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  1. I agree Mike is starting to argue and talk over alot of callers lately. I am starting to Listen to ESPN1050 in the afternoon more and more. Mike's show is just not as good as it use to be. Boomer and Carton in the morning are great.
  2. Good stock tip for everyone. Look at RBY, Rubican Minerals. They are drilling in the red lake region right next to Goldcorp and are finding massive amounts of gold. 5-7 g/t is pretty good grade. They are finding mostly 15-30g/t. I have owned since 1.66, chance within a year with their 60M drilling budget they could hit $10+ easy.
  3. Chris talked the first 15 minutes about this today. He seemed very adamit they they will keep working together. He did however admit for about 2 months straight they seemed to argue about everything to do with sports for some strange reason. However since the begining of May he did say they have not been arguing which is true. I hope they keep going, love the show here in NJ.