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  1. I can't believe how wrong I was on this. Disgusted with myself. Just holding - DCA probably isn't a bad idea, I just hate this thing so much, I'm gonna ride it out myself.
  2. Anyone know why all of a sudden the market took a big dump? It can't be the NY State Trump tax return thing, right? Not being political, just can't find a "story" for the bloodshed. Maybe it's 'just algorithms?
  3. It was 15% higher last month - think it definitely has room to grow - I see it at 200+ come 2021
  4. Thanks. I’ve done my research and am going to invest heavily into the ETF named ANGL. It has a dividend yield of 5.72%. It’s comprised of “Fallen Angel” bonds that have been recently downgraded from investor grade to junk grade. Core holdings are companies like Sprint, Kraft Heinz, Newell Brands, Freeport McMoran, etc. Companies that yes have had some tough times but I don’t see them defaulting and vanishing overnight. This seems like free 5+% profit. As old bonds mature, they add select new “angel” items. 💰 💰 💰 💵 💵 💵 chet chet chet
  5. Please share your favorite safe 5% yield dividend stock. That won’t go down. No stonks that go down (i.e. T or VZ)
  6. Anyone who’s smart at this investing stuff - could use some perspective/help I’m researching international stock ETF that pay a dividend. To diversify all my domestic exposure but guarantee income. I found IDV. The quarterly dividend going back years is all over the map. Dividend yield shows at 7.07%. Last ex date was 6/15. How far do they go back when they calculate the dividend yield? Is it one year average of the last 4 quarters? Is it average of last full calendar year? Trying to determine how sustainable this juicy 7.07% yield is. TIA!
  7. screw it - appears to be rising quickly - threw 10 grand more in
  8. thanks. i think i agree - still more downside than upside. i want to deploy more cash to DCA but today may not be the best day. maybe more red mon and tues going into month close
  9. what is mancini saying about today? keep going down or rebound?
  10. I've been dollar cost averaging into SCHD and scooped up more yesterday when it was big time in the red. The shares I bought yesterday settle tomorrow. I just noticed that the quarterly dividend record date is today.
  11. I know we've gone through it ad nauseum in this thread but you have to admit it's easier to gain 10% on a $6 stock than an $11 stock. I don't write the rules, just sayin'
  12. WTF did everyone hit the sell button at 11:50:00? Darn witching hour!!!
  13. Honestly I think he likes it cuz it's cheap.
  14. Buddy of mine recommended INN. Looks like a good entry point. Bounce back candidate in the hotel/lodging space that you can get for relatively cheap right now. Doing more research, wanted to share with folks.