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  1. Pretty sure some of those guys post in here
  2. Been super fun WC, love this event. See ya in 4 years soccer.
  3. Maybe if he played football from childhood. Taking him into the NFL now and he may die
  4. Probably would have to work on the whole catching thing.
  5. Lets go Croats one more to pucker up the Frenchmen.
  6. I'm guessing one hit from Earl Thomas and he's going back to the pitch.
  7. Mbappe looks like he's running past little kids.
  8. SBC gets lawmakers and gun lobbyists to talk about arming kindergartners Gets Trent Lott, Dana Rohrbacher, and Joe Wilson in on his plan for "Kinderguardians"
  9. And there's a handball. I guess I can't move from this spot.
  10. I just woke up and see 2 goals in the fist 10 minutes.
  11. If you like "Top Chef" then "The Great British Baking Show" is pretty good. Bunch of random Brits baking stuff, one person eliminated each week. Has a bit of unintentional "Best in Show" vibe going on.
  12. I’m thinking some serious ### kissing followed by some long (made up) apologetic explanation as to why no return call. Then a free round, some beers.
  13. He’s a pretty mellow guy and I don’t think he really even wants anything. To not call him back and after seeing the picture I’m pretty shocked how ####ty they are handling this. He’s now going to have to go down there and talk to them. I’m definitely not playing there again unless there’s some explanation as to what’s going on here.