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  1. “Neither DOJ nor the FBI has any idea how the redaction process for this announcement is being handled, and they think it’s possible that the White House is just doing it on its own and could release this material as early as Monday night What's a guy have to do for obstruction charges?
  2. Rendered useless because people can't resist quoting him.
  3. Hate him. Even when I voted mostly R. Just what I need in my life, another politician that wants to be my parent.
  4. ICE

    Um, I think that's the point.
  5. It's like you have to commit perjury to be made in this administration. It's like some kind of gang initiation.
  6. Fried ice cream at a Mexican restaurant is a treat.
  7. And if you don't confirm an accused attempted rapist you can't confirm anyone because people smoke the demon weed. Ugh indeed.
  8. I just shotgunned a 40 of Robitussin and everything is kind of awesome.
  9. Bacon, pub cheddar, ten million dollars
  10. Shows just how devious this she devil is!
  11. Yep.