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  1. So hours cut at work. From 40 to 30 hrs. Can I collect unemployment for the difference is hours??? TIA
  2. There is a rapid IgM-IgG antibody test available. This is a blood test with turn around time of 15 minutes and was widely used by Chinese CDC. The sensitivity is 88% and specificity is 90%. We will be performing the test along with the RNA PCR one. If this rapid test is reliable, we may in the future use this as a screening tool and only use RNA PCR as a confirmatory test
  3. Have you tried regular use of Flonase? do you have GERD? its not a food allergy.
  4. the only good thing —- if you have other resp sx like nasal stuffy and drip and sneezing— it ismt covid. Covid is purely lower resp tract
  5. At a 10% hospitalization rate, all hospital beds in the U.S. will be filled by about May 10. And with many patients requiring weeks of care, turnover will slow to a crawl as beds fill with Covid-19 patients. If I’m wrong by a factor of two regarding the fraction of severe cases, that only changes the timeline of bed saturation by six days (one doubling time) in either direction. If 20% of cases require hospitalization, we run out of beds by about May 4. If only 5% of cases require it, we can make it until about May 16, and a 2.5% rate gets us to May 22. Unless something changes with regards to US Policy, I don't see us staying under that dotted line.
  6. Criteria: Pt. have have EITHER prolonged close expose to some with covid-19 OR travel to affect areas AND fever plus respiratory symptoms.
  7. Health care provider here, on the front lines. I am telling you, we are clueless. I am screening patients, if they hit the criteria, i give them a number or send them to ER. total clusterf*ck.
  8. my brother works at a hospital and gave me 5 medical mask, can i just simply reuse them?
  9. taking Sooners at home, as a homedog with baylor in a look ahead date with Kansas this weekend in waco.
  10. I saw a video of Booker hitting 45 3 pointers in a ROW. Maybe a little all start snub. In at +650