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  1. I like Balwdin, he was impressive last year. In redraft I'm not quite sure how good he'll be, though he could certainly build on a good rookie year. Been trying to get him in dynasties. Gave Malcom Floyd and a future 3rd for him in one league, offered a '13 2nd for Badlwin and the Ravens D and was turned down in another.
  2. Uh, what? What has been documented is he can't play more than one half of an NFL game without getting oxygen.Think he meant this offseason. There has been a lot of positive chatter about Bryant's work ethic improving. Not saying it's true, but maybe it's worth half a point. A third? A tenth?
  3. Dez assaulted his Mom. Has Britt topped that?Cumulatively, Britt wins the awful person award. DUI pulling up to an Army base is so offensively stupid, I really can't compute how that stacks up with beating up your mom.I suppose the latter is worse by a good margin, but I still reserve some doubt as to what actually happened. Until then, Britt wins by default.They're both kind of idiots. I mean it's crazy. When's the last time you heard about Larry Fitzgerald getting into trouble? It's so incredibly easy NOT to get arrested, and yet these guys simply can't stop. I want neither on my team, I don't care if I miss out on a break-out season.
  4. Looks like charges going forward.
  5. Do you really have proof of exactly what occurred? Seems like you're hitting a low by jumping to conclusions before all the information has come out. I think Dez is a tool but I have no idea what really happened yet (and I'm assuming neither do you).
  6. No way. I wouldn't do it for a 2, but I won't argue with someone that does.Your Browns homerism is showing here. Mendenhall isn't elite, but he just turned 25 and has top-10 fantasy season under his belt, which was accomplished on a team that really hasn't provided much in the way of run blocking. He's also a UFA after this year. He's easily worth more than a 2nd. I think that getting him for a mid-late 1st is a steal. He's a solid young RB and ACLs aren't anywhere close to a death sentence any more.His top 10 season was based on a large number of carries (3.9 ypc). I think he's worth a late 1st/early 2nd because he's "pretty good", but I don't think he's close to an elite talent and could easily end up in a major time share for the rest of his career. Just my opinion though.
  7. How do you know the 3rd will net a good player next year? There's a pretty high bust rate for 3rd rounders.There's a high probability anyone will be a bust, including Gordon. The team that takes him now is making a big risk without knowing who will be available next year. I view him as a project who won't make much of an impact right away so I'd rather keep the 3rd and see if there's a better player for the team in the 2013 draft. Unless he could be had for a 4th I don't think he's worth it. Since it's a win-now league though I expect someone to use a 3rd on him.Gotcha. I guess I can understand this, though if you like this guy's game I think a 3rd is fine - there's risk either way.
  8. How do you know the 3rd will net a good player next year? There's a pretty high bust rate for 3rd rounders.
  9. I really doubt he's top 5 with Witten/Austin still around. He may be more productive than both of those guys, but there are too many options for Dez to be completely dominant IMO. If you look at the top few WRs every year, usually they are clearly the go-to guy or have one other great target - Dallas has three very good targets, and I think it's one too many.
  10. But he's lazy, so he's got that going for him. ;)It's weird - on paper, there is a ton of red flags, but my gosh on the field he looks pretty darn good.
  11. I agree Dez doesn't seem to get the respect he deserves. He's a very good player. However, I think his situation is going to cap his ceiing to a certain extent for the near future - Miles Austin is very good as well and will still be heavily involved, and Witten is a terrific security blanket. It's rare that 3 receivers from the same team all end up as top fantasy scorers, so I think Dez doesn't have the upside guys like AJ Green or Calvin have because they may not be as much a focal point of the offense.
  12. I think your'e wrong here and saying it's a "moronic" action to take for simply rejecting a trade is baffling to me. Talking trades takes time. If you're in more than one league and dealing with people who are obviously fishing, then it's almost always simply wasted time. If I get an absolutely awful offer I simply reject. If they follow up asking why I will send a short note, and once in a while it leads to something constructive, but far more often than not these types of players are simply out to rape someone, and I don't have the time or patience to work things out with unreasonable people. For example, a few days ago I was offered Donald Driver and a 3rd round pick for Victor Cruz by a guy who has never one sent me a remotely reasonable offer. I just don't have the time to deal with that. Maybe it's "moronic" from your point of view but I don't view it that way at all. I prefer to spend my time talking trade with reasonable people.
  13. Assuming the 2013 1st doesn't project to be in top 3 or 4 picks give me the other side because Cruz in my opinion is the best player in that trade.I would take the Cruz side in a heartbeat.