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  1. Pavers for backyard pool which was poured at the end of March begins this week. 2000 sq feet - sick of looking at paver options between Cambridge & Unilock. Wife driving me nuts. Cant wait for it to finally be done.
  2. Coton de Tulear Doesn’t shed Hypoallergenic Great with kids on the small side at about 10 lb
  3. Making old people noises (grunts & groans) when getting up or sitting down on the floor.
  4. In the Trotz era the Isles are 48-2-2 when they score 3 goals or more. They are set on defense and goaltending for the next 5+ years. They are one more shooter/goal scorer to pair with Barzal to really make some noise.
  5. Hey VA was there with wife and kids 2 weeks ago. agree with others - stay in Niagara on the Lake. Wineries all over the place. park at the casino and you’ll save a ton of money. Hotels wanted $60 a day to park - ridiculous. favorite activity was the powerboat on the rapids. I’ve never done anything like that - 1800 horse power boat cruising over Level 5 rapids - got completely soaked but was a blast. nothing on the US side - don’t even bother stopping.
  6. We called it Traction Park Still have scars on my body from that damned Alpine Slide.
  7. Watching Reggie Jackson hit 3 HR's in Game 6 of the World Series.
  8. Nothing unrealistic about it. I do this with my friends every Thursday night - its called thirsty Thursday.. Then there's the camping trip, opening day baseball. golf outings, hockey games, concerts here and there, etc. I'm able to pull this off - my kids are not that young anymore which helps. HUGE factor in this is that your wife needs to also have her time away - her own friends, her own hobbies, etc. BUT also still find time to have that quality family time together. Edit to add: I'm 52 and will continue to do this until the day I die. It keeps me sane. Life's too short - I work too hard not to enjoy myself. Perfect example of all of this - I've been on vacation the last 2 weeks. First 4-5 days we did a family trip with the kids to Niagara Falls - next 4 days my wife and I did a no kids couples trip to Nashville TN - and the last 4 days I went camping with just the guys. And woot - look at that - it's Thirsty Thursday today !!!!
  9. Tonight's game has a good chance of being rained out - heavy rains expected in the NY region this afternoon/tonight.
  10. Dark and disturbing sums it up. Enjoyed it. Was surprised to see people bring their kids - like 12 & 13 yr olds. A lot of them on this school holiday. This is not a movie for kids imo.
  11. Only 2 episodes in and wow - show has actually gotten better. The Wizard by Black Sabbath in Episode 1 was unexpected & surprising. Production, filming, sound track all top notch. Just so well done - and already bummed this season is only 6 episodes and almost over.