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  1. They're supposed to.
  2. The gamecast is saying that Cody Kessler is hurt. I didn't see the play. Pryor is in at QB.
  3. What the #### is your problem? Ignorance like your fishing trips today is exactly why people can't have civil conversations.
  4. I would make no move towards a gun anywhere on me. It's pretty much the only order I would directly disobey from a police officer.
  5. I actually don't know if I would. I'd leave my hands up and ask him to do it.
  6. I really can't fathom why someone who is very obviously anti-gun continues with your argument. Do you truly think that someone that is high on illegal drugs, ignoring numerous pleas from police to drop his gun, and has been convicted of a violent crime shouldn't be shot? You just can't give someone like that the benefit of the doubt. There's two takeaways here: 1. Avoid dangerous drugs, especially while in possession of a firearm. 2. Obey all orders from the police. If you disagree, court is the appropriate place to argue. This guy obviously didn't value his own life enough to follow simple instructions.
  7. For sure. Whoever is lying needs charges brought against them too. I'm not sure what charges can be brought in NC, but inciting a riot seems worthy. If I was a business owner that was looted, I'd be looking to sue the lying side also.
  8. The police straight up said they were going to leave him alone when he was just smoking weed. I'm not sure I understand any argument you're trying to make. You say people shouldn't have guns, but you think the police should leave this guy alone, even though he's under the influence of illegal drugs and in possession of a firearm. Quit trying to to change the narrative to fit your political beliefs.
  9. Guns certainly aren't legal while under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.
  10. Debating on dropping Michael Thomas for him. I don't really have a need for either, other than jock blocking the ADP owner.
  11. He was already the goal line back.
  12. He brings his lunch pail to work everyday.
  13. I'm in the same boat.
  14. This syncing issue makes it just about useless for me. It messes up the starting requirements and my scoring system every time I sync, so I also have to fix that.
  15. That's fair. I was thinking West when I wrote it, but Dixon has a chance to have value regardless of a Forsett injury.