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  1. I replaced the original video with the one that has the standing ovation.
  2. First let me say my regular alias has been suspended until July 31st because of something stupid I said in the political forum, but I had to post this because I was so moved by Jon Stewart's speech to Congress regarding the first responders to 9/11. To the moderators I promise not to post anymore going forward until 7/31. Please watch this video - I apologize if this has already been posted.
  3. DHB?DGB looks a little lumbering at the line to me. Did anyone else see that?
  4. Missouri signs consenus No. 1 recruit Dorial Green-Backham, who decided to stay home. The 6-foot-6 Green-Beckham won several player of the year honors after a sensational senior season at Hillcrest High in Springfield, Mo. The St. Louis native caught 119 passes for 2,233 yards and 24 touchdowns. He holds the national high-school mark of 6,356 career receiving yards
  5. Not only did Fisher not make his mind up quickly, but the Rams and Dolphins didn't decide on Fisher quickly either. I doubt that he wowed them in the interviews for what he plans to do. Also, his tenure at Tennessee didn't look all that great the last few years either. I think they could have done better.
  6. He updated the scoring in the playoffs just once. I sure as hell hope I haven't wasted my time playing for the deposit money.

  7. Has Aquil posted any information on how much he is paying out and when for the deposit money in the league you are in? He has been non existent for the most part in FOG 2. I won the league this year. Just curious to what my chances are of seeing that money.

  8. Find a new favorite player. Mine is still Peyton Manning, with Andrew Luck waiting in the wings
  9. ExactlyHaving an off year isn't beyond the realm of possibility.
  10. :lmao:This is the retract thread might be more apropo...uh..ok.
  11. Yep, he's a failure so go ahead and drop him in your dynasty league You people crack me up sometimes. Microwave society at work ladies and gentlemen. Those of you jumping off the Kendricks train this early should NOT be playing in dynasty leagues. You obviously have the redraft mentality.Sorry, I was talking redraft. I missed DYNASTY in the thread title. My badDynasty wasn't in the title until I edited it last night at the advice of others, but who compares a rookie TE with another rookie TE in a redraft league? It is a real possibility. Maybe not 10 TDs, but 7 wouldn't be a stretch. This is from the other Lance Kendricks bandwagon thread. Seems odd that someone you have a long view on, is someone you have already stated could produce TE 1 #'s unless you also though this was possible this year and thus were also thinking from a 'redraft mentality'. And second of all following a year where not one but two rookie TE's performed as top 6TE's from week to week I think the 'who thinks of rookie TE's in redraft' shtick is a little passe. The other Kendricks thread was the hype thread and more about redraft. I thought we moved past this?
  12. Darn smart phones. Meant to say redraft not retract.
  13. It matters when you are talking about dropping a player. I suppose we can take away from this that drops are for retract only and drop the subject.