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  1. My son will forever be bitter because he couldn't get second helpings of vegetables at lunch.
  2. This reminds me of the time in Star Wars when Princess Leia Organa invited Darth Vader to their base and the rest of the rebellion just shrugged their shoulders.
  3. He campaigned on higher interest rates too so that folks would get a return in their savings accounts. GOD I wish he was limited to this kind of political lie. I wouldn't even be in this forum.
  4. Microsoft executive says three 2018 campaigns have been targeted by phishing attacks
  5. North Korea has 2.6 million ‘modern slaves,’ new report estimates Yet Stormy Daniels lover Trump has a picture of him in the Oval Office. So many things to be proud of Trump supporters.
  6. Now there's a road I don't want to go down.
  7. Narrator: What he's forgetting is the elections will be fixed, again, and there won't be a "blue wave".
  8. This took about as many guts as it took me to get a handy from an average looking girl in the 7th grade.
  9. I've been flying my flag upside down for almost 2 years now but I don't think anybody has noticed since it's all white.