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  1. Obvious sad deflection away from the embarrassment of Trump and how he has handled this. Real bad day today for the country. Such a low point.
  2. There’s kind of a lot going on. Google Biden interviews he did a couple.
  3. He did a couple interviews about this yesterday. He has commented about it today. What are you basing this on? A minute ago you didn’t seem aware if what he’s said outside of a tweet.
  4. He talked to the family the other day. He commented on the issue before Trump the other day, did so without managing to talk about looting and shooting.
  5. How had I never heard about this? Woody Guthrie wrote a song about Trump’s dad and his racist housing practices. Called “Old Man Trump”.
  6. What happened to the various iterations of Tanner? @OrtonToOlsen And @Henry Ford
  7. Mail-in balloting is the new thing because Trump knows it hurts his chances. Because it’s Trump people arguing for him. A combo of mail-on plus traditional in-person so much a better way to vote.
  8. The more I read about Duckworth the more impressed I am. Amazing story.
  9. The 1st was pretty meh. The 2nd one was better had some funny interactions. Space Chimp was pretty funny.
  10. Now why would Trump have settled on the number 3-5 million cases of illegal voters? That’s a pretty specific number to have a week after the election.
  11. He tells us what he’s thinking every moment. In this case he said millions of millions of people illegally voted in 2016. Do you read the findings of his task force? He put some of his top people on it. What did they find out?
  12. Isn’t the question how much voter fraud is happening? Didn’t Trump have a task force in charge of studying this (well really it was to justify why he lost the popular vote by millions)? Didn’t that task force dissolve without fanfare, results?
  13. Trump sees political gain here. That’s all.