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  1. Or you could think this guy shouldn't be president under any circumstance and Biden is the only other realistic choice
  2. Next time he needs to do this while frozen in a block of ice.
  3. Yup. Nancy had Fox news thinking that Biden was trying to "duck" Don.
  4. OMG they agreed to 3 debates. Nancy was just talking #### to troll Trump. Who saw this coming! Link
  5. Thanks. I can’t speak to the Connecticut guy but I think in these instances where a leader or official is trying to calm things they always say violence is wrong, law breaking is criminal. Protesting in a civil fashion is an American foundation. Separating the legit protestors from these jackwads burning stuff down is the hard part. I agree on the surface that officials are making mistakes here. I also will say it’s very complex and it’s not simple and fixable with one simple action. My issue with how Trump handles this is he offers nothing of value. He only makes things worse with his rhetoric. I would say this is on purpose as this is a political winner for him in his estimation. It’s why in my eyes is he so bad at this job and is so reviled.
  6. I was asking you for the Inslee quote you mentioned him calling people heroes and I wanted to see the context of this.
  7. Cable news has an agenda certainly, not like they try and hide it. Isn't like 75% of their programming "opinion" versus news? Viewers need to have accountability. You should be able to tell between news and BS. I can tell when Lawrence O'Donnell is going on one of his hack rants. I can tell when Hannity is doing the same (his lips are moving).
  8. I believe right after I got in at the 140's you (someone in here for sure) talked about getting in when it got back to the 120's. Hopefully you (or whoever) did, was a great call.
  9. I've traded them several times with goof success, buying in the 120s and selling in the 140-150s Let's get it back up to the 140's Thats where I got in
  10. Media for profit is definitely going to have some stuff around to generate clicks, views. The viewers should have accountability here as well.
  11. Are you in Seattle area? Do you have the vid or quote where Inslee was talking about protestors?
  12. Rittenhouse should not have been there with his gun is the bottom line. Crazy to me someone would do this. The looting, fires, criminal behavior is awful and so counter productive to anything positive coming out of this but some kid coming there to “help” is such a bad idea. The video of him walking up the street after shots have been fired and law enforcement are rolling in is nuts. Shots have been fired, a kid is walking up the street with his long gun and he walks right up to a cop car. The of the humvee looking police vehicles drive right by him.
  13. Trump call his protestors peaceful Uhhh yeahh Trump on Rittenhouse He seems to have no issues with his people coming into Portland to spray people down and shoot paintballs into crowds. Peaceful! No clue what he’s rambling about with the plane. An aide read it on 4chan probably and handed it to him. I love that our President openly discusses conspiracy theories daily and we don’t even bat an eye anymore. Rittenhouse situation is more nuanced. The president makes this worse by not addressing that we don’t need people, Rittenhouse is a kid, coming into this situation with guns. Terrible situation.
  14. The protests are his build the wall. He will milk this for as long as he can. The economy is a mess propped up by printing money endlessly. Who knows how we fix this but Trump doesn’t know for sure.