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  1. At various points in his career, he's been given: Best RB in the game. Best O-line in the game. One of the better WR duos in the game One of the best WR trios in the game. The return given all that has been very mediocre. Dallas dodged a bullet with him rejecting their offer. Good for them for pulling the bag back after he realized that mistake and tried to get that previous offer.
  2. Agree. Never understand the hate on Colby. Woodley had no business in there with him last night. Should have left his gloves in the octagon. They should still look and feel brand new.
  3. Same here. I'm sure once NBA is over i'll get back into NFL but completely forgot it was opening week of NFL.
  4. Smartly the agents got their guys paid NOW. I saw that upcoming FA RB class at start of offseason and thought to myself "These guys better get paid now" and not risk future injury and competition from draft class (or other current NFL RB that emerges outta nowhere like Drake). If I'm Aaron Jones agent, I'm working round the clock tonight to get something done before opening snap tomorrow.
  5. Not many as fun to watch in the game. Guy is so FN good all around. Imagine being a Sixers fan knowing you'd be competing for titles right now instead of getting dumped in Round 1 and a future with a "PG" that hasn't learned to even attempt to shoot 5 years into his professional career. With an idiot GM like Brand.
  6. Amazing the team they've built so quickly. Perfect blend of complimentary players to 2 All Stars in Bam and Butler. Franchise looked dead in the water with the Dragic/Whiteside contracts.
  7. Nice W for Houston. Looking forward to this series. Houston actually has a couple guys that can defend on the roster. Which is why it was predictable Lakers would easily dispatch the Blazers.
  8. Agree with this. Thought he was a complete non-factor after leaving WCW for WWF.
  9. Unfortunate it didn't work out with Jimmy alongside Tony Allen, Joel Embiid and Tobias in Philly.
  10. Terrific Game 1 by Boston. It's one thing to demolish a franchise in the gutter like Philadelphia, it's another to do it to a legitimate playoff team like Toronto.
  11. Lakers predictably had no problem dispatching the no defense playing Blazers. Suns were the best team. Should have been the 8 seed. And would have went 25-0 in the Bubble.