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  1. Considering offering the Bridgewater owner one of my three QB I drafted. I have Rivers, Bortles and Jamison. I'm thinking about offering Bortles for a 4 round pick. I'm not really interested in any players his has, so I thought I could get a jump on next years draft. Which rounds would you ask for (or accept) for each of these QBs.
  2. A few years back, our league added PPR to help balance RB and WR, along with making the bonus for 100+ combined rushing/receiving yards. The last couple of years, WR have begun to dominate our league, so we are looking to get a balance back. What are some the atypical scoring that league use in an attempt to balance RB and WR? Our current system: 1 pt per 10 yards rushing or receiving 1 pt per 2 RB rect, 1 pt per 1 for all other positions 5 point bonus for each time a century mark is passed in combined yardage (5 for 100, 10 for 200, 15 for 300, etc) I think one obvious answer is to up the RB rect to 1 per rect to match everybody else. Just curious about what other may do. I also seem to remember an article not to long ago that investigated creating a balance scoring system, but I couldn't find it when I tried to search for it. If someone has a link to that article, that would also be quite helpful.
  3. Not a missing player, but something seems to be wrong with Charcandrick West. In LD, he is showing up in the Player Pool in both leagues, even though he is rostered in both leagues. I have done a sync on the MyFBG page, and then imported rosters using the File menu command, and he keeps getting moved back to the Player pool. He is showing up as rostered by the correct teams in MyFBG page, so I move him manually to the correct team. Once I import rosters again, he back in the player pool again. I'm guessing there is a player ID Code problem somewhere.
  4. It seems alot of these are really related to the Lineup Dominator vs the Draft Dominator. I know the two are very close, but are we talking about changing both? I love the DD, and additional bonus levels, and combined rush/rec yards scoring level are my only real request in DD. But, as mentioned in the first post, I would love the option to import only rosters from MFL. Our unique scoring system doesn't import very well into DD. I don't mind setting it up for the draft, but it is a real pain having to re-enter the scoring setup in LD every time I want to update the rosters. We sometimes have lots of transactions is a week. (One week this season there were 15 rosters changes, with trades, drops and free-agents pickups). Being able to import just the rosters from MFL into LD would save me lots of time. And I noticed quite a few request that can be easily accomplished in the current DD/LD.
  5. Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo
  6. Yeah shame about that. Loonies are often misunderstood.She's not Loony, they have their own party.
  7. And by the way, Pi isn't the right ratio anyway. We should be using Tau, which is the circumference / radius. Much more natural results, especially in trigonometric applications. The Tau Manifesto - for true math geeks only
  8. Right now, I think this is the most needed feature of DD.
  9. Can we expect this ever?How do you do this? I couldn't find a place to up load to MFL.
  10. The movie "Miracle" gave me almost the same feeling as seeing it originally in 1980. They did an excellent job of re-building the excitement.
  11. It'll be played at noon by all the local rock and classic rock stations here in Baltimore. Yes it is a tradition. Why? ETA: Why Thanksgiving is easy, why a tradition? For years on Thanksgiving Day, a classic rock station (that turned into a country station a few years) did a fund raiser for the food bank here. They took pledges to play songs. For Alice's Restaurant, they would only play it once it had accumulated $500 in pledges and it still would get played 4 or 5 times during the day.
  12. So admitting you don't know as much as God makes you a moron?
  13. She's correct on this one.I'd like to see a respectable link that indicates anything close to that statement. From most of what I can find, the average total tax burden hovers around about 30%. I find it hard to believe that "many" pay more than half in taxes if the "average" amount is 30%. Some information can be found here that seems to counter this claim. I couldn't find any information any where else that gave even a rough percent of income American paid, other than the one at this website.
  14. Last book I finished reading was Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax. I'm currently in the middle of Signal by Kevin Randle. I'm looking to buy Dr. Sax's first book Why Gender Matters? and read it this summer. Probably will also give Lisa Randall's Warped Passages: Unraveling the Universe's Hidden Dimension a try at some point this summer also.
  15. Okay, so maybe the ACC and the Big East are better than the PAC-10 - LHUCKS