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  1. But atleast I'm glad to see you fall on the side of Barry bonds not being a cheater. Good to see there are some people out there that see it that way
  2. There was no proof that they intentionally injured players. They did pay for injuries but I didn't see them intentionally going above and beyond their regular play to hurt someone. With maybe one play as an exemption. And do you have any proof, even an ounce of proof that any other team in the nfl has done anything of the sort?
  3. Then what is cheating according to patriot fans? I would love to know
  4. I don't care if over inflated balls travel father. That's completely irrelevant. If Brady wanted to throw it farther he would've made his ball boys fill them up more. Bottom line is they deflated them for a reason. The reason is BRADY GOT AN ADVANTAGE FROM IT!!! If he wasn't gaining an advantage he wouldn't have risked it. So again. Breaking the league rules to achieve a competitive advantage is cheating! I don't care who else did what or when. Those who get caught pay the price. He got caught cheating. He got caught giving himself an advantage and a big enough advantage that he risked it and then lied about it. So yea. Throw that * on it. If he is found guilty you can't dispute it
  5. Who knows how many guys used steroids in baseball. Bonds got caught. Hence the *.
  6. For starters Rodgers admitted to over filling before inspection. Not doctoring them post inspection. Jerry rice was never caught doing anything. If this is true and they deflated balls then they broke the rules and they did it for a reason. You don't put yourself at risk for something that doesn't give you any advantage. You will never know how much of an advantage it gave him but he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't worth the risk. On too of that Brady has been known as an all time great in the post season in bad weather. A scenario where deflated balls would def give a larger advante
  7. This convo is feeling more and more like putting Barry bonds into the best ever in baseball category
  8. I think they're are better story lines in the bills New England matchup. First Rex vs BB. Second the bills are up and coming with a lot of buzz. Throw in Cassell if he starts. Lately the bills are revieling a new offense and some new big name players
  9. I think cassel could do some damage if the scheme is right. Don't be surprised if he has a probowl worthy season
  10. Saying we could've had Murray and alanso is assuming Murray would've signed in buffalo even for more money. I think trading was a great move because buffalo doesn't have the draw other cities have and it takes away that risk that no one wants go come here and we even more over pay
  11. I was saying I would've rathered get an rb in the draft but I'm ok with McCoy. And getting incognito is a step to getting a gritty line. I just don't think one good year as a rookie , playing in the most benificial situation for him is enough to say we lost an elite lb for a decade
  12. I don't think there was a place for kiko in our defense. If Rex thought he was a key part to our defense he wouldn't have moved him. I think they like who they have and got something for kiko.
  13. Losing kiko is no issue. Yea he looked good as a rookie under a great def scheme and behind an elite def line. There is no drop off with losing him. I think the draft is a great spot to get a RB but Rex is doing it right. Got a gritty OL and building this team through defense and the running game.
  14. Weird isn't it. Patriots being investigated for deflating balls. Yet another cheat. Weird.