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  1. Can't come soon enough. Their program . Underdog Roman garbage hasnt worked for over 3 years now. Maybe he'll get yet another rematch for some reason. Poor Roman going against all odds.
  2. Did feel like a rerun of the last several years of the Bulls offense. They had ONE assist in 1st and 3rd quarters combined!!! Grant and MCW are garbage. Have absolutely no business on the court.
  3. Yep. They definitely need to find something suitable behind and to replace Palmer whenever he's gone. His arm definitely isn't what it was the past couple years. His deep ball accuracy has been terrible. And have been lollipops more often than not. Pretty clear there. Unless he retires this offseason (which IMO isn't happening), he's what we're heading into 2017 with. Brown & Nelson are part time/situational WR, which is fine if relying on them as such. Which leaves bringing back Floyd and/or hoping Fitz returns as every down/full time options. WR most definitely doesnt look as rosy as it did entering the season.
  4. Should be the final event every year. And the production of this show does suck. WTF is up with them not cutting to the interviews?
  5. Prob better off w/o sports access. Unreliable and guy running it is a moron. There's more reliable streaming out there for free.
  6. Knee sprain per chiefs on Twitter. Not in position to post link right now
  7. Damn. Took royal late in every early draft (didn't see white having big year 1 impact even if healthy). Now not gonna be so easy. I think he betters his sd #s.
  8. Chris Johnson isn't starting unless otherwise Ellington is unable to play. Just stop
  9. He's awful. I just love the vote trolling. The storyline writing and entertainment value of the current product is so bad right now I love to see ZZ just win it all. Why not? Mata, Josh and perhaps Patrick/Tanner will all get at least get chances at WWE in future.I just can't see ZZ lasting on the road with WWE He looks like a fish outta water in the gym. I can't believe he plays college football (apparently) any level. I just imagine Vince and/or HHH backstage with a beat red face when the voting results revealed. THOSE DAMN TWITTERERS!!!
  10. This should be good..... WWE Tough Enough host Chris Jericho announced on Twitter that the remaining competitors will have their first matches on tonight's show: ZZ vs. JoshAmanda vs. Sara LeeTanner vs. GiGi
  11. No one amongst Ellington/Johnson. Fairly certain Johnson isn't PUP eligible.Johnson just wouldn't start the year as the #2 (which he was pretty much gift wrapped the role if they could just see him in pads) Likely would have to make his mark on special teams or be an inactive. W/o being in pads for the foreseeable future hard to see him being any factor early on in season. Arians isn't please with Kerwynn Williams (fumbles), Stephan Taylor (slowest RB in NFL today), Grice or any other RBs. Most/all won't make the team if Johnson (or another RB) is signed. Arians may it a point at his presser yesterday he was very displeased with his recent RB performances.
  12. Apparently NXT show is sold out with 13k+ in Brooklyn night before Summerslam. Is there any doubt at this point that NXT is the '2nd biggest promotion' in the United States now?? It'd take TNA few weeks worth of shows to hit a cummulative amount of that many people. The end is near for them.