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  1. Lol man I was responding to you. You said Trevor was "killing Dts numbers" I offered a valid reason why. If DT would stop dropping easy catches, he'd probably have better stats. Its been this way with him for years and its very annoying to watch. Then you reiterate how Trevor has such a weak arm and then go on to laud about DTs stats from before. Back when Manning was QB, the same Manning whose arm strength had gone downhill. So its ok for Manning to have a weak arm, but not Siemian simply because DT put up more stats with Manning? If Siemian was a 1-3 round pick would you be saying he's only backup material? Answer honestly please.
  2. I honestly don't like D Thomas and haven't for years. Maybe, his numbers suck because he can't catch a damn ball. He drops passes I could catch, and I haven't played football in 15 years. Furthermore, get out of here with that very average weak-armed crap. Siemian thew it all over the field and ran all over the field. Only times he looks average is when the oline decides not to block.
  3. Bottling isn't so bad. If you can get just one other person to help you it makes the job pretty easy as it is a 2 man job to keep the flow going. I only bottle about 60 per batch so if you are bottling 10g batches then maybe I could see why bottling sucks. I used to brew solo and now I brew with some friends who are interested in it and that has made it a bit easier and the time flies that way. And to the poster above, all-grain brewing doesn't have to be much longer. I just did my first batch of BIAB (brew in a bag) and it only took an extra 30 mins or 1 hour if I'm not using any specialty grains in an extract recipe. I also don't do full boils so that cuts down on the pot size and heating times. I.e. I use a 6 gallon pot for a 5 gallon batch but only boil 3.5 gallons and just add distilled water later. And a question to those who do brew, what is your ingredient cost/bottle? When I did extract brewing in the States it was just over $1. I bought everything from a local brew supply store. My all grain batches come out to $0.68 but that is pricing from South Africa.
  4. I'd say better, he got 11 targets that game including at least one back corner end zone target.
  5. 1. save money2. reassure Tebow3. eliminate locker room tension4. give Orton a chance to play elsewhere1,2,3 make sense.Do NFL teams really care about #4?If I had to pick one owner I would say Pat Bowlen, I'm pretty sure he has a history of accommodating players who want out. I would say they did it for #1. #2 and #3 don't make sense as all the players are in love with Tebow and Orton is not a tension creator. Also I would say #4 might be part of it if Orton approached ownership about it, citing #1 for a good reason for them to do it too.