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  1. Can't complain. Hope everything is good with you and the rest of the crew at LABS (if that's still around -- I lost track of it a couple of boards ago)!
  2. I’m alive! Weird timing, because I haven’t logged on in years, but I came here today to try to find something, and saw I had a notification and followed it here. I spend a little time on the GolfWRX message board, still, but that’s about it for posting these days.
  3. And the whole "Obama Phone" thing has been roundly debunked as a program that started under Bush II (for cell phones -- the original program started under Reagan), and it's paid for by the phone companies (some of whom recover some or all of that cost from their customers).
  4. I'm a fan of the veiled racism: The truth is racist?The part about it being sad that white people are a smaller part of the population and that is an indication that the country is going downhill because of it. That's kinda racist.
  5. Futures were unchanged this morning until the head of the European Central Bank made comments that indicated that Germany's economy is being negatively impacted by the European debt crisis and that the region might slip back into a recession soon. The market's movement today has little to do with the election, as the outcome was not in serious doubt, and Obama's re-election was priced into it already.
  6. It's a talking point, and it's the real "class warfare" that B.S. Mountain keeps droning on about.
  8. I voted in someone's garage and there was a giant Romney sign in the lawn next door. What was on the wall of that Garage? Can it be mean anything in any way, politically?They should cover up the mural (paper or a sheet or curtain, whatever) if they haven't already -- no brainer, obviously. But to have that as the lead story on the website on election day is hilarity.
  9. Fox News starting with the excuses already
  10. When I'm looking for reliable sources of news, I always gravitate toward those with headlines such as "Whores in-the-making: Little girls urge mothers to vote obama preserve abortion access"