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  1. The General

    2020 Democratic Primaries

    Can we tell Iowa, “Hey, I know you are ‘The Heartland’ and all but you shouldn’t have this much effect on the nation’s political landscape”?
  2. Who knows. This is their thing. I’m not aware of their plan except for replacing it with something “wonderful and beautiful”. When people are polled on the benefits of the ACA the benfits all are very popular. This is why it’s a disaster for them.
  3. Trump has no plan. Just not the plan that had Obama’s name on it. This court ruling is a disaster for Republicans.
  4. The General

    Jinx your players in this thread!!

    The key to the jinx is you have to believe the jinx and more importantly not acknowledge the jinx.
  5. The General

    Week 15 Questions For Bloom

    Assume TY plays. .5 PPR: TY Hilton / Jaylen Samuels
  6. The General

    The Innocent Man - Netflix

    Love some John Grisham. Read all his stuff at some point. Somehow missed this one.
  7. Indiana. It’s happening. Team is pulling out close wins. Keep it up.
  8. The General

    Charles Barkley

    Whoa, great story. Love Charles.
  9. Any judge that overturns the law is an activist judge. Learn the verbiage.