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  1. Here's a demo of what the new app will look like and play like. If any of you would still like to receive a free invite just pm me your cell number and first and last name. Or text me at 732-642-2808. This game looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun and playing with a group would be great. Give it a shot, can't hurt and I think it's gonna be a great game! Demo - [media][/media]
  2. Anyone else? Got some more info today on the release of this app and how it's going to work. They just had their big reveal in Vegas.
  3. I understand but sometimes being persistent works too, especially when the almost 4,000 posts accounted for almost 100% negativity on the topic as if I was trying to take advantage of people. Got a raw deal to start and maybe the closer we get to the season, the more positive interest it'll get. I'm part of an entire team and most of the other affiliates have players registered under them in the hundreds. Why not try again? The app is coming get in now! I've been told there may even be incentives for players who register early. Don't ask me what they are. Any other info I get about it, I'll pass on. Just need a first and last name and a cell # to send out free invites for you guys to check out. Thx again
  4. Getting closer to the start of the season and release of this app, if anyone is interested in checking it out or receiving an invite, let me know. Thx
  5. Having cheerleading try-outs tonight, anyone want to be part of the United Games app pyramid?! Things have picked up lately, would love to get on a roll here, despite it being a pyramid scheme. Who's wanting to take the big free risk?
  6. I'll send ya an invite when you're ready, thx.
  7. Gonna be hard to get a clear answer and definitive number on that. I am though.
  8. I completely understand what you're saying and certainly could've approached it better. Thx for your 2 cents. At the end of the day, what you've said above is exactly what is happening.
  9. At this point my time and responses will be given to those seriously interested in taking a look at the app, no longer to the ridicule, ignorance and abuse. I do respect those for their opinions and even though I don't see things the way some of you do, you're entitled to have pause and concern over something new. Best of luck to you all moving forward.
  10. Again, if anyone is interested in getting a free invite, the PM feature works great. Have a great night.
  11. Teacher. Did that clear anything up for ya? Or still at square one being confused and paranoid?
  12. Nah, my plan is going okay other places where people aren't paranoid of the word FREE. I'll just enjoy the insanity that has ensued here. Flailing, what a joke. BTW, I LOVE FRUITY PEBBLES! My favorite cereal.
  13. Never thought it would happen. It'll be short-lived. But...but...but.. it's a pyramid, circle, triangle, hexagon. Nigerian men, vacation rental scams, blah, blah, blah. I just can't do something that's FREE!!