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  1. He’s dead to me. On the bench until he has two blowup games. Argh.
  2. i understand the massive potential but can anyone explain to me quickly why the chargers never gave him a chance or why he never thrived with them? i know they have keenan allen but other than that it was always a jumbled mess of guys - i distinctly remember picking up ty and him flopping while D inman grabbed 4 for 100+ - what was the deal in SD - why did he not solidify himself from the pack - was a JAG
  3. Bears deserve to lose here. Dumb game plan. Trubisky airs it out 42 times. Was never down by more than 7. Andy Reid -2.0
  4. Watching Davis and Cohen in the backfield at the same time while Monty watches from the sidelines- man that’s gonna be so sweet to watch week in and week out, wish I could can it and put it on my desk.
  5. Davis and Cohen both on field for two minute drill. Monty glued to pine. Three and out. Sweet.
  6. Gonna be a long season. Saw all the warning signs but jumped in feet first anyway. Three headed rbbc with mike Davis and Cohen. Davis gets to run out of a standard I formation. All Montgomery carries are from shotgun. Dumb coach “dubbed a genius” gives ball to mega bust WR gadget player Patterson on 3rd and 1, for a 2 yard loss. Nagy will overthink this thing all year - if light ever comes on, I’ll already be eliminated from fantasy playoffs. I know it’s week 1 - not an over reaction - Davis still racking up carries as I type this
  7. A new augmented reality phone app recently hit the google play store as a beta version. I’ve seen good reviews but can’t check it out as I’m an iPhone guy. An iOS version is in the works. I know the big guys like Google, Microsoft etc have invested millions (or billions) in AR technology, but nothing has really latched on yet with the individual to the point of mainstream usage or adaptation. I’m fascinated with this technology as it could easily be the wave of the future. Any android beta testers out there able to download this and report back? The whole concept is behind creating an “Ark” or hologram type image - you float it out there for others to see/experience- it is based on a real/true image but augmented to add illustrations or words or audio or video etc. I see hundreds of uses for this from personal to social to business to governmental to law enforcement etc. The possibilities are truly endless. The app is in its infancy now as version 1.0 - it is only in testing mode, but the plan is for version 2.0 to include a social media aspect. Not saying this will replace Facebook or Twitter or instagram, but you have to imagine the young kids and millennials etc will go crazy for this. Thoughts? Full disclosure - I’m an investor in the underlying company - Tautachrome - stock ticker TTCM - which I of course hope does well.
  8. Thanks. That’s exactly my plan. Not gonna show any frustration via words or actions, or burn any bridges. Some kids may leave next year. Or, we could check out other leagues. He’s only 10, but loves the game, and gets better every day. One day at a time.
  9. Quick update. Of the two outsiders who joined, one was a full time player (and played very well), and the other played half the game (and did nothing). My son rode the pine all game with the exception of pinch running in the 4th. He stole second then was left stranded. We lost 5-3. My son took it very well. I did ok and to be honest I’m glad the coach gave us a heads up on the limited PT. Still frustrating. I missed my other son’s cub scouts end of the year picnic, where I’m the treasurer, and hadn’t missed that event in the five years we’ve been with the pack. My wife went - we had to divide and conquer. Back at it again tomorrow morning. I’ll be once again silently rooting for the other team. Wish the other team luck please 🙂