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  1. I'm a nobody; generic number in the crowd. But it always seemed like that mass of nobodys, always generally going in the same direction, with a passion and respect for what we are afforded as Americans has kept this country united since the Civil War. Slavery, racism, economic inequality... we've always struggled with significant social issues. I hope this is just media sensationalism and the state of technology that allows everyone to voice whatever they want incognito, but it feels different, like this country is really dividing and portioning itself. We've seen things like 9-11. WWII, the Civil War... really unite our nation in the past. I think the greatest thing we could see during this generation would be for folks to come together "like that" without being forced to because of circumstances.
  2. My fav is called "True Crime Brewery". The website is and they post a new episode late every Tues. evening. It's a husband and wife; middle age. Not sure what the wife does; the husband is a Dr. Each episode is about an hour They start with a craft beer review, usually from the city/state the crime they are discussing occurred in. They then cover a know murder mystery (Dateline style). They do a lot of research and even with well know cases (I.e., Casey Anthony, Madeline McCann...), they always bring new, non mainstream info. The presentation is NPR style; relaxed, but funny. The husband is the ultimate cynical, and adds a lot of good medical info. The wife drives the presentation, but has her own sense of dark humor, that keeps things light. It's a really good podcast, especially for folks that are true crime, Dateline, Discovery ID... fans. Give it a try.
  3. 1. Tried on my wife's panties. 2. Shaved my entire body, sans my pubes. 3. Saw Celine Dion AND Michael Bolton with my mom at Fair Park in Dallas in the early 90's. What do I win???
  4. I design/engineer fighter jets - The technology that goes into a 5th gen A/C is even cooler and crazier than one could dream up. - The time/money wasted by govt contractors would run a public company bankrupt in 2 months. This is across the board. Every program and every aspect of it. - Big aerospace companies don't make their $ building jets, it's the 30+ years of performing maintenance, logistics support and contionius upgrades that bring in the $.
  5. Local pregame here in Dallas alluded to one of the coaching staff saying they expected entire O to play into the 4th Q unless it's a blowout. Rookie rushing record in a big deal for Zeke and entire O line. Also, 3 full weeks until playoff game and team isn't wanting to give the players almost a month without game time.
  6. Surprised to see Reed only mentioned once or twice. When healthy, he's been WR1. In PPR, he's a 2nd rounder for me, even in a no-TE req format. He will need to be watched to make sure the conclusions and shoulder are fine going into next season.
  7. First time posting in this thread. My folks grew in central, coal mining PA. Shamokin was the town name. I'm 37 and lived there some years of my childhood. Penn State, the Phillies and Eagles were the local calling. I had a cousin that was a LB for PSU in the mid 80s. I've moved around and dug roots in Ft Worth, so I've adopted UT, but PSU is the one other school I root for and still watch weekly. This has been a great season. I figured a bad decade after Sandusky. This season was special even before yesterday. Barkley, OSU... it's been a dream. Last nights comeback was just icing on the cake. They'd have had to been perfect to make the final 4; and darn near were. Even without a shot at the CFB Title, this will still go down as one, if not my favorite season. ETA - A Rose Bowl win would be awesome. Go PSU!!! You
  8. Not to bag on you, but Frank Gore has had one of the most incredible runs any player based on all the injuries he's had. He tore both of his ACLs before he ever made it to the NFL. After his 3rd or 4th season in the league he had to have surgery on both of his ankles and. It's of his shoulders. They obviously weren't complete reconstructions, but 4 joints. Then, he had surgery on the hip at 31-32. The dude is amazing and probably shouldn't be still playing, so he's probably not the best "standard case" example. i have no clue what the future holds for Gronk. He's still fairly young and obviously a physical freak. He did, however, come into the league with a big red flag of missing an entire CFB season due to a bad back requiring major surgery. If a player breaks an arm/leg or even tears a ligament, science seems to be able to get them playing again. When it come to neck, back, head or other types of traumatic injuries that have potential long term effects, you see him players treating them differently. It would not shock me if a guy missing a second year because of a back injury, or one needing a fused bone (no clue if this is) calling it quits.
  9. Honest question, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but if you are so disgusted with the current state of the country and your fellow citizens, why don't you pack up your #### and move? No one is forcing you to live here. Instead of complaining in Facebook or a FF message board, take some action. I'm sure there are plenty of other nations out there that'd be happy to let you setup shop and take your tax money. No hate here; just an honest question. Good luck with all this and hope you find peace with wherever you decide to do with your life.
  10. After his first 9 games played in 2007, Peterson only played 5 more (missed 2 games), ran for a paltry 260 yards, had 4 catches and scored 4 times. Barring injury, Elliot should absolutely destroy those numbers. He is on pace for the greatest season by a rookie RB and a top-5 all-time season for a RB of any tenure.
  11. Awesome thread; awesome list. Too bad the movie snobs have to make it all about them.
  12. I've lost my 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks. My QB is Carson Wentz. I'm having to start Jaquizz Rodgers at RB. My TE is on a bye and the guy I picked up might not even play. Go Jeremy Kerley and Robert Woods. I don't think I've ever rolled out a sadder roster for a given week in 16 years of FF.
  13. I'm the father of son with "special needs" similar to this young boy; my little guy is a just couple of years younger and I worry about how he's going to be accepted when he gets older. Seeing a story like this breaks my heart. Honestly, if it were me, I would probably initially want to go find these other boys that did this, and beat them to death with my bare hands. Unfortunately, it would do my family and myself no good to spend the rest of my life in jail, or worse. However, I would do everything I could under the law to make these kids' childhoods living hell. I would fight to have them locked up in an institution until they were adults. I would sue them and their families and fight to make sure they wouldn't see a dime they could call their own for as long as possible. I'd fight to have this stay with them into adulthood if possible, so that every job application, every time they got pulled over, anytime they tried to get credit, people would know what they did. I'd basically do everything I could to make the rest of their lives living hell. And when they became legal adults, I'd pray they come looking for revenge on me so I could "protect myself". These are not children that made a mistake. These "kids" are bullies, predators and monsters.
  14. How about your mom; what do you say, your Honor? Jack-###.
  15. Damn son... Congrats! At least I don't think I lost anyone to injury. Not much good I can say for myself other than that. Your team looks good; and you still have Gordon to look forward to coming back.