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  1. Is the person that will ensure through his immigration policy that African Americans will be a lesser percentage of Americans by 2050 than they are now. The Hispanic population will be 2 and a half times larger than the African American population by then. They are about even right now. Even to Obama Black Lives don't matter. How odd is that and no one realizes it. Saw it on a PBS station. It will get worse each year from then on out. He might very well be the one and only Black President ever elected. There is great animus relationship between the two races. Whites will lose the most percentage wise. Blacks are the only other loser. Asians and Hispanics are the only "winners" Blacks will drop to a third place race in America. This will also be his part of his legacy.
  2. This will be a disaster, a regulated internet. You have fallen for all the bullet points they are wanting to shove down Americas throats. You don't know WTH are you asking for and going "hell yeah" for. We deserve exactly what we get. SMH
  3. not really angry. just don't understand some people. haven't you ever been in a situation that makes you want to shake your head and grin to yourself as you pass by the mindless sheep assuming their roles as good, unquestioning consumers? Yes every time I read one of your posts I shake my head.
  4. It is like what Hillary said "at this point what difference does it make"
  5. Now if your wife comes up two condoms short at the end of the month, then deflated balls is really worth talking about.
  6. How strange, didn't realize that the team that wins or loses a game is based only on what the QB does. I expect you don't see exactly how stupid your statement is.
  7. Kubiak sucked in Houston. We were glad to see the back of him. Manning will not come back with him as coach. Broncos will be mediocre at best.
  8. "The Obama administration sent three representatives to Michael Brown's funeral in Ferguson, Missouri,". "But only the ambassador to France made the historic anti-terror march in Paris today." We deserve the international disdain we receive. Our priorities are so off kilter. SMFH
  9. If you are getting it 2 or 3 times a day,why care. It might feel a little different but it is not going to wear out. Sounds like you are a little too possessive. Probably save time on foreplay also.
  10. Bet he had more dots from your wife than you did in December. Find out what color they were before you do anything. And who got the first dot of the new year?
  11. This will just be a blip on the radar by then. Hell, by next week things should be over. Think you are warm, the visuals, hate and disgust will last decades. Very good strategy.
  12. Okay: White alone - 56,977 (68.2%)Hispanic - 14,446 (17.3%)Black alone - 5,791 (6.9%)Asian alone - 4,453 (5.3%)Two or more races - 1,459 (1.7%)American Indian alone - 246 (0.3%)Other race alone - 146 (0.2%)Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 42 (0.1%)
  13. I was thinking about his statement about white people being on edge. Are they really? I guess they would be if the mob was assembled in a white suburb, but if all they're going to do is destroy ferguson again, white people will just stay clear of it.Maybe they should move the riots to a white neighborhood. The white neighborhoods are armed, to keep out the people of Ferguson. I cannot imagine this happening in my city of 100,000 (68% White alone - 17.3% White Hispanics). Talk about national headlines.
  14. I have been busy, will run my numbers on your website for LA and get back with you. Yes I am a man of my word, be back in a while.And you understand that I'm talking about insurance for one person while you're calling me a liar.Well I cannot run them for LA, so I have to use Tx and I am not willing to answer some of the questions they require from me, so therefore I cannot PROVE that you are a liar. But ALL the numbers that I have run on the different calculators disprove what you are saying. Since I cannot run the numbers on the official LA site and I refuse to give them the information to run the "offical" numbers in Texas, I will no longer post here. Just be sure I absolutely DO NOT believe the figures that you posted, especially with no subsidy. I could go into his further to verify your assertions but choose not to.