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  1. Only by comedians, rappers, and Quentin Tarantino. I can’t remember last time I heard it in person.
  2. On a flight with the family (my wife). No seat changing emergencies yet.
  3. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    Well done. My exact go to on flights. A couple of those helps the pain of flying. I’m on a flight to LAX. Back in coach with the animals.
  4. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    Nice bonus. Enjoy the drinks.
  5. Can’t build a fence, going to build the Milllenium Falcon to fight aliens and the Chinese on the moon.
  6. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    We are just constantly getting dosed with germs from all over the country/world. Makes us strong like bull. I have gotten some wicked food poisioning though.
  7. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    Traveling today for vacation, having to pay for all my own food is the worst.
  8. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    Traveling has made me impervious to germs. Work with a bunch of people who never travel and they are always sick. Meanwhile me and the travel people I work with never get sick.
  9. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    I may be able to on Mon (3/4). I'll PM you.
  10. The General

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    The guy never fails to prove what a complete joke he is.
  11. Agreed that people should be upset about waste. I guess it's how people define waste is the rub. I have never worked a government gig but when I do deal with them the offices seem pretty spartan, their travel budgets limited. I'm sure there is money being wasted and govt agencies should be audited all the time. I'd argue that "handouts" for arts and museums is money well spent it in that they educate, expand culture, improve our lives. A good return on the investment. I'd argue lop 15% of the defense budget. Taxing the uber wealthy is just a component of this but when I get guys like Gates, Buffett telling me that they way they are taxed is broken I'm listening. When I see these stats that all show the top 1% flourishing while the lower half of the country is stagnant while we are in "the greatest economy of all time" record low unemployment and all, something isn't right IMO and some balancing needs to be looked at in how our system is set up.
  12. I don’t think he’s very stable or well thought.
  13. Just an terrible accident by all reports. Pretty awful story.
  14. The General

    Work Travel Guys

    Been in the office for a couple weeks and been enjoying it but looking very forward to up coming work travel to Vancouver. My sweet spot is travel is a 3-4 days out a week. Home for a week or so then back out for a few days. Love the variety.
  15. The General

    14-Day MetaMucil "cleanse"

    Day 8. This stuff is great. The TP market is losing market share. Short Charmin day traders. Only slightly weird side effect is the stuff feels a bit weird in my stomach for a bit early on. I'm not a big breakfast eater so that may be a bit of it. Get your fiber middle aged FBG'ers.