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  1. I think they're are better story lines in the bills New England matchup. First Rex vs BB. Second the bills are up and coming with a lot of buzz. Throw in Cassell if he starts. Lately the bills are revieling a new offense and some new big name players
  2. I think cassel could do some damage if the scheme is right. Don't be surprised if he has a probowl worthy season
  3. Saying we could've had Murray and alanso is assuming Murray would've signed in buffalo even for more money. I think trading was a great move because buffalo doesn't have the draw other cities have and it takes away that risk that no one wants go come here and we even more over pay
  4. I was saying I would've rathered get an rb in the draft but I'm ok with McCoy. And getting incognito is a step to getting a gritty line. I just don't think one good year as a rookie , playing in the most benificial situation for him is enough to say we lost an elite lb for a decade
  5. I don't think there was a place for kiko in our defense. If Rex thought he was a key part to our defense he wouldn't have moved him. I think they like who they have and got something for kiko.
  6. Losing kiko is no issue. Yea he looked good as a rookie under a great def scheme and behind an elite def line. There is no drop off with losing him. I think the draft is a great spot to get a RB but Rex is doing it right. Got a gritty OL and building this team through defense and the running game.
  7. This year backs my accusation that without an all star line, Brady is an average QB. He gets off his mark and gets rattled easily. Phillip Rivers plays with this pressure in his face every game and he plays through it.
  8. Fyi, concussions are a huge deal in soccer too.and hockey and lacrosseThe doomsday theorists are always out there, whether it's climate change, the economy, or the death of football. At the end of the day, we're going to have warm sunny summers, cold blustery winters, the economy will peak and tank and peak again...and tank again...and through it all, we'll still have football to talk about too. This is much ado about nothing, but it does seem to be en vogue to to write about the death of football these days.Yea, and 50 years ago baseball was the national past time. Things change. Basketball has grown tremendously in the past thirty years. Soccer seems poised to potentially do the same.There is no action is soccer. It is fun to play but to watch is a bore. That is why baseball is on the fall. Kids these days want fast paced high energy sports. Look at what is on the, basketball, ufc; where there is action. hockey suffers, baseball suffers, I just dont see a game where it seems every game ends with a 2-0 score is going to be exciting enough for kids these days.
  9. Glad NE won but after watching his post game interview I have a lot more respect for him and his game.Yeah same here
  10. Trying to keep up with you.zing pow! you got me there! Whats next? Sticks and stones may break my bones??
  11. not really sure what that has to do with anything, I think you just think of the dumbest thing to write
  12. The best part of this all is that everyone on this site cares more about Tebow's play than he does. What a joke. This guy has a vision for his life that is way beyond his QB accuracy and win percentage. Of course he wants to win games but in the end its the impact he has in peoples lives that are important to him. It just seems silly a little bit, especially because the posters on this site do not just keep it to his play on the field. I think his look on football and his goals for his life really put things in perspective.
  13. Agreed. The wrs are TERRIBLE. The only good wr is Thomas and he is the only one who does anything. Tebow is constantly getting guys in his face before he even gets a chance to look down field.
  14. Agreed. The wrs are TERRIBLE. The only good wr is Thomas and he is the only one who does anything. Tebow is constantly getting guys in his face before he even gets a chance to look down field.
  15. I'm curious if you have as much a problem with the rapists, repeat drug users, steriod abusers, and other various criminals playing in the league .:crickets:Would that be crickets cherping between your ears? ANYONE who speaks with absolute authority on religion as if it were based on FACT and not FAITH is a zealot. Tebow has done that – he's not shy about it (probably quite proud of it) – there is video evidence of Tebow addressing a group of young people WARNING of where they will end up if they do not embrace Jesus Christ into their hearts. That makes him a zealot. I personally find religious zealots extremely annoying (at the least) if not potentially damaging and dangerous (worst case). If the fact that I perceive Tim Tebow as a zealot bothers others on this board… I am OK with that. Where to start with this nonsense....If you are a true believer, what you read in the Bible is FACT not FAITH. You do believe that Jesus dying on the cross is a FACT because to Christians is the truth. Your FAITH in God is what makes someone believe it to be fact. Your FAITH in scientist that you never met make you believe that man was on the moon even though you probably know nothing of it other that a picture you saw in a magazine. You chose to believe FACTS based of the FAITH you have in its source. If Tebow honestly believes in that religion and cares about the future of the others then good for him. If its something people dont believe in or dont want to hear then plug your ears. What do you do to try to better anyone else's life? It is crazy that this guy is being ridiculed for his actions when he does nothing but try to spread a POSITIVE message. He doesnt judge, he doesnt push, he doesnt promote bad or negative actions. With all the scumbags coming out of the NFL who beat their wives or selling drugs, or even who promote themselves and try to get the attention all on them, you would think that Tebow would be a breathe of fresh air. I totally agree that the analyst are the issue and that it is total Tebow overload but Tebow does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give himself the credit or draw eyes on him. Another words, stop searching for something stupid to criticize about someone who is doing good for this world. Whether he is Atheist, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion, if you are attempting to do good and positive things is this world then we should be applauding that. Get a life...