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  1. Funny stuff. My 5 year old son can tell Stanton what pitch is coming when he has 2 strikes on him. Down and away slider which he'll swing over time and time and time again.
  2. Welcome to the NHL Mr. Bellows. Just what the Isles needed - a shooting winger. Look forward to seeing him playing with Barzal.
  3. Wish they would have kept Beltran. Anyone responsible for screwing the Yankees out of a World Series is OK in my book.
  4. So many great subtle scenes. Father & older brother shopping for caskets and getting the “specials” brought back some painful terrible memories. The “taught the kid to drag bunt” speech was rough.
  5. Did not read book. Caught first 2 episodes last night. Really well done. Has a True Detective season 1 vibe to it.
  6. Same way my 52 year old ears will survive - 2/3 days of pain after the show. Bought the same tickets yesterday - Crue, Lepard, Poison & Jett @ Citifield Aug 23rd.
  7. Saw it last night - fantastic. Has another movie been shot like that? In one continuous scene? Tommen as the side kick in the beginning and then Rob Stark as the brother at the end.
  8. Town experience not too important - our kids are 16, 13 & 11 years old so the wife and I will not be partying the night away. Decent restaurants would be nice. Hate crowds. Co-worker recommended Solitude Utah to me - but that seems like a long distance form the closest airport. Yes - want to get away from everything Northeast (been there done that) and experience a family ski vacation out West. Thanks again for the response.
  9. Thanks for responding. Not looking at any specific state - so open to all suggestions. Family is all moderate to expert skiers No lessons needed - yes to rental and ticket packages for all 5. Booking a house sounds like the way to go
  10. Have started to look into a ski trip out West for a family of 5 and getting away from the Ice sheets which is skiing in the Northeast. Any recommendations that don't require taking out a second mortgage?
  11. Mets are right up against the luxury tax and need two 40-man roster spots. Expect a trade.
  12. Agreed - 1 yr 10 mil which means they found a taker for Lowrie
  13. Cole will make over a million per start for the next 9 years. Just silly $$$