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  1. Do you all think this is a good entry point for PLTR? Has been on a downward tank since the Wed before Turkey Day ETA - in at 23.87 - it's only money
  2. Tailing you guys on LGVW - looks very promising - in at 15.92 Also took positions in: CHMA @ 4.65 (Pharma play - looks like nice upside - recent FDA approved product, sales started in Sept - flush with around $175MM in cash due to recent offering - predicted annual sales of $300M are thought of by many as too conservative. Several firms have $10+ price targets OPTN @ 4.57 - similar pharma play to above, but not as juicy looking, but still very promising. Big ENT market ABUS @ 4.03 - another pharma play - I'm a sucker for these - I know a random internet guy (not from FFA) that is HUGE on this - kind of tailing him - don't understand much on this one, kind of random gambling CLDR @ 12.72 - up almost 10% on great earnings and sales - announced a big stock buyback plan - some nice insider buys - bright future tech company - this is the kind of stock you look at in mi-2021 and say "of course it's over $20, why didn't I dump my whole 401K into this one"
  3. Yeah good point - I went with some calls instead - up 22% so far - fingers crossed
  4. Decided to buy 20 EXPR $3 calls for July 2021 @ .45 each
  5. EXPR (the fashion stores Express, mostly in malls) is up bigly the past few days. Still super cheap at around $1.68 Paging @BassNBrew - you think this is a good entry point? Run this POS up to $2 and bail?