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  1. If he thought the autistic kid had a gun, why did they handcuff the other guy after he was shot?
  2. $902,307.67
  3. Put me on the list of people that can send an extra shirt to anyone who doesn't receive one. I can ship as early as next Monday.
  4. I saw Guns 'N Roses Wednesday night in Cincinnati. They were actually pretty amazing. Steven Adler played with them for two songs, the first time since 1990.
  5. I have no idea. It was just a different angle that I hadn't thought about. I don't have any clue why or how anything is happening. Let's face it though, we're talking about psycho's with sniper rifles killing cops. There's little chance their "reason" will make since regardless of what it is. Their thought process is already ###### up.
  6. I had not thought about that, but if you had something like this planned, what better time. A BLM protest is a perfect desguise for whatever you had planned.
  7. I'm a couple of days late on pictures, but here they are: This really might be my favorite year yet. I can't wait to walk into my local fantasy auction wearing a footballguys staff shirt this year. Thanks Dodds!
  8. You're either one of the most naive people I've every talked to, or you're just trolling.
  9. The Secretary of State should live by higher standards than the rest of America, not the other way around.
  10. Yes, you did a good job of listing the jobs she's had, but what does that have to do with her being qualified? She's been surrounded in legitimate controversies for 20 years, and she has done nothing but repeatedly lie and deceive the American people. The Trump people are in one corner calling the Clinton people morons, while the Clinton people are calling Trump people morons. Any sane person is extremely worried for our future.
  11. If you truly believe this, you are just as bad, if not worse, than all the Trump fans. She has done nothing but prove over and over that she is unqualified for the job. There is absolutely no way any government agency could hire her right now. Hell, she's not qualified to work at the DMV. If she wins this race, the only reason she wins is because she was running against Trump. We've never had an election with two less qualified individuals running for President.
  12. I'm not going to go back and read the last 8 pages, but any honest (I know, haha) person running for office should recuse themselves after today. There's no way you can be found to be "extremely reckless" with the handling of top secret information and still run for any office, let alone president. There's also no way the current president can be seen walking off an airplane smiling with the said person, just a couple of hours after Comey's new conference. Democrats are extremely lucky to be running against Trump, but today may still open the door for a Trump win.
  13. You're disappointed that a Clinton lied? Did you expect anything less?
  14. This country is unreal
  15. ?awesome, thanks. More wasn't expected, but it is definitely appreciated. I'll hold off on pics until it arrives.