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  1. Fast food when I was a kid was like a treat you got for being good. Pretty sure it was the equivalent of crack cocaine to me as an 8 year old.
  2. I’ll have to read the thread but yeah this author is beyond naive (or this is fakish). I wish her luck on her political journey.
  3. I can’t believe a journalist wrote this or anyone who has actually talked to more than 5 people.
  4. Def his first major test since he jumped in. Was bound to get the knives, all part of the game. We’ll see what he can do now. Some pretty gross stuff getting thrown at him.
  5. Bloomberg and Corey Booker or Stacey Abrams would do just fine.
  6. As someone who appreciates a good vaca he’s pulled the greatest scam of his life. :tipshat:
  7. Guy better be a scratch golfer by the time he leaves. Plays more than Tiger. Takes way more vaca than a Kardashian. All at his own properties that we pay for. Amazing gig on his part.
  8. Guy is the master of vacation and the 3 hour work day. One of his few redeeming qualities in my eyes.
  9. All these guys do is turn left. Bunch of libs.
  10. Probably going to tell people he won at the next rally!
  11. It wasn’t meant to be some burn just that everyone in here with the I’m better at predicting the elections than these professional stats nerds because they see hats and talk to people in their circles are kind of ridiculous IMO.