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  1. I always do this as well. I hate choosing between WR3's for my lineup. I roster 2 WR for starters and 1 WR for flex if I don't have a good RB flex. If I have a good RB flex and am through my bye weeks, I only hold 2 WR. If one of my WR gets hurt I can always pick up someone on the waiver wire who would be just as good as a JAG I could have been rostering. Lotto RB's and backup RB's all the way on my bench. And sometimes a 2nd D for matchups. I haven't won a fantasy title in about 5 years so take this all with a pillar of salt.
  2. I don’t have the gonads to flex him (have aj brown instead) but penny against terrible falcons defense. Prosise inactive and hawks may showcase penny for a trade. Makes too much sense for him to have 15--105-1 today but it’ll be on my bench
  3. Funny - I was thinking the same thing. Came here to see if there’s been any word. Quiet as a mouse - no recent news anywhere. Gotta assume he’s near full health and will get maybe 5 touches this weekend. Desperation flex is all he’d be. Great end of bench stash and wait. High powered rushing offense and don’t forget, Carson himself hasn’t exactly been the model of health. Penny is a league winner waiting to happen. Or it won’t happen.
  4. I’m nowhere near the slenderest guy at the table, but I just can’t imagine eating a two cheeseburger meal AND a 20 piece nugget in one sitting. Competition eating withstanding.
  5. Curious as to input from recent personal experience about the best way to find a new job? I keep hearing that it's a tight labor market - not enough people to fill jobs - but I've had no luck. I've mostly been using Glassdoor. A few other sites as well such as ziprecruiter. It seems stuff just goes into a black hole. I'm in the Supply Chain/Finance/Customer Service realm, and I see tons of jobs out there, just nothing catching on. I don't have a LinkedIn profile, and am paranoid to get one at this point, as it will be a surefire sign to my company that I'm looking, but maybe I just go for it (maybe a lack of one is holding me back?). Haven't found many recruiters in the Philly area either - how do you find a good headhunter? I'm sure this topic has been discussed lots before - just appreciate any recent help/advice. Need a change and a fresh start. Thanks.
  6. He’s dead to me. On the bench until he has two blowup games. Argh.
  7. i understand the massive potential but can anyone explain to me quickly why the chargers never gave him a chance or why he never thrived with them? i know they have keenan allen but other than that it was always a jumbled mess of guys - i distinctly remember picking up ty and him flopping while D inman grabbed 4 for 100+ - what was the deal in SD - why did he not solidify himself from the pack - was a JAG