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  1. That’s it! I’m never voting for Obama again! “Scott Jennings is a former political appointee in the administration of George W. Bush....Jennings served as political director for President Bush's 2000 Kentucky campaign, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in his 2002 re-election campaign, Gov. Ernie Fletcher in his 2003 campaign, and managed President Bush's campaign in New Mexico in 2004, before joining the White House.”
  2. Answer the question. How have your opinions not been “welcomed”? Are you complaining that people disagree with your opinions? Or are you claiming that you have been treated unfairly?
  3. How so? Have you been banned? Given a time-out? Did a couple of goons in FBG t-shirts show up at your house and threaten to break your legs?
  4. Practice! Im not a huge baseball fan but here’s what I’d do: DVR a major league game. Make yourself very familiar with both team’s roosters. Play the game back on mute. Imagine you’re calling/announcing the game. OH, you’re also FB friends with an FBG that is a local sports announcer guy. Chris C in GA. ,