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  1. Steel curtain
  2. OJ Howard TD incoming
  3. Think I need to step up my exercise routine
  4. Yup it’s pretty cool. Those are the things to enjoy (minus the flying part). When you aren’t doing it anymore you will miss it so suck it in now.
  5. The Lanchid bridge in Budapest.
  6. About 100 nights or so a year. 75% domestic. I just accept it as part of my job. I try and enjoy the moments as they come that are cool, interesting (right now on a bridge over the Danube). Also accept the #### parts of sitting in airports, dealing with delays, missing my friends and regular home life. I appreciate being at home and having a regular routine but also look forward to traveling to many cities that I work at frequently. I enjoy being alone for the most part and am usually gone for just a few days at a time so that part hasn’t been an issue as much. Love podcasts and talking on phone while touring around. Always have my phone loaded with Netflix, amazon Prime entertainment. Exrecise is tough, try to eat decently and walk everywhere. I bring some snacks with me and will hit up a Whole Foods or good grocery store if in a city for a few days. Always have a water bottle with me as well. Lastly, hoard the points, maximize the loyalty programs and when you are all done and have chilled at home for a long while start planning some epic vacations for free.
  7. The Catholic Church makes the Deep State look like your condo homeowners association
  8. Players and the Memorial Those work.
  9. I’m giving you all 4 of them. I’ll throw in 2 more of the other big ones - I’ll defer to the experts as to what those are. I’m trying to give you money.
  10. He’s the GOAT. 100 units that he doesn’t win a major next year?
  11. DP loves Zeppelin. Any decent “Immigrant Song” or “Whole Lotta Love”. Seton absolutely loves the song “Surrender” by Cheap Trick. He is their musical expert guy.
  12. Love the show and watch or listen to at least part everyday. The Meat Friday songs they play have been great, they like popular songs. The stuff that @Nipsey has done production wise would be just fine. The more absurd the better, making fun of the Dannettes is always good.
  13. I am working crazy days on a commercial shoot. Monday though ends around 10. If you are in town PM.
  14. Had to start working, long days so much less time to explore now. Walked all over the place the last few days. Cool place to visit, well kept in the downtown area, along the river especially. Not overly inexpensive which I was kind of expecting. Would come back for sure but not as a destination. If you like stew this is your place.
  15. Who could have seen that coming?