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  1. Im from Cleveland, and they give me this exact emotion ...Better luck next year
  2. i mean i can understand him being a little lower than Johnson and Forte.. But not that low..
  3. i see where your coming from a bit. But Kubiak thinks this kid is "special",remember.? It has to mean something. He does make catches which helped his ranking a good bit. i guess well see..... I guess slaton does belong in the "Undervalued players for next year" thread.... I posted him there a few weeks ago. Time will tell. Id love to see him break out next year from all these people saying he cant carry a full load...
  4. i really dont like the Slaton rating.... especially seeing CJ at like #4 and Forte also High. Do people forget what he did this past year or something??? Even if they bring another back in SEE Rudi Johnson.. I still see him putting up top ATLEAST top 15 numbers at his Position. This year he was 8th. I hope he keeps top 10 up. But saying he will do it yearly is saying too much from just seeing one season.
  5. Funny .. I just traded Quinn,Orton,Addai (Couldve Chose Slaton, but i like him more than Addai),Kevin Smith And i got Peyton Manning, LT, Randy Moss, sets me for Playoffs.