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  1. There's never been a "REAL" report of an Anaconda reaching 100 feet. That's impossible, they'd have to be eating LARGE mamals. There's supposed to be a tribe in africa with a 50ft Anaconda but they won't let anybody see it cause it's a "GOD."
  2. checked with some people who know the species more then myself. WATCH WATER REALLY CLOSE! Anacondas prefer to live in water but will go up high. Also any large woodpiles should be checked.
  3. Oh yeah and if you get it alive, hold it behind the head and have somebody with you. That bad boy can easily out power a single human.
  4. How the hell do you pull this off?Mostly you gotta be 50% crazy and 50% brave, just grab the head while pinching the jaws (IE forcing the mouth open.) Work the bottle into the mouth as much as you can and pour. For me that's the prefered method. Save both lives if you can. The snake is just an animal doing what it needs to do to survive. Don't let the stories confuse you, very few snakes are actually aggresive and even less of them will kill you.
  5. Looks like I can help you on this, I own 5 tarantulas, 3 scorpions, 2 geckos and 1 snake. But I've owned several snakes and other "Creepy Crawlers." Anacondas are 100% legal in the US (I've seen bigger then 15 feet) They are actually awsome pets in the right hands. A loose snake will look four 4 things (not in this order) 1. Warmth (depending on species and location, if your down south that's not good) 2. Water source 3. Feed 4. Shelter Anacondas prefer height living in trees, so I'd be looking up more then down. Trees and rooftops/attics would be your best bet but don't overlook the ground level. you'd be amazed at how a big snake like that could fit into small areas. Any place with a steady water source is a must to check as well as any abandoned houses (where rodents hang) Besides very tiny kids and pets I don't think anybody has any real worry besides a surprise (painful) bite. Keep all openings to your house closed unless there's a screen but that's still not 100%. Snakes are strong and smart! If it does get ahold of anybody unwrap from tail down or chop the damn things head off, rubbing alcohol or straight booze down the throat will usually get them to release. If you encounter the snake with-out attack don't freak. It's raised as a pet so odds are it won't consider you as anything but the thing that offers food it however may be jumpy out of hunger (don't confuse hunger with aggresion.) good chance you could just lean over and pick it up (with some help for a biggie like that.) I'm no expert but I've dealt with big scary thing like this 100's of times. Hell the local store calls me whenever a wild animals gets loose inside.