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  1. Lesson #25 is don't turn cameras into bombs for people to set off in their home.
  2. Yeah, I meant PAY them.
  3. I'm looking for a dynasty startup around $50. Must use leaguesafe.
  4. NBC pays something like $1.7 billion for broadcast rights per Olympics. I think the USOC and IOC could find a way to pay these guys.
  5. Its the Olympic Games, not the Olympic Sports. They'll add whatever adds viewers/ratings.
  6. I think the goal is to keep the meet like a regular swim meet.
  7. You all do know Raisman showed her ### in the Bodies issues last year, right? It might already be in this thread, if so I somehow missed it. Better start over at page one to make sure I didn't...
  8. I'm about an hour away as well in southern Ohio, and I've read the same things you have.
  9. I read that on top of the commitments, that Cal asked her to swim events and strokes that she doesn't compete in on the world stage. She spent a lot of time her last year there working on breast stroke and butterfly. No clue if it's true, just an article I read. It also bashed the NCAA for not allowing her to hire someone to answer media requests. Her mom is a doctor and took a year away from her practice to help her answer media requests.
  10. It was offered to me, so I know I'm getting it. I just read online about some people going online to register for it, and others saying it just arrived at their house after a month or so.
  11. To people that have gotten the $200 Visa gift card. Does it automatically come, or do I have to do something to receive it? I read mixed things online, but I cannot find a consensus.
  12. My dad did this with a few rental properties just north of Myrtle Beach. He already has over a million dollars worth of rental property, so it was easy to buy them with his rental properties. He did really well with them initially, but it got to where he was losing money. He's sold all but one, which he rents out to family and friends for $500 a week + cleaning. I think his biggest issue was with his rental company. I can ask him any specific questions you have.
  13. Private dealer is different, but guns at a gun show require ID and a background check if bought from a vendor.
  14. Your understanding is wrong in the 3 states I've lived in. ID and background check required.
  15. There was also a chance of him taking a few of them out.