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  1. Sheriff Bart

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Believe me GB, I agree with the intent. Like mental health in this country it's sickening how abuse or alleged abuse is so often an afterthoughtI. It just seems that this system would also be ripe for abuse. Maybe not and hope that's the case. Just imagining a woman like Kelly Kapoor calling the police and having guys hauled away for the smallest slight.
  2. Sheriff Bart

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    I understand the good intent but that's crazy.
  3. Sheriff Bart

    The migrant caravan

  4. Maybe he just wants to an idea of what hell is going to be like.
  5. Wallace is looking at Trump the same way my buddies look at me when I have about 20 drinks too many.
  6. Sheriff Bart

    ***Where's Melania? ***

    Ivanka is like that Nazi in Indiana Jones. Would like to bang all night then turn over to Interpol the next morning.
  7. Sheriff Bart

    ***Where's Melania? ***

    I don't think Melania is beautiful in any way.
  8. Sheriff Bart

    2018 Elections Thread

    It should be free at every place that sells alcohol.
  9. lol Was going to post "Boy, that Soros sure is sneaky".
  10. Sheriff Bart

    "The War On Poverty" Has Become A War On The Poor

    Love you man.
  11. We don't need to pass the bill because there's no danger Trump will fire Mueller.
  12. Sheriff Bart

    Michael Avenatti Thread

  13. Sheriff Bart

    Trump losing his mind at reporters

    Need to include this in the next Michael Scott or Donald Trump poll. What an embarrassment.
  14. Sheriff Bart

    Fictitious Cereals that require an ID to buy

    Raisin Deficit
  15. Sheriff Bart

    Betsy Devos....probably going to need her own thread.

    20 million. From the Department of Education. All because she's an unqualified jackhole.