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  1. I hit it about 300 (225 out then it takes a right turn and goes another 75 in the wrong direction).
  2. Fishing Charter sounds pretty sweet. Don't think we'll be getting out on the Lake this trip though. Such a great area, I've only done Reno so first time up into this area.
  3. Is there stuff to do up North if we stay there? Looked quite a bit smaller but as long as we had a casino and a sportsbook we'd be good.
  4. In addition to the one Wikkid mentioned (the Incline courses) We were liking: Old Greenwood and Coyote Moon. Those lock us into the North side though.
  5. Any course you like? We were hoping to get in 3 rounds, 2 on one day.
  6. We were looking at the North side I think. If we were to be there 1st weekend of October are we still pretty safe with weather on both sides of the Lake?
  7. Any experts in here? Planning a golf trip there at end of September and looking for a little advice. Some FBG's have to have a third home in the area, right?
  8. The Highway to the danger zone is littered with Burger King and DQ’s.
  9. Yes. With. This doesn’t benefit you? I missed your “pay it forward” for the no kids, paying into schools. How does this not fall into your socialist chart again?
  10. Having people in your community without access to healthcare doesn’t benefit you in any way? My school was paid for by my parents taxes. My wife isn’t from this country, makes much better money than I do. No kids. Is she paying into a socialist system?
  11. Like subsidizing health care for your neighbor?
  12. My parents paid those taxes. What am I paying for?