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  1. 100% agree I’m on a cot that has a air mattress and sleeping bag on top of it. Suspended in the middle of my tent.
  2. Going camping with about 20 friends in 13 days - near Monticello NY on the NY/PA border Pretty much a 3 day drink fest with magic mushrooms usually making an appearance. This is our 13th year. One of the guys rents a UHaul and brings up a full kitchen - smoker, griddle, charcoal BBQ, deep fryer, pizza oven, etc - I eat better camping than I do at home. fishing tourney, horseshoes, explosives - good times. Can’t wait.
  3. He outlived Hawk by 17 years! Winner !!! What a rushhhhhhhh! R.I.P.
  4. Isles need to keep pounding on Kucherov & Pointe.
  5. Kucherov will pay for that next game. LET’S GO ISLANDERS !!!!
  6. Yes they are different. Last Kingdom is about Vikings and Utred son of Utred. Kingdom is about MMA And comparing Cobra Kai to Kingdom is insulting. Not sure who should be insulted but it’s still insulting.
  7. My 3rd time mentioning this here in this thread - the best show on Netflix no one knows about. Jay Kulina steals the show.
  8. PP absolutely killing the Isles. Have not given up hope yet - TB won both their "home" games - time for the Isles to follow suit. And please sit Ladd.
  9. That was a fun exhibition game – excited for the series to start tomorrow.