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  1. I'd buy a third for that price. Love my BGE and Kamodo Joe.
  2. Great finish. Celtics should've had more time on the last possession. I swear, NBA never gets the clock right late. NCAA would spend 20 minutes looking at it to add a second.
  3. I had a neighbor that had a court done by sports court when I was a kid, it looked very similar to that. I fell while playing on it once, and I left a lot of skin on that court. I think concrete would've been better to fall on.
  4. Any word on the horse that was struggling early? That didn't look good.
  5. They should've kept Debbie, just because she's such a wild card. This week was a perfect example of why you keep her around. Having her in the game and on the other team running her mouth is valuable.
  6. Anyone use pellets for a pellet smoker as wood when you smoke? There's a local company offering pellets at an amazing price. Thinking of giving it a shot.
  7. Well, I didn't click your link until after I typed my response. I'm giving it a shot next time. How do you get the crust off the grate. Do you use a pizza peel, or make it work with tongs?
  8. I've always wondered about doing it on the grate. Does the dough stay on the grates without sagging between? I assume it cooks so fast, it's not a problem. I'll definitely try it next time.
  9. I warm pizza in my cast iron skillet. Someone told me about it a while back, and it's pretty awesome.
  10. We used to have a Papa Murphy's near us, but we never tried their pizza. Always wanted to, it just never happened.
  11. I don't have a BGE brand stone, but I always use a stone. I have 3 pizza stones that I've had forever, and they seem to work great. I've seen people do pizza right on the grate, but I haven't tried it myself.
  12. I think I'm going to smoke ribs tomorrow. I love ribs, they're the reason I bought a smoker in the first place. For some reason, I've hated smoking ribs for about the last year. My ribs are good, better than any I can get in town, but certainly not competition good. No clue why I don't enjoy smoking them anymore. I certainly don't complain when I eat them.
  13. I'm throwing a pizza on the egg right now. If you've never grilled pizza, you're missing out.
  14. Dry or wet brine? I have always dry brined, so I don't have anything to compare too.