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  1. I just finished coaching the same age this past November. Theres been great advice here already. One thing I will add, is to plan on 30 minutes of practice time. Anytime I tried to go longer, the wheels fell off quick. Its not a problem because they were still having fun, but you have to have infinite patience with them.
  2. I skimmed the thread and didn't see anything, but has anyone put one in a gameboy shell? I've seen these go on eBay for way too much money, and I'm thinking about attempting to do it myself.
  3. 1 PPR 1 point per 10 yards 10 points per TD I need to pick two of the following: AJ Green Robert Kelley Tyrell Williams Michael Thomas
  4. Back to the locker room, again.
  5. Watching with no sound, but it looks like Odell is having a hand issue.
  6. Doctors Chao and Brammel said minimal 4 week. Done for the year possible.
  7. Even better that it censored the words.
  8. Let me preface this, by saying I love The Audible. I listen to every episode I can every week. However, most of the time, I'm in my car with my 2 and 4 year old kids that repeat everything they hear. Bloom is great, but Cecil needs to watch his mouth. He used to catch himself and say sorry Joe or something and laugh it off, which is cool, whatever. My 4 year old learned to call people stupid bastards and a ####### after this weeks part 1 preview show. It might've gotten worse, but I stopped listening there. It doesn't offend me at all, but why in the world are you using PG-13 language when many people listen to the show with kids around. It's not a slip, you don't take like that on your ESPN radio show. Idk what his deal is. It's especially bad considering the language filter and rules on these boards. If I called Cecil, or anyone else, a ####### or a stupid bastard, I'd get banned.
  9. I really think Rawls is the backup at this point. Definitely worth adding, but as no more than a handcuff IMHO.
  10. It looked bad at first look, but he held the receivers jersey. Automatically called every time.
  11. Gio is pretty solid in short yardage situations. Needed better play calling though.
  12. Gotta love the Bengals getting inside the 5 and bringing AJ Green off the field and putting a freaking DT in at FB.
  13. I sold straight up for Kahlil Mack in an extremely big play redraft league. He was my RB4, but I still hated to trade him.
  14. They're supposed to.
  15. The gamecast is saying that Cody Kessler is hurt. I didn't see the play. Pryor is in at QB.