, Cobb..... If he could be back in 4-6 weeks I'm sure I could juggle him taking up a bench spot. It is a money league, albeit only $10/'s still cash.
  8. DJ is a FA in an 8 team league I am in with 7 bench slots....the league is with friends, so not serious. Am I nuts to not pick him up and juggle 6 bench spots for a few weeks?
  9. Could it be that Dallas has had other starters hurt (Scandrick, WR's, etc.) and needed the room to carrying starting backups? I don't know enough (nor do I care enough to know outside of fake football purposes) about Dallas to know details.
  10. Sooooo, are you saying nobody knows what's going on? That it's anybody's best guess?
  11. Oh Arnie, always the jokester. I love your iced tea lemon aid concoction by the way, so refreshing and only half the sugar as a 12oz can of soda pop!
  12. Part of the problem is that it has been light on ONE side while the other side gets the "horns" those that have been getting the "horns" are starting to find their voice. They need our help---but I'm not exactly sure what that looks like. But I think it starts with guys like Kyle Long putting his arm around his black teamate and throwing his support into the ring in Charlottsville....and support sounds a lot like white/ veteran Dale Hansen using his platform to help defend the protest that is making light of the violence (physical and otherwise) done to our Black brothers and sisters.
  13. Start here, OB.
  14. This Dallas sportscaster puts it well...
  15. I'm guessing those that quit are simply deaf and blind to the reality of African Americans in our great country. Honestly, many cannot understand because they have innocently/ignorantly benefited from the system (reparations, full citizenship, right to purchase land and homes, education---amass wealth) all their lives...I DID, and STILL DO..I just didn't know it until I humbled myself and listened to a dear Black man who took the time to educate me. It isn't about white guilt either which is what many chalk it up to, its about really listening and that is hard. I think it is unfortunate that because the flag invokes such patriotism/nationalism it is just too strong of a stance...the message has been lost to a great extent.. This protest ISN'T and NEVER HAS BEEN ABOUT DISRESPECTING THE FLAG OR VETERANS, if people think it is, they haven't been listening to Kaepernick or anyone this movement is trying to give voice to.
  16. Oh the irony of whiskey7 talking about rehab...
  17. Wow...where's that guy looking for Faust's post? He's gonna miss the boat because stealwind jumped the sharkpool. Last one to pick Josh up is a rotten egg!
  18. Where do you guys rank Snead at this point? Is he likely to be a top 30 WR upon his return? You know Brees is going to sling the ball and NO is going to need to put points on the board.
  19. I confused NE Def with someone would certainly makes sense if they were on the WW. My bad...brain is tired I think.
  20. Pre-season rankings had Minny as a top 5-7 Def but they sure aren't playing like it. Granted, Bradford is already hurt. The Bungles have been really bad and Cleveland is Cleveland so I gotta make a move to drop them.
  21. Good call, Skoo....and I realize now that Tampa did too.
  22. Balt and NE are two of the highest scoring D's this year. Nice you all are able to find them on the FA list. Miami has scored 3 points total in two games, Cleveland has 11 total...hard to know what to roll with here. Detroit, Jax, Tampa, Dallas, GB, SF, Oak (waivers) all available too.
  23. What are you guys doing with the Minny D? They have put up 9 points in two contrast, Baltimore has 48 in my league...uggg