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  1. Tempted to dip toes into TVIX, then found this online: TVIX—destroyer of wealth According to’s ETF Fund Flows tool, TVIX’s net inflows have been around $2.8 billion since its inception in 2010. It’s currently worth $450 million, so VelocityShares has facilitated the destruction of over one and a half billion dollars of customer money—so far. I’m confident this overall destruction will continue. 😳
  2. I’ve just recently cut back my drinking substantially. Main reason is I’m 45 and it’s catching up to me. Was a heavy drinker in college and all throughout my 20’s. Moderate drinker from my 30’s up until now - even after marriage and kids. I’m on two blood pressure medicines and cholesterol medicine as well. I’m just done with the ball and chain. I don’t drink at home anymore. I may have a beer if we go out to dinner, but only if it’s a new or favorite ipa. I had a glass of wine tonight at a fundraiser, mainly because I’d have rather not been there - just to loosen up. A huge aspect of getting healthier is sticking with the gym routine and eating better - I’m doing my best - but I’ve also realized that there’s just no upside anymore to drinking 20-30 beers per week - it just isn’t necessary anymore (it never was to begin with). My kids are young - I want to see them grow much older. On the Facebook, there have been 5 obituaries shared just this year of white guys dying in their 40’s. That really spooked me. I’ve been drinking a ton of flavored seltzer waters and they’re a great substitute. I’ve always used beer as a crutch to self medicate due to a stressful job. Now I don’t let my job stress me out anymore. It’s amazing how I was somehow able to rewire my brain. I’ve finally realized that the past doesn’t have to be the future. I can decide how to live my life. Choices matter. I can move on from the past and shape my own future.
  3. VYST up 50% today - come join the ride, my friends. Party is just getting started!
  4. Anyone into the penny stocks - I just got into VYST - took a small position of 50,000 @ .05 - the stock literally proceeded to plummet to .042 - but it's making its way back up. Long story short - the typical penny drill - once in a lifetime opportunity - a real company, with real sales, gonna buy back 250MM shares. will eventually uplist to the Nasdaq, etc. I jumped in because my research shows a slim chance it's actually not a scam. The owner has been written up in the Worchester Business Journal a few times last year (he made their Fortune 50 list) - that doesn't mean this still isn't an absolute scam, but I had some play money, so figured what the heck. Anyone from New England area may know of Rotman's Furniture - same guy allegedly. I rode my last penny pick SHMP from .05 to .27 and am hoping for something similar here as well.
  5. I too am a hoarder and can't get myself to use the points. I have around 100,000 Amex points, roughly $900 cash back with Chase Freedom, and around $250 cash back with Citizens Bank CC. I think I'll eventually use them for a family vacation but just not sure when. I did recently cash in almost $300 in Amazon dollars to get an electronic drum kit for the kids for Christmas. So that was nice to help keep the holiday bills down.
  6. Seattle eats up so much clock, Pete Carroll hates my fantasy team.
  7. I have Jackson in over ware (ppr) but am back and forth
  8. 1pt ppr. Ware vs Baltimore or J Jackson vs Cincinnati
  9. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Here is what frustrates me most about magic football. I’m not a big projections guy, matchup guy, etc. I’m an eyeball guy. This guy passes the eyeball test. I held him all year and was frustrated. Coaches wouldn’t use him. Injuries and byes forced me to cut him. As I’m typing this, he bulls his way into the endzone for his third TD. Dumb ### coaches suck. Why do they not see what I see? Rant over.
  10. Hey there. Is there any way to avoid the state inheritance tax in the state of PA? We just learned that my wife will be in her uncle’s will – looks like since she is a lineal descendant, there is a 15% tax. Wondering if a good attorney or financial planner could do a work around? I know next to nothing on this topic, but could putting the money in a trust avoid this? Thanks to anyone who can help. This is all new to us – been doing a lot of googling, but I know the FBG’s are very smart and in the know.
  11. There is absolutely no reason the Eagles should’ve lost this game at home. I pin this on Doug Peterson. He didn’t have us ready and prepared to win this game.
  12. I am the first Eagles fan to say stick to the run keep running don’t just pass but gosh darn it in this game abandon the run just start throwing please
  13. It just doesn’t make sense why the Birds are getting so gashed on the ground.