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  1. Two come to mind that have already been mentioned . . . Iron Maiden Killers The Number of the Beast Piece of Mind Powerslave Somewhere in Time Rocka Rolla Sad Wings of Destiny Sin after Sin Stained Glass Hell Bent for Leather British Steel Strong to quite strong on both
  2. '86 Master of Puppets - Metallica Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden Reign in Blood - Slayer Peace Sells - Megadeath Orgasmatron - Motorhead Don't get much better than that
  3. I definitely enjoyed it - was nice to see the old gang back again. Not enough Al & Woo imo. Also didn’t like Al going out so quietly like that.
  4. The night is dark and full of pleasures.
  5. Tried for first time this morning - fantastic. Use a paper plate and there is zero cleanup Thanks for sharing.
  6. Just purchased the Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic pool cleaner - which is an independent cleaner - $1,500 Not plumbed in or integrated with the current pool system/filter. My pool lingo getting better by the day.
  7. No HELOC. Wife and I both work, make good money and we saved up for it. Also didn’t go with the grotto/sex cave option. Don’t have the room. With that said - time for a dip in the pool.
  8. You make it sound like I picked up some dudes at a Home Depot parking lot and we dug the pool ourselves. That was certainly not the case - licensed plumbers & electricians and a pool guy that’s been in the business for over 20 years. Pool also passed inspection with the town.
  9. This is all new to me so my pool lingo is not quite there yet. We have a filter which cleans the pool with 2 bottom “feeders”. Did not give us the option to plumb in a cleaner. Most here either get the weekly or every other week pool cleaner guy or an auto bot cleaner or a combo of both.
  10. Also trying to decide which privacy hedges/bushed to go with. Arborvitaes are too fickle Leyland's just get too big.
  11. Wow Plumbers & Electricians brought the cost to maybe 35k but nowhere near 55k. This is without pavers around the pool - that’s next. Having to wait 90 days before we do pavers is a little annoying. Anyone got a good robotic pool vacuum recommendation? Most telling me they all crap. Trying to decide if we should go with either a weekly or every other week pool guy cleaner OR the robot vacuum? Do both?
  12. Jets just fired their GM & the VP of football operations. Gase running everything now. Good Luck with all that.
  13. Concrete pool - 4 feet going to 8 feet - heater, filter, etc - roughly 30K.