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  1. Gonna be hard to get a clear answer and definitive number on that. I am though.
  2. Sia and Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills
  3. Don't know what glhf means but I really appreciate it.
  4. Yeah, with a baby on the way any day now, a 2 year old, high schooler and middle schooler, I'll pass for now and take the easy road of - if any of you have a good one, share the damn thing. I'd appreciate it.
  5. Just a couple thoughts... 1 - Disneyland cannot compare to Disneyworld. Once you've been to the world, the land is lame in comparison. 2 - I stay off Disney sites whenever I go, to get better rooms and pay way less and yet be just as close to the parks. Then I just drive to the Caribbean Beach Resort, say I'm there to eat at Old Port and Royale and take their busing into all the parks. Works like a charm every time.
  6. I'm currently sitting at max TH 9 in regard to defenses. However, my walls are still skulls, I still have barracks to upgrade both dark and regular for baby drags (have 1 for baby drags done). Need to upgrade valks (only at level 1), golems (only at 3), pekkas (3), minions (3), witches (1) and hounds (1). Is it recommended to upgrade to TH10 just to get the extra stuff at this point? I wouldn't think. BTW, I don't have the skeleton spell, and level 2s for poison and eq, while only level 1 for haste. Jump is only lvl 1 as well as freeze.
  7. Anyone have a solid TH 9 war base I could get? My walls, mortars and WTs aren't maxed but everything else basically is.
  8. Nicely done Aidan! Good hold by alphabets but they guy started his Valk push in to low in the east.
  9. Wow! Those were amazing! Trip has to fix that hole in his base by the tesla in the nw.