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  1. Awesome thread; awesome list. Too bad the movie snobs have to make it all about them.
  2. I've lost my 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks. My QB is Carson Wentz. I'm having to start Jaquizz Rodgers at RB. My TE is on a bye and the guy I picked up might not even play. Go Jeremy Kerley and Robert Woods. I don't think I've ever rolled out a sadder roster for a given week in 16 years of FF.
  3. I'm the father of son with "special needs" similar to this young boy; my little guy is a just couple of years younger and I worry about how he's going to be accepted when he gets older. Seeing a story like this breaks my heart. Honestly, if it were me, I would probably initially want to go find these other boys that did this, and beat them to death with my bare hands. Unfortunately, it would do my family and myself no good to spend the rest of my life in jail, or worse. However, I would do everything I could under the law to make these kids' childhoods living hell. I would fight to have them locked up in an institution until they were adults. I would sue them and their families and fight to make sure they wouldn't see a dime they could call their own for as long as possible. I'd fight to have this stay with them into adulthood if possible, so that every job application, every time they got pulled over, anytime they tried to get credit, people would know what they did. I'd basically do everything I could to make the rest of their lives living hell. And when they became legal adults, I'd pray they come looking for revenge on me so I could "protect myself". These are not children that made a mistake. These "kids" are bullies, predators and monsters.
  4. How about your mom; what do you say, your Honor? Jack-###.
  5. Damn son... Congrats! At least I don't think I lost anyone to injury. Not much good I can say for myself other than that. Your team looks good; and you still have Gordon to look forward to coming back.
  6. Wow; some of you guys around here have to be on the other side of the fence than Tim on everything. He's listed 5 out of "his" favorite 100 movies. It's shocking U guys haven't picked the same 5 so far. Tim, I like reading your reviews in here; it's interesting food for thought.
  7. Okay scout, you got any data to back that up? For their careers, both players average exactly 4.7 receptions per start. Benjamin averages 68 yards a start; Evans, 73. Both players average .55 TDs a start. In Benjamin's full 2014 season, he finished 139th in YAC. That same year Evans finished 140th. And like you said, add in the fact they both run 6'5", ~ 240, and I'd couldn't imagine finding two WRs that mirror each other much closer.
  8. He reminds me a lot of Mike Evans. 6'5", 240-250; probably not going to get a lot of YAC like OBJ, nor do I expect a ton of receptions like Brown, but his QB obviously favors him, he's a great red zone target, and his YPC is above average. ~ 80 receptions, 1200-1300 yds and 10-12 TDs seems about right if he and Newton can both stay healthy.
  9. It is me. It is a weak pun, based primarily on my morbid obesity and love for fried chicken (dark meat). I'm sure this will jinx me, but this is the first year we've rolled into week 1 where I actually like my team. Should I live long enough, I believe my squad could be a force de jour come playoff time.
  10. Then again, I haven't won a dollar in this league, so my analysis is worth only a little more than Dodds'.
  11. Hats off to you if you win, but you sure drafted a number of players well before their ADP (Hyde, Moncreif). 1. I liked Gurley there; nothing wrong with that. 2. With the way WRs were flying off the board, I'd have probably taken Demarius Thomas myself. 3. Having a RB and WR, you could have gone any direction; Cobb, Rodgers, McCoy, Benjamin... I'd have probably taken Cobb. 4. Murray was a fine pick here IMO. 5. I like the Gordon pick too. 6. Charles Sims??? If you have to have another RB, take a starter like Hill or Yeldon. Now is good value at QB and TE. I'd take Jeremy Hill. 7. Green at TE is fine. 8. Cousins is fine. so you could have had a lineup of: QB - Cousins RB - Gurley WR - D. Thomas TE - Green F1 - Cobb F2 - Murray F3 - Hill B1 - Gordon to stash.
  12. Garo Yepremian-Lambskins
  13. 16.02 - Reggie Bush, RB, Buf
  14. 15.15 - Josh Brown, K, NYG
  15. I'm sorry; will makeup picks missed.