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  1. I've read through this thread and it sounds like you're really doing well right now. Congrats. I do think, however, you might be selling yourself a little short though. With your employment experience, interpersonal skills and work ethic, you'd probably be a good candidate for a technical degree program. Have you considered something along the lines of Aeronautical Engineering or Nuclear Physics?
  2. I would assume any poster starting a thread relating to their "lifestyles of the rich and famous" endeavors is going to get some friendly ribbing. I didn't see one post any overtly nasty responses.
  3. Uhh... They posted 2 hours... Before you posted this. You're weird dude.
  4. I passed through Geneva on my way to the Bilderburg conference in Sank Moritz in 2011. I actually stopped off at the Mallet House and Museum international de la Réforme to take a dump, and ended upgetting a corn dog. It was good.
  5. I like the concept of focused comities in our political system; I just don't think they are structured or administered effectively. I've never understood why we can have, say an agricultural/farming committee, made up of reps/senators form a limited number of states that are definitely partisan and may or may not have any experience in agriculture. Let's say we didn't have a House of representatives; just a Senate with two Senators from each state to represent that State's interest at a procedural and administrative level. Then we create a set of ~50 focused issue committees. These committees would be made up roughly 8-10 subject matter experts from industry, law and education, who would be non-partisan and dictate the laws impacting that sector of government. These individuals would be selected by the people (across the entire population) and confirmed by the Senate.
  6. This is such a bizarre topic. 1. What major public figure has ever been "suicided"? What does "suicided" even mean? 2. Why would anyone think suggesting the idea someone might be killed for political reasons, and setting up a poll, be an interesting "entertainment" topic?
  7. Why didn't you take the freebie? If this really happened, you should have taken the manager's offer in good faith; it seems he was attempting to make right on a error one of his employees made. If this manager truly exists, he's probably posting on right now about the rude-### customer in the Affliction tee, with the straight billed, sideways oriented Heat ball cap and below-the-knee jorts, who refused to take his gracious offer of a free adult beverage after one of his servers made a small, but honest billing mistake.
  8. You are one weird dude.
  9. What model and what is your price point. SG's new can run from under a grand to 4-5K. if you're buying new, you will definitely overpay at a music store, especially for a floor model. For an 11 year old, I'd look at a PRS SE series new of a Fender Blacktop new. Both are about $600-$700 new online. Unless you're sure your kid is going to committ being the next Eddie Van Halen, no need to shell out over 1K on the guitar itself. Boards, pedals and amps are gonna cost $ in the end too.
  10. Even when the police are the ones who initiate the struggle? I don't remember seeing or anyone saying that Serling made any type of threatening move until he had already been taser and jumped. Like I said, the letter of the law likely justifies a good shooting. Common sense, not so much. You win though, bud.
  11. I think that in the end, the two BR cops will walk away scott free because Sterling had a gun, and because the altercation was ambiguous enough that it would be impossible to prove the cops didn't assume he was going for the gun in his pocket. This is just my opinion, but 1. Sterling was first tased, then physically jumped by the one cop before going to the ground. I don't know how I'd respond, but it's not out of the question to think if I were in that same situation and the above had already occurred, that without thinking things through, I'd be rolling around and trying to get out of their tackles on the ground. 2. There was nothing I saw at any point in the video where I saw that Sterling was either being the aggressor, or anyway in control of the situation. The cops didn't have full control of the situation either, until the shot him, but I never saw him explicitly go for his gun, take a swing or even move towards the officers in a threatening manner. 3. I thin people in general underestimate the primal instinct that comes into play when a person is physically attacked. I don't care if it is a police officer tackling a suspect to the ground, one's animal brain focuses on freeing themselves physically from the aggressor and protecting basic needs like breathing, seeiing, physically safety... I can't imagine how difficult it would be to think of trying "not to make threatening or aggressive me movement" when a two LEOs have you in a headlock and are violently pinning you to the ground. 4. Sadly, I believe per the law, the shooting of Alton Serling will be justified. However, had the cops chosen any one of about a thousand other routes to detain him, I doubt he'd be dead. Could one officer have pulled his taser/gun on Serling, while the other officer went around and handcuffed him? Could they have told him to get on the ground and teased him, or hit him behind the knee with a knightstick if he didn't comply? Could they have tackled him, then knocked him silly with their fists to subdue him. I'm sure Sterling would have preferred any of the options over 4 in the chest. Again, I don't think the cops are legally at fault, but then again neither am I if I'm driving 70 on the freeway, slam in my brakes for no reason and get rear ended.
  12. That's insane. Not just the shooting of the dog, but the entire story. What the F are the cops doing serving a warrant on a guy that lived there 10 years... after being told the place is a rental property people have been in and out of for years? Again, the saddest part IMO is the support from the officer's superiors and the pathetic justification they use to excuse his/her behavior. In the first part of the story the police say the officer was afraid of his safety because the dog lunged at him THROUGH the fence, but later in the story it says the officer said the dog attacked him OUTSIDE of the yard. The fact the dog was shot in the head and found in the fenced in yard makes the second claim hard to believe. Disgusting; I feel bad for the poor 5 year old.
  13. How does it get any worse than a person (any color) being shot from 50 yards away by a cop with an assault rifle while laying on his back, with his hands in the air, yelling to the police that their "assumed" threat is a mentally disabled person with a toy? That's absolutely insane. What more could the guy have done? He wasn't armed. He wasn't moving. He wasn't a threat to anyone. What's even more sickening is the police force and union response. The ONLY valid response in this scenario IMO is either 1. no response, or 2. admit complete incompetence, apologize and work to make sure something like this never happens again. Someone out there actually got paid money (probably more than I make) to sit around thinking and come up with the excuse that the cop "was aiming for the ######ed guy who was thought to be loading his toy truck, fired off three shots to protect the guy laying on the ground with his arms up, yelling the other guy was disabled and no threat; then missed, and struck the guy laying on the ground instead." I guess I just don't understand why every time a cop shoots someone, they always have an excuse why. People F up; why can't the police ever just man up and admit when mistakes are made. I know most cops out there are likely competent and well intentioned, but recent shootings, and the pathetic reasoning the police are providing to justify there actions, are doing themselves no favor. I don't condone any of these attacks on law enforcement recently, but it sure is becoming difficult to be overly sympathetic when #### like this is becoming a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. /End rant.
  14. I'm definitely in again this year. - LAJ